Nobuki Sugihara

  • Son of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who spared thousands of Jews from the Holocaust

Nobuki Sugihara is the son of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who in 1940, in Kaunas, Lithuania, defied his government's orders to stop issuing visas to Jews trying to flee Nazi persecution. It is estimated some 6,000 Jews escaped death due to Chiune Sugihara's actions.  Nobuki Sugihara speaks to and keeps alive his father's legacy, and meets first hand with survivors and the growing community of thousands of children and grandchildren begotten since - a community sometimes called "Sugihara Jews."


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In Conversation - An Evening with Nobuki Sugihara | Museum of Jewish Heritage [1:20:31] - Get Sharable Link
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Nobuki Sugihara

1949 born as the 4th son of Yukiko and Chiune Sugihara in Kugenuma in Fujisawa city, Japan. Currently the only living son.

1968, received scholarship to study at Hebrew university in Jerusalem by Israel.

1972, started to work in the diamond business in Tel Aviv. Has been living between Israel, Europe and Japan.

1989, moved to Antwerp, Belgium to become independent. Established a company dealing, trading and manufacturing diamonds, mining precious stones, import-export and venture investments, …

Married and has 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Has been representing Chiune Sugihara’s deeds ever since 1985 till 2019.   

Has been invited by:

In USA - Simon Wiesenthal Center LA

              - USHMM Washington DC

             - WIZO Miami,  SPEECH

             - Yeshiva Mir Brooklyn, NY.  SPEECH.

             - Chabad of Greater New Haven at Yale University, New Haven SPEECH

             - Chabad of Pennsylvania, PH,  SPEECH

             - Jewish Heritage Museum, NY,  SPEECH


Japan : - AIPAC trip including the Jewish Cultural Center, Tokyo, SPEECH

              - Opening of Chiune Sugihara Museum at Zuiryo High School, Nagoya, SPEECH

              - Japan- Israel Chamber of Commerce, Tokyo SPEECH 3 times.

              - Samurai Incubation Fair SPEECH

              - Plaque unveiling ceremony in Mino city, SPEECH.

              - Kamakura city council.  Cermony to honor Chiune Sugihara, SPEECH.

              - Izumo city, Chamber of commerce - Izumo shrine. SPEECH.


Israel:   - Tree planting and monument unveiling ceremony, Beit Shemesh, SPEECH

  • Street naming ceremony, Netanya, SPEECH
  • Plaque unveiling ceremony, Museum of the Holaucast on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, SPEECH
  • International Holocaust Remembrance day by the Litvak’s in Israel, Tel Aviv, SPEECH
  • Tel Aviv start up nation.
  • Tel Aviv university with Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau.
  • Haifa university. Faculty of Asian studies. SPEECH.

Lithuania: - Japan Week, Vilnius, SPEECH

  • Litvak Community, Vilnius, SPEECH
  • Sugihara Award Ceremony, Kaunas, SPEECH
  • Chiune Sugihara Conference, Kaunas, SPEECH
  • Chiune Sugihara Week, Kaunas, SPEECH

Belgium:  - International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the European Parliament, SPEECH


France:  - Attendance at the screening of the movie Who will Write our History at the International      Holocaust Remembrance day


Russia: - speech at the Jewish Cultural Center, Moscow, SPEECH


Canada: - Sakura Award by the Canadian Japanese Cultural Center, TORONTO, SPEECH

Belarus : - Unveiling ceremony on former Yeshiva building, Mir, SPEECH

  • LIMUD conference, Minsk, SPEECH

Hong Kong : - Speeches at several schools with the Hong Kong Holocaust Education Center, SPEECH

   -Asia Society with Ronny Chang, SPEECH

Poland: - March of living at Auschwitz - Birkenau.