Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Experts on AI and Chat GPT

The Harry Walker Agency represents the world's top Artificial Intelligence thought leaders, business moguls, and tech titans who provide invaluable insight in the transformative landscape of AI and Chat GPT. Whether your organization is looking to learn about the opportunities for innovation, the ethics of AI, or bringing AI into your strategic planning, our AI speakers bring substantial experience to the conversation. 

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  AI Business Speakers


Former CEO & Chairman of Xerox URSULA BURNS offers an unmatched perspective in what it takes to welcome innovation and reap the rewards.


Former Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM GINNI ROMETTY breaks down the complicated conversation around AI tools: “it’s not a tech issue, but a people issue.”


Widely regarded as the "Statesman of AI," DE KAI is one of the most qualified people in the world to speak to the transformative possibilities generative AI holds for businesses and organizations. 


NBA legend & CEBERU Managing Partner ALONZO MOURNING spoke at the MSPEXPO, who said, “His insights and experiences, as an AI enthusiast, embody the spirit of innovation and resilience that we aim to foster within the technology community.”


 Policy expert ROHINI KOSOGLU brings a balanced perspective to conversations about AI's potential to supercharge labor and how to ensure the benefits are enjoyed widely.​​​


President and CEO of PayPal DAN SCHULMAN shares how generative AI can speed product development, improve efficiency, and  lower costs for years to come.


Emerging AI tech expert and thought leader ABIGAIL HING WEN delivers significant insights on how AI will impact the future of work and growth for companies across industries.


Digital entrepreneur & VC investor PHIL LIBIN decodes what’s next in the world of AI and how businesses can harness new technologies to their benefit.


Miracle on the Hudson Captain Ambassador SULLY SULLENBERGER speaks to the role of human ingenuity, expertise, courage, and crisis management in working with AI.


KAREN G. MILLS is a leading voice in how AI is driving change at an unparalleled pace across the small business sector, with significant implications for our nation’s economy.


Technology entrepreneur and angel investor MICHAEL MIGNANO is a leader on how businesses can leverage AI to take their products to new heights.


Former GS executive & WH economic advisor GARY COHN says AI could solve some of the world's biggest problems, such as climate change and poverty, but it needs guidelines.


Blockchain founder and CEO JOSEPH LUBIN sheds light on how new technologies are transforming industries and how organizations can reap the benefits.


CEO of Fortune Media ALAN MURRAY speaks on the changing nature of CEO leadership & current issues top-of-mind for CEOs: Economy, Inflation, AI, Geopolitics.


  AI and Society: Ethics, Equity, and Social Good


Expert on Political Risk IAN BREMMER discusses the new era of AI, and what this digital global power means for society, technology innovation, markets, and democracy.


 Tech Founder and change agent MIKE MUSE shares how algorithmic exclusion and data deserts perpetuate inequity, and how AI can be used for social good instead.


No. 1 bestselling business author of Next! and esteemed journalist JOANNE LIPMAN unpacks the promise and perils of new AI tech like ChatGPT.


Wikipedia Founder JIMMY WALES explores the impact that generative AI is having and how to to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of AI.


Big data scientist, author, and algorithm expert CATHY O'NEIL unpacks how individuals and organizations can use them for maximum benefit while minimizing harm.


Inventor of the World Wide Web SIR TIM BERNERS-LEE shares his insights about the unimagined potential of innovation, business, government and humanity.


  AI Security Speakers


Globally Recognized Cybersecurity Expert MARCUS HUTCHINS offers valuable insights on the future of cybersecurity for individuals and groups.


Data scientist and Cambridge Analytica whistleblower CHRISTOPHER WYLIE explains AI's potential risks and how to manage them.


WILL HURD wrote the first national strategy and presidential plan for AI, and shares his expertise in maintaining the highest level of security possible for sensitive data.


Exploring the possibilities of AI use with GENERAL MARK MILLEY, a battle-tested leader, provides an unprecedented understanding of applying digital transformation scale for high-stakes applications.


  AI, Creativity, & Future Trends Speakers


CEO of Yum! Brands GREG CREED believes that working with emerging technology is the key to competitive advantage. Creed sees a future in which AI will help organizations stay ahead of trends.


Both a tech founder and creator himself, JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT paints a picture of the brightest possible future for creative industries using AI.