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Jenn Lim is the fearless, innovative CEO and co-founder of DH. From her 20+ years of lessons learned in culture and consulting, the proven results from transforming company cultures come back to her simple mission: to inspire science-based happiness, passion, and purpose at work, home, and in everyday life.

In 2010, Jenn Lim led the launch of Delivering Happiness [the book] which has sold almost one million copies worldwide and hit #1 on bestsellers lists like The New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.

After the book’s launch, organizations around the world wanted to learn how to bring profits, passion, and purpose to their company cultures but didn’t know how to start. So Delivering Happiness [the coach|sultancy] was created! Since then, Jenn has shared her expertise as a thought leader in culture change using principles from the science of happiness, along with her 15+ years of culture experience from Zappos and DH to create profitable, sustainable cultures in organizations around the world.


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  • Chase Bank
  • Century 21 Department Stores
  • Geisinger Health Systems
  • NorthWell Hospital Systems
  • PNC Bank
  • Prime Ministers Office Dubai
  • Starbucks
  • The Gates Foundation
  • Viacom
  • McDonalds
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Delivering Happiness

Experience the story of Delivering Happiness painted with colorful life lessons from your speaker. Jenn will share the philosophy that Tony Hsieh applied to build Zappos into a $1Billion a year example of culture as a brand. Jenn will weave in the science of happiness to understand how happiness as ...

Experience the story of Delivering Happiness painted with colorful life lessons from your speaker. Jenn will share the philosophy that Tony Hsieh applied to build Zappos into a $1Billion a year example of culture as a brand. Jenn will weave in the science of happiness to understand how happiness as a business model works, zooming in on the personal element to empower every individual to choose happiness. Jenn will share the simple model that can be applied to YOUR organization to create change right away, illustrating key themes with inspiring examples and takeaways at every turn. Leave understanding how prioritizing happiness at work and in life can change the world more than we ever thought possible, one person and one company at a time. And how it is all in our control.

  • How happiness as a business model = profits, passion and purpose 
  • Why happiness leads to success on the personal (ME) and organizational (WE) level  
  • Why sustainable happiness and culture change must start with ME, the individual    
  • The OTHER ROI, Ripples of Impact: from the personal level of ME to WE to COMMUNITY
  • How to build a grassroots movement of happiness with your family/teams
  • Culture is Everyone’s Business – the significance of co-ownership and how it drives success
  • How key frameworks from the science of happiness can build personal & organizational happiness  
  • How the Happiness Frameworks of Connectedness, Progress, Control, Values and Purpose can be linked to metrics, and why this is important in building a culture movement   
  • The role of higher purpose in our personal lives and how to live our purpose through our work 
  • Higher Purpose as a north star in decision-making and strategy for business growth
  • PECs – the secret that drives Zappos WOW service and exceptional repeat business  
  • Stories and examples of cultures coming back from the brink, and scaling to new heights  
  • An inspiring call to action to choose happiness, today!

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Jenn is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of co-founded to inspire science-based happiness, passion and purpose at work, home and everyday life. In Jenn’s words: “A CHO is doing what any CEO does in an organization — putting the people/resources/financing in place to create a sustainable company. The difference between a CEO and a CHO is that a CHO is doing it through the lens of happiness as a business model.”

Along with her “fearless leader” CHO responsibilities, Jenn manages a demanding speaking schedule that sends her around the world to deliver a message of passion, purpose, culture, and happiness. If you ask her, Jenn will tell you she never imagined the opportunities that she has today, but she often recalls a particular turning point in her life, which foreshadowed her path. While studying at UC Berkeley, she found herself in a poetry class and where she was expected to read my poems aloud. Another student came up to her after class and said “I loved that line.” It was in that moment that Jenn realized that words have power, and became the reason that she focuses so much energy on her speaking engagements today. She says: “If I affect someone in some way it’s worth it… somehow I ended up in this place where I have a bigger platform to do it now but it comes back to the same thing — inspire and be inspired.”

Starting long before Delivering Happiness was a gleam in anyone’s eye, Jenn was a consultant at Zappos. She created the Zappos Culture Book, a symbol of how companies can use happiness as a business model to increase productivity and profitability. She was a foundational part of the team at Zappos who proved that happier employees = happier customers = profitable/sustainable business (and most importantly, meaningful lives). In 2010, Jenn led the launch and management of Tony’s book (Delivering Happiness) which has sold over 600,000 copies worldwide and hit #1 on bestsellers lists like the New York Times and USA Today. It was voted one of the best business books by NPR, Inc. magazine and the Wall Street Journal, remained on the New York Times list for 27 weeks and has been translated into 20 languages. DH has evolved from a book to a company and global movement represented by over 110 countries. Today, she’s dedicated to growing DH to inspire happiness in people, communities and companies so that together, we can create a happier world.