From cooking demos with celebrity chefs to wine tastings, here are a few ideas to help foster audience engagement, build connections, and provide memorable experiences for your participants




Prolific Inventor & Entrepreneur, Known for ABC's 'Shark Tank' and as the "Queen of QVC"

Everyone wants to spend intimate time with LORI GREINER – whether for sage advice, bouncing an idea off the prolific inventor and Shark, or fun conversation and Q&A. With every group, Lori is warm, personable, and engaging – and now she’s sharing this coveted opportunity with you. Delight your top VIPs, most valued clients, customers, or high-performing team members with an intimate lunch or dinner with Lori.

Lori will kick off the gathering with 15 minutes of opening remarks tailored to your group. She’ll spend a course at each table, engaging your chosen guests up close with her relatable and enlightening stories. Lively and fun conversation will be had, all the way through dessert! For ultimate flexibility, program a virtual cocktail party – smaller groups can talk with Lori while the full group enjoys wine or cocktails for the hour. This is a unique opportunity to delight and entertain, while sharing wisdom and experience in a setting that few have access to, and many pay big money to attain.

While Lori regularly offers this package for charity events – garnering the highest bids for this coveted win she is opening this offering up for your audience. The offering is highly flexible; purchase a one-time engagement or a package of events in multiple major cities, for groups from 10 to 100 – it’s up to you. Reach out to HWA today to start planning this absolutely unique, entertaining, and intimate opportunity with Lori.




Award-Winning Cartoonist for The New Yorker and Author/Editor of 18 Books

LIZA DONNELLY walks attendees through the process of creating their own drawings for a unique and interactive experience. Liza shares how drawing can impact us personally and beyond – from how we think of ideas to transforming how we look at the world.

Frontman for Better Than Ezra, Founder of the Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival, Philanthropist, and Author of The Greatest Song

In this fun, memorable and interactive event, Better Than Ezra frontman KEVIN GRIFFIN performs some of his hit songs and shares lessons from three decades evolving in the music industry. From working with stars including Taylor Swift, Blondie, Barenaked Ladies, and James Blunt among others, to navigating the ups and downs of a wildly successful music career, to his new book The Greatest Song, Kevin’s uplifting and engaging style will resonate with any audience. At the end of the speech, Griffin writes a song with the audience, records the audience’s “hype” vocals, and delivers a fully produced recording to all attendees. 




President and CEO of Cru Luv Wines, Host of 'Wine and Hip-Hop' Podcast

Accompanied by an engaging trivia element and special giveaway, Cru Luv Wine President & CEO JERMAINE STONE, also a gifted host and consultant, will collaborate with the host to design a unique and memorable event for your group’s next event.

Award-Winning Master Blender of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

VICTORIA EADY BUTLER is the celebrated and multiple award-winning master blender of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey – the fasted growing whiskey brand in America – carrying on her family’s legacy first-hand. She is the great-great-granddaughter of Nearest Green, the brand’s namesake and the first known African American master distiller. 

Future Hall of Famer, Seventh Winningest Manager in the History of MLB, and Cancer Survivor; Co-founder of Baker Family Wines

Join MLB legend DUSTY BAKER, founder of Baker Family Wines, for an unforgettable wine tasting of his homegrown premium wines. Over a glass of California red, Dusty introduces you to the nuanced flavors of his signature bottles and shares stories from his 50 years in the MLB. 




Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur; Emmy Award-Winning Host; NYT Bestselling Author; Serial Entrepreneur

Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur, TV Personality, NYT Bestselling Author, and Philanthropist

Winner and Fan-Favorite on Top Chef: All Stars; Trailblazing Restaurateur; Asian American and LGBTQ Advocate

James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur; Host of No Passport Required; Entrepreneur; NYT Bestselling Author

Chef, TV Personality; Host of Food Network's Delicious Miss Brown; Creator of the New Gullah Supper Club

James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Anthropologist; Creator and Host of the Bizarre Foods Franchise; Advocate for Social Justice




Comedian, Actress, and Writer; Author of Music to My Years

Award-Winning Stand-Up Comedian and Writer

4x Emmy & Grammy-Nominated Comedian & Entertainer; NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author of Playing With Myself

Peabody Award-Winning Comedian, Creator and Host of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Cast Member on Saturday Night Live

Acclaimed Comedian, Actress, Author, and One of TIME's 100 Next Gen Leaders