Ed Mylett

  • World-Class Entrepreneur and Life & Business Strategist
  • Bestselling Author of '#Max Out Your Life' and 'The Power of One More'
  • Podcast Host, 'The Ed Mylett Show'
  • One of Forbes' "50 Wealthiest Under 50"

Globally recognized entrepreneur, bestselling author, and performance coach Ed Mylett is an expert at inspiring his audiences to live life at the highest level. Mylett began his career in the financial services industry, achieving incredible success that earned him a place on Forbes’ “50 Wealthiest Under 50” list. He has expanded his portfolio into technology, real estate, health, food & nutrition, and more. Mylett describes himself as a “team-made millionaire,” and a glowing profile in Forbes describes his “passion for mentoring and coaching others on what it takes to become a champion in all areas of life.”

Ed is the bestselling author of #MaxOut Your Life, which offers no-nonsense, step-by-step strategies to become an elite performer, and his latest book The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success. His online audience has grown to more than 3M followers in a few short years, and his weekly podcast The Ed Mylett Show features diverse thought leaders and peak performers including Megyn Kelly, Barbara Corcoran, Martin Luther King III, Vivica A. Fox, and many more. In his books, podcast, and speaking events – which range from intimate gatherings to mega-venues of 50K attendees to online audiences of hundreds of thousands – Mylett offers high-octane inspiration and actionable, motivational takeaways engineered to make a major impact.


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Past Hosts Include:
  • Top Contractor School, LLC
  • MCSaatchi Abu Dhabi
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Ed Mylett is a globally recognized entrepreneur, performance coach, and speaker. He got his start in the financial services industry, achieving incredible success that eventually earned him a spot on the Forbes "50 Wealthiest Under 50" List. Since then, he has spearheaded a range of ventures, spanning technology, real estate, health, food/nutrition and more.

Ed is the best-selling author of #MaxOut Your Life, and new book The Power of One More (Wiley, 6/1/2022). He has grown his online audience to more than 3 million followers in just four years. His weekly podcast, The Ed Mylett Show, features such diverse thought leaders and peak performers as: Megyn Kelly, Barbara Corcoran, Martin Luther King III, David Goggins, Vivica A. Fox, Tony Robbins, James Clear, Kurt Warner, and Jaime Kern Lima. Ed also regularly inspires audiences ranging from small gatherings to mega-venues of 50,000+ attendees, and online audiences in the hundreds of thousands.