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  • Sports Psychologist
  • Author, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

The world’s foremost sports psychologist, Dr. Bob Rotella is a mental coach to many of the world's most successful athletes, entertainers, and executives.


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Dr. Bob Rotella is the world's preeminent sports psychologist and performance coach. He's akin to a Sherpa, the Nepalese guide who helps mountaineers reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Dr. Rotella helps people scale peaks they could not otherwise reach. He unlocks potential. 

Since 1984 Dr. Rotella has coached the winners of 74 major championships in men's, women's and senior professional golf. In 2011, he helped Darren Clarke win the British Open and Keegan Bradley win the PGA Championship. Dr. Rotella also works with winners in tennis, baseball, basketball and other sports. He's helped singers and business people. Anyone whose work or play involves mental challenges can benefit from his proven wisdom.

There's nothing mysterious about Dr. Bob Rotella's approach to performance. The bedrock concepts of his philosophy–free will, commitment, persistence and confidenceare things he learned as a boy and high school athlete in Rutland, Vermont. They're lessons he reinforced by observing famous coaches like Vince Lombardi and Red Auerbach. They're principles that apply not just to sport, but to many endeavors. Dr. Bob Rotella's gift is his ability to figure out how each client will best understand and adopt these principles.

Dr. Rotella has worked as a consultant for personnel for the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, Nascar, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Senior Tour, U.S. Olympic Ski Team and the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team.

Companies he has served as a corporate consultant include Merrill Lynch, General Electric, Ford, Tim Life, Coca Cola, Chrysler, Newsweek, Pepsi-Cola, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Dr. Rotella's insight and knowledge are available to the public through his books and audio recordings. He published Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect in 1995. It has been a best-seller ever since. Sports Illustrated ranked it among the ten best golf instruction books ever written. Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect has been followed by six other books, each exploring a different aspect of the game. All of Dr. Bob Rotella's books, written with Bob Cullen, are accessible and enjoyable. He teaches by telling illustrative stories about players he's worked with, both amateur and professional.

Dr. Rotella's latest book, The Unstoppable Golfer, focuses on the short game–the putts, chips, pitches and bunker shots that have such a major impact on a player's score.   

Dr. Rotella not only understands golf. He applies his understanding. He's a scratch player and a top competitor in elite amateur events. He holds the course record at his home club.

Dr. Rotella got his bachelor's degree from Castleton State College in Vermont and his doctorate from the University of Connecticut. He was Director of Sports Psychology at the University of Virginia for 20 years, a period in which he helped the Cavaliers' football and basketball teams rise from decades of losing seasons to participation in bowl games and NCAA Final Fours. He and his wife, Darlene, live in Keswick, Virginia.