HWA Speakers Leave a Lasting Impact at Every Event

Here's what event planners are saying:


20th Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Former Military Advisor to President, SecDef, and NSC

"He was terrific - we loved him!! Thank you for everything - it was fantastic!"

-Moelis & Company

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Executive Producer and Host of CNN's This is Life and HBO's Take Out

"Lisa Ling is a national treasure and the ultimate professional. She is true journalist who researches her subjects and brings her own style to any event. As a moderator, Lisa knows how to get the best interview out of any personality and pivots gracefully from question to question, topic to topic. She’s a dream, and the perfect addition to any event. I’d hire her for my funeral if I was around."


Lead Scientist in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Development, TIME Hero of the Year, and Advocate for Diversity in STEM

"Dr. Corbett-Helaire was engaging and positive while also being authentic to the challenges that kept her up at night—which are ultimately what made her stronger as a scientist and leader. She was a fantastic guest speaker."


Organizational Psychologist, Leading Expert on the Power of Paradox, and Author of Business Bestseller Both/And Thinking

"Wendy Smith in her high energy speaking has brought her book to life and leaves her audience itching to get back to their jobs to put her ideas to work. Through lively and interactive examples of her material, she connects with the audience extremely well and produces many "a-ha" moments, the type that leave a long lasting impression."

-Freddie Mac


Former Prime Minister & Head of Government of Finland (2019-2023)

NYT Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Thought Leader on Adult Mental Health

"Sanna Marin was a wise and good decision. Full house, great content, amazing feedback, lot of selfies with attendees after her slot... 100% recommended."


"The event went very well. Lisa was fantastic! We had around 2,300 attend and received so much positive feedback, with many asking if we can bring Lisa back down the road to speak on other topics."

-Progressive Insurance

Secretary-General of the UN (2007-2016), President & Chair of Global Green Growth Institute, and Founder of Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens

Multiple NYT Bestselling Author, CBS News Contributor, and Host of 'Happier' Podcast

"Mr. Ban Ki-moon’s presentation at the event was flawless and everyone liked his presence at the event. Overall, we all had a great experience with him."

-United Peace International

"The whole experience was A+. All that I expected it to be."

-Big Deal Media

Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, and Author of Read This for Inspiration

Actor, Writer, and Social Justice Activist Known for Netflix's Big Mouth and Human Resources

"The school was very happy and all went well!"

-Northeastern University

"Everything was fantastic with Brandon! We loved having them on campus."

-Francis W. Parker School