HWA Speakers Leave a Lasting Impact at Every Event

Here's what companies and event planners are saying:


"Ms. Nooyi’s discussion was absolutely fantastic. Our attendees really enjoyed learning about her experience, hearing her wisdom and taking away all the advice she had to offer."

-Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates LLC

"Thank you for all your collective work in making this happen! Please also pass along these comments and this sentiment to Alex and his team, along with our gratitude. They were great to work with and made our filming day very smooth!"

-A technology firm

"She hit it out of the park. She and Dan had great chemistry on stage. She is a firecracker and so authentic. PayPal and their customers were beyond happy. So much so that one of the customers asked for how to contact her for their event."


"Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered an exceptional talk, urging us to harness the potential of open science to drive sustainable development forward."

-Frontiers in Science


"We had a really great event and Erin was amazing."

-Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Laval

"Bozoma was AMAZING last night and everyone at the Chamber LOVED her!"

-Lancaster Chamber Dinner

"In my 37 years of hosting and engaging with public speakers and successful entrepreneurs, I have never had the pleasure of meeting and hosting a more phenomenal speaker and positive individual as Mr. Forbes. He was truly kind, easy to work with, and a man who carried himself with such great confidence that it resonated with the audience and captured their attention. I was overly impressed and 100% satisfied with his participation in Eckard’s 25th Anniversary Partner’s Conference."

-Eckard Enterprises

"Everything went exceptionally well and Val received a standing ovation because her words were so motivational and insightful. She’s so brilliant and so humble given all of her accolades and accomplishments."

-American Public Health Association

"I really applaud what Brandon Marshall felt open to share in that forum. I appreciate not just his authenticity to share his story, but his delivery as a wonderful speaker to make it ok to share his story in encouragement to others to do the same. And that there is strength in doing this."


"It was a delightful conversation, and I got tons of good feedback how much people appreciated it and Alanis’s insights. Please pass my deep heart felt gratitude to Alanis."

-Yosi Amram, Founder, Engendering Love

"Daniel was absolutely wonderful to everyone…he took pictures with the guests, he was serious and yet humorous, approachable and kind. One of Daniel’s beloved attributes is that no matter how many accolades he has received for his writing and research, he is still so humble. It was heartwarming to see people who wanted to tell him THEIR story…how his books had affected them, or a relative, or someone they knew. He listened to each person with interest and chatted with everyone."

-Women’s University Club of Seattle

"AAA – The Auto Club Group & ACG Wellness had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Deshauna Barber as our keynote speaker for Mental Health Awareness month. Dr Barber gave an intentional speech on Mental health, sharing her real-life personal struggles with MH and ways she was able to overcome them. Our employees really connected with Deshauna as she is authentically real, approachable, and provided insight on how to create an environment that that promotes wellness, hope, and positivity leaving our employees inspired. If you are looking for a speaker that gives it to you ‘straight up’ and does not hold back; then look no further than Dr. Deshauna Barber!"

-AAA – The Auto Club Group

"We absolutely loved Linsey. She was approachable and gave a great interview. Thank you for a positive experience."

-South Bend Community School Corporation

"She is an amazing human being and a real force in activism and mental health advocacy. And, I honestly have never heard such heartfelt and meaningful remarks! Her presence and involvement meant a lot to all of the people of Community Access."

-Community Access

"The keynote with Priya Krishna was absolutely amazing. The students are still talking about it to this day. The speech was funny, intimate to Dartmouth’s culture, and very much what students wanted to hear from an alum. All in all, it was all that we wished for. If I could, I would love to have her back!"

-Dartmouth College

"We LOVED having Dr. Harris on campus. She was a huge hit!"

-Iowa State University