Bob 'Sully' Sullivan

  • Negotiation Expert
  • Negotiation Keynote Speaker
  • Emmy-Nominated Radio and TV Personality
  • Venture Capitalist

Sully Sullivan delivers inspiring yet practical keynotes to growth-oriented leaders around the globe. His signature, unorthodox style captivates audiences, while his proven step-by-step formula for negotiating better outcomes is absorbed and embraced. Street smarts combine with the experience of negotiating over $1 billion of economic impact to light up your next corporate event, convention, or meeting.

Sharing stories personal triumph and tragedy, along with powerful stories of others who've leveraged the art of negotiation to achieve at the highest levels, Sully skips the cliches in favor of fresh approaches to growth, success, and achievement. He'll show your audience that it isn't the smartest people that win, but rather those who have mastered deal-making and negotiation. Sully shares specific and practical tools so audiences walk away being armed for battle, ready to seize their full potential.

Sully memorable and energizing keynotes fully reinforce his core guiding principle: 

You Are What You Negotiate™.


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Past Hosts Include:
  • Disney
  • Citigroup
  • Nasdaq
  • ETrade
  • Money Magazine
  • Prudential
  • ESPN
  • IHeartMedia, Inc.
  • San Diego Union Tribune
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation
Rave Reviews About Bob 'Sully' Sullivan as a Speaker
Sully epitomizes leadership, in all ways and things, starting with his unique ability to illuminate the path forward, then showing us how we’re going to get to the Promised Land, while always including the where, when, and why we’re doing any of this.

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Talks & Conversations with Bob 'Sully' Sullivan

YOU ARE WHAT YOU NEGOTIATE™: A Five Step System to Negotiation Mastery

HOW THE BEST DEALS ARE MADE: The 3 D's of Dynamic Deal-Making

THE 7 DEADLY SINS OF THE DEAL: How To Avoid The Biggest Traps and Elevate Your Negotiations

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Bob “Sully” Sullivan is internationally recognized as a foremost expert in negotiation and deal-making.  His proven system of negotiation has been used by hundreds of corporations and thousands of leaders, creating over $1 billion of economic impact.  Realizing that “You Are What You Negotiate”, Sully is on a mission to help elevate the negotiation skills of others to help them seize their full potential.

Sully is also an Emmy®-nominated television and radio personality whose programs reach over 100 million homes in 175 countries each day. An executive producer and television studio owner, Sully develops and produces over 25 hours of live television and radio every week.

In addition to his work in the broadcast industry, Sully is a well-regarded venture capitalist. He has driven over $500 million of early-stage venture funding and has guided 100 public firms through their capital and M&A negotiations.

With a passion for both the science and the art of negotiation, Sully travels the world coaching leaders on how they can apply his trademark brand of negotiation to their businesses.  As an electrifying negotiation keynote speaker, Sully shares his systematic approach of  deal-making and negotiation, which drive immediate and lasting results.