Jim Messina

  • CEO, The Messina Group
  • Campaign Manager for President Obama's successful 2012 re-election campaign & Senior Strategic Adviser for David Cameron’s EU referendum campaign
  • White House Deputy Chief of Staff (2009-2011)
  • National Chair, Organizing for Action

When political strategist Jim Messina used big data and technology to help President Barack Obama win a second term in the White House, Bloomberg Businessweek called it “the highest-wattage crash course in executive management ever undertaken.” Since then other nations' governments, including the European Union and UK Prime Minister Theresa May, have brought Messina into their camps to help them win their fights. Currently the CEO of the Messina Group, Messina provides businesses across industries guidance to harness cutting-edge strategies to break into new markets, win a competitive play, and harness consumer loyalty. In-demand for his shrewd political commentary, Messina regularly appears on major networks to decode what is happening in Washington and shed light on current events. Audiences who hear Messina speak are wowed by his quick and sharp insights into politics today, and the strategies and technological forces at play. 


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Rave Reviews About Jim Messina
Jim Messina was fantastic! Everyone loved him and what he had to say...I would recommend him to anyone.

A Sample of the Groups That Have Hosted Jim Messina
  • Western Energy Institute
  • Global Retail Marketing Association
  • Swedma
  • FairWind Partners
  • Americans for the Arts
  • Marcus Evans
  • New York eHealth Collaborative
  • Western Energy Institute
  • Americans for the Arts
  • Healthcare Services Corporation
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Think Beyond Targeted Marketing
Revolutionizing President Obama's Campaign
Jim Messina and Karl Rove at SALT 2016
Jim Messina - GRMA Leadership Forum, Full Speech
Keynote at IAFF Legislative Conference | IAFF [19:58]
On Big Data | Milken Institute [10:57]
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The Moneyball President: How the Obama Reelection Campaign Handled Its Business—and Why It Matters for Yours

As the campaign manager of President Obama’s reelection effort, Jim Messina upended the way that cutting-edge organizations think about strategy, marketing, and branding—reinventing the modern political campaign and pioneering tools, technologies, and tactics that will transform global business, too ...

As the campaign manager of President Obama’s reelection effort, Jim Messina upended the way that cutting-edge organizations think about strategy, marketing, and branding—reinventing the modern political campaign and pioneering tools, technologies, and tactics that will transform global business, too. In this talk, Messina tells the behind-the-scenes story of Obama for America 2012, from the month he spent soliciting Silicon Valley’s smartest CEOs for their advice – including Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt – to his successful launch of a $1.1 billion start-up. He reveals three critical insights about how dramatically the world has changed in a few fast years. And he suggests three lessons for how consumer-facing companies can prosper not just in spite of these changes, but by embracing them.

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<p>Jim Messina <em>In the News</em></p>

Jim Messina In the News

Here is a sampling of visionary political strategist JIM MESSINA's media appearances: 

5.16.2018  Trump discloses Stormy Daniels payment in 2017 filing  |  MSNBC

3.30.2018  Messina: Ronny Jackson as VA Secretary is ‘like having your uber driver park a space shuttle’  |  MSNBC Live

3.30.2018  Is there a lesson for Hollywood to take from Roseanne's ratings?  |  Morning Joe

3.29.2018  Met her match?: Fox anchor apologizes to Parkland teen after backlash  |  MSNBC Deadline White House

3.22.2018  Trump defends congratulating Putin in call  |  MSNBC Live

3.21.2018  NYT Editorial Board:'Why is Trump so afraid of Russia?'  |  MSNBC The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

3.20.2018  Digital Dirty Tricks  |  MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

3.20.2018  Trump and the Iran Nuclear Deal  |  MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

3.16.2018  Historic turnover in the White House  |  MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi

2.28.2018  Trump's tweeting battles with FBI  |  MSNBC "Deadline: White House"

2.26.2018  Poll: "36% strongly disapprove" of Trump  |  MSNBC  Morning Joe

2.12.2018  Trump, Kelly, and Rob Porter  |  MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

2.12.2018  Trump holds infrastructure meeting  |  Bloomberg

2.9.2018  Dem voters more intense in '18: Frmr Obama campaign staffer  |  Morning Joe

1.29.2018  White House briefs as FBI Deputy Director Steps Down  |  MSNBC

1.19.2018  Govt Preparing for Shutdown as Deadline Approaches  |  MSNBC

1.17.2018  Only the GOP Can Prevent a Gov't Shutdown  |  MSNBC

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<p>Jim Messina spearheads data-driven predictions of 2018 and 2020 elections</p>

Jim Messina spearheads data-driven predictions of 2018 and 2020 elections

JIM MESSINA is a data-driven guru hired by nations, candidates and organizations to identify key levers that determine loyalty to an idea. In his recent and widely-shared Politico op-ed, Messina revealed what we can learn from the 2016 election that will influence the 2018 and 2020 outcomes. He focused on targeted groups who helped decide the 2016 election—specifically white voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—to shed light on the levers of loyalty and shifting demographics that have big implications for the future political landscape. And Messina brings this same data-driven approach to his keynotes, to both decode the implications of political trends, as well as reveal how businesses across industries can tap into big data to improve their own marketing strategies. Whether shedding light on what to expect from midterm elections, or helping businesses use data and tech to harness consumer loyalty, Messina is heralded for infusing his keynotes with razor-sharp analysis.  As Healthcare Services Corporation raved: "Jim Messina was fantastic!...I have had many employees tell me this was the best speaker I have had yet...and I have hired several good speakers over the years. His speech was fascinating with so many takeaways that can be applied throughout our division."

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<p>The Messina Group - Data Driven Strategy to Achieve Your Goals</p>

The Messina Group - Data Driven Strategy to Achieve Your Goals

Jim Messina heads The Messina Group with the belief that the best solutions are based on the best data. The foundation of The Messina Group’s data analytic strategies lie in the 2012 Presidential election which will forever be known as the breakthrough of “big data” in American politics. It was the Obama for America campaign that employed cutting-edge data collection strategies and analytic approaches to most effectively mobilize and manage its resources. Applying the techniques from this historical campaign, The Messina Group works with organizations to target and increase their potential customers, supporters, or voters.

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<p><strong>Sold Out Debate with Political Masterminds Rove & Messina</strong></p>

Sold Out Debate with Political Masterminds Rove & Messina

ROVE & MESSINA faced off at the EY Strategic Growth Forum with a dialogue that was insightful, engaging and, "at times, downright funny." If you are looking for a crowd pleasing debate duo for this heated political season, this is your team.  

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Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and President Barack Obama’s 2012 Campaign Manager

Jim Messina is arguably one of the world’s most successful political advisors. The mastermind behind President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, Jim Messina seized the reins on what Bloomberg Businessweek dubbed “the highest-wattage crash course in executive management ever undertaken”—and succeeded, earning the President another term in the White House. With the guidance of technology’s foremost leaders, Jim abandoned every step of a traditional presidential campaign and merged technology and politics in a way that was both unpredictable and unprecedented.

Jim’s strategies established the modern presidential campaign—Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt called it “the best-run campaign ever.”  The American Association of Political Consultants later crowned him the Campaign Strategist of the Year (2013).

Since then he has gone on to advise Presidents and Prime Ministers on five continents including: UK’s Theresa May and David Cameron, Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto, Argentina’s Mauricio Macri, Italy’s Matteo Renzi and in 2016 helped Spain’s President Mariano Rajoy win a surprising re-election margin.

In 2013, Messina launched The Messina Group. In this role, Messina provides strategic consulting to businesses around the world.  The firm has been involved in winning public policy campaigns on five continents.  Clients include Uber, Airbnb, Google, Delta Air Lines, Hutchison Whampoa, and over 70 others.

Previously, Jim served as Deputy Chief of Staff in President Barack Obama’s White House, where he was integral to the passage of the historic health care bill, the economic stimulus act credited with saving the US economy, and the landmark repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Messina continues to advise and guide Democratic candidates and organizations at all levels, as well as providing insight on news outlets such as MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC and others.

Jim serves on the boards of Organizing for Action (OFA), Virgin HyperloopOne, Google’s Advanced Technology Panel, Vectra.ai, Pillpack, Patient Safety Movement Foundation, LanzaTech, Hyp3r, the United States Soccer Foundation, and the Montana Land Reliance.