Insights into the Economy, from the Fed to The White House

For an insightful and robust discussion about the economy, consider a program with Elizabeth Duke, Kevin Warsh and Larry Summers.

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Lawrence Summers

  • Economic & Financial Thought Leader
  • President, Harvard University (2001-2006)
  • Director, White House National Economic Council (2009-2010)
  • Secretary of the Treasury (1999-2001)

An expert on domestic economics and a leading authority on international finance, Larry Summers is one of the most distinguished voices on the issues and policy impacting the global economy. His frequent commentary is regarded as essential input to crafting economic policy, and he has remained for decades a well respected statesman of the American economy.

Prior to serving in the Obama Administration as Director of the National Economic Council, Dr. Summers was 71st Secretary of the Treasury during the Clinton Administration, President of Harvard University, and Vice President of Development Economics and Chief Economist of the World Bank. Dr. Summers’ tenure at the U.S. Treasury coincided with the longest period of sustained economic growth in U.S. history. He is the only Treasury Secretary in the last half century to have left office with the national budget in surplus. During his tenure in the Obama Administration, Larry Summers emerged as a key economic decision-maker and continues to be called upon as the number one resource for the most pressing economic debates of the day. 

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Elizabeth Duke headshot

Elizabeth Duke

  • Governor of the Federal Reserve (2008-2013)
  • Former Chairman of the Board, Wells Fargo & Company
  • Expert on Monetary Policy with Experience in Retail Banking and Business Lending
  • First Female Chairman of a Top U.S. Bank

Elizabeth “Betsy” Duke is a highly regarded banker with many firsts as a woman in banking. Although she has been a key decisionmaker in the boardroom of both the Federal Reserve and a major US bank, her commonsense view of the world was shaped in 30 years of community banking and small business lending. She joined the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2008, just as the financial crisis got underway. With her practical understanding of the banking industry, she was the Fed’s point person on housing, consumer and small business issues during the crisis and the recovery. She stepped up to chair the board of directors of Wells Fargo after the discovery of serious sales practices issues required that company to take a hard look at its culture. As Board Chair she oversaw a nearly complete replacement of the board and management team and maintained regular dialogue with investors and regulators.

Today, her understanding of the perspectives of both investors and public policymakers combines with her high-level experience and crisis-tested judgement to give color and texture to her remarks. Audiences appreciate that Duke has walked down Wall Street, Main Street, and Constitution Avenue. Her speeches and panel discussions highlight the interplay between the banking system and the economy with a focus on fiscal, monetary, and regulatory policy. With a conversational style, she approaches policy from the standpoint of the factors that shape it and the consequences that flow from it.

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Kevin Warsh

  • Member of the Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (2006-2011)
  • Executive Secretary, National Economic Council (2002-2006)
  • Member of the Group of Thirty (G30)
  • Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Economics, The Hoover Institution

Monetary policy expert and economist Kevin Warsh’s insights are sought by financial authorities globally. Governor Warsh served as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (2006-2011). He was named the Federal Reserve's representative to the Group of Twenty (G-20), where he became Administrative Governor, managing and overseeing the Board's operations, personnel, and financial performance. Prior to his appointment to the Board, Warsh served as Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Executive Secretary of the White House National Economic Council (2002-2006). Previously, Warsh was a member of the Mergers & Acquisitions department at Morgan Stanley & Co. in New York, serving as Vice President and Executive Director. Warsh’s experiences across the private and public sectors give him a holistic understanding of global markets. As a speaker, Warsh draws on his decades of experience across financial institutions to advise organizations on the impact of ongoing fiscal policy rollouts.

Warsh currently sits on several boards and is a member of the Group of Thirty (G30). He is also a Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Economics at the Hoover Institution and lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Warsh’s deep expertise in the inner workings of major global financial institutions fuels his independent research in the field of economics. Central banks often seek his advice. Recently, British Parliament has adopted Warsh’s independent report to the Bank of England proposing reforms to the conduct of monetary policy in the United Kingdom. His authoritative and enlightening presentations on both domestic and international economic issues help audiences and corporations understand the impact of U.S. and foreign monetary policy.

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