IULIIA MENDEL: Ukrainian Journalist; Former Press Secretary and Spokesperson for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES: MY TIME WITH ZELENSKYY, UKRAINE'S BATTLE FOR DEMOCRACY, AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE WORLD - SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 - In this frank and moving inside account, Zelenskyy’s former press secretary tells the story of his improbable rise from popular comedian to the president of Ukraine. Mendel had a front row seat to many of the key events preceding the 2022 Russian invasion. From attending meetings between Zelenskyy and Putin and other European leaders, visiting the front lines in Donbas, to fielding press inquiries after the infamous phone calls between Donald Trump and Zelenskyy that led to Trump’s first impeachment.

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SCOTT GALLOWAY: NYT Bestselling Author; Professor on Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing at NYU; Award-Winning Co-Host of the Pivot with Kara Swisher podcast; Host of The Prof G Show; Elected to the World Economic Forum's "Global Leaders of Tomorrow”

ADRIFT: AMERICA IN 100 CHARTS - SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 - Telling the story of our nation through 100 charts, Scott Galloway demonstrates how crises such as Jim Crow, World War II, and the Stock Market Crash of 2008, as well as the escalating power of technology, an entrenched white patriarchy, and the socio-economic effects of the pandemic, created today’s perfect storm. Adrift attempts to make sense of it all, and offers Galloway’s unique take on where we’re headed and who we’ll become, touching on topics as wide-ranging as online dating to minimum wage to the American dream.

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BRANDON KYLE GOODMAN: Actor; Writer; Social Justice Activist; Known for Netflix's Big Mouth and Human Resources

YOU GOTTA BE YOU - SEPTEMBER, 27, 2022 - In You Gotta Be You, Brandon Kyle Goodman affectionately challenges you to consider, “Who would I be if society never got its hands on me?” This question set Brandon on a mission to dropkick societal shackles by unlearning all the things he was told he should be in order to step into who he really is. It required him to reexamine messy but ultimately defining moments in his life—his first time being followed in a store, navigating his mother’s born-again Christian faith, and regretfully using soap as lube (yes, you heard that right!)—to find the lessons that would guide him to his most authentic self.    

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JULIA BOORSTIN: CNBC Senior Media & Tech Correspondent; Author of When Women Lead

WHEN WOMEN LEAD - OCTOBER 11, 2022 - In When Women Lead, Julia Boorstin brings together the stories of over sixty female CEOs and leaders, and dozens of new studies. Her combination of narrative and research reveals how once-underestimated characteristics, from vulnerability and gratitude to divergent thinking, can be vital superpowers—and that anyone can work these approaches to their advantage. Featuring new interviews with Katrina Lake, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenn Hyman, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Lena Waithe, Shivani Siroya, Julia Collins, and more, When Women Lead is a radical blueprint for the future of business, and our world at large.

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KWAME ALEXANDER: NYT Bestselling Author of 35 Books; Founding Editor of VERSIFY; Co-Founder of LEAP for Ghana

THE DOOR OF NO RETURN - SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 - Kofi loves these things above all else: his family, the fireside tales of his father’s father, a girl named Ama, and, of course, swimming. Kofi hopes to prove himself in front of Ama and his friends in a swimming contest against his older, stronger cousin, but before this can take place, Kofi’s brother is chosen to represent Upper Kwanta in a wrestling contest. The match is over before it has barely begun, when the unthinkable–a sudden death–occurs…

What happens next will send Kofi on a harrowing journey across land and sea, and away from everything he loves.

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KARDEA BROWN: Chef, TV Personality, Host of Food Network's Delicious Miss Brown, and Creator of the New Gullah Supper Club

THE WAY HOME - OCTOBER 25, 2022 - In this, her first cookbook, Kardea Brown shares her multi-generational “passed down” recipes and innovative takes on Gullah classics with home cooks everywhere.

Kardea flavors her recipes with cherished family anecdotes, memories, and helpful tips. A perfect blend of the modern and the traditional, The Way Home honors her proud heritage and shows off her own signature class and sass. The result is a marvelous, big-hearted collection of recipes and stories that will nourish you, body and soul.

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CANDACE NELSON: Culinary Entrepreneur; NYT Bestselling Author; TV Personality; Venture Capitalist

SWEET SUCCESS: A SIMPLE RECIPE TO TURN YOUR PASSION INTO PROFITS - NOVEMBER 8, 2022 -For the first time ever, founder of Sprinkles cupcakes, Candace Nelson, is sharing the recipe for success in her new book, Sweet Success. She will walk you through the steps she took to build a globally beloved brand, so you can do it too. Although she deals in frosting, there’s no sugarcoating here. Candace pushes back the kitchen door to reveal mistakes, misses, and lessons learned the hard way.

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DAHLIA LITHWICK: Senior Editor of Slate; Host of Amicus; Author

LADY JUSTICE: WOMEN, THE LAW, AND THE BATTLE TO SAVE AMERICA - SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 - Dahlia Lithwick, one of the nation’s foremost legal commentators, tells the gripping and heroic story of the women lawyers who fought the racism, sexism, and xenophobia of Donald Trump’s presidency—and won. After the sudden shock of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, many Americans felt lost and uncertain. It was clear he and his administration were going to pursue a series of retrograde, devastating policies.

Immediately, women lawyers all around the country, independently of each other, sprang into action, and they had a common goal: they weren’t going to stand by in the face of injustice

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ALTON BROWN | Cook; Creator and Host; Food Network Celebrity Chef; Bestselling Author; Peabody Award-Winner; GOOD EATS: THE FINAL YEARS - RELEASED APRIL 22, 2022


W. KAMAU BELL | Sociopolitical Comedian; Documentarian of We Need to Talk About Cosby; Host of CNN's United Shades; Podcaster; NYT Bestselling Author; DO THE WORK!: AN ANTI-RACIST ACTIVITY BOOK - RELEASED JULY 22, 2022

DAVID MCRANEY | Internationally Bestselling Author; Podcaster; Expert in the Psychology of Reasoning and Decision-Making; HOW MINDS CHANGE: THE SURPRISING SCIENCE OF BELIEF, OPINION, AND PERSUSION - RELEASED JUNE 21, 2022

MOHSIN HAMID | Award-Winning and Internationally Bestselling Author of Exit West & The Reluctant Fundamentalist; THE LAST WHITE MAN: A NOVEL - RELEASED AUGUST 2, 2022

MARCUS BUCKINGHAM | New York Times Bestselling Author; Researcher; Founder of the Strengths Revolution; LOVE AND WORK: HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO, AND DO IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE - RELEASED APRIL 5, 2022

LILLY SINGH | Award-Winning Comedian and YouTube Personality; NYT Bestselling Author; BE A TRIANGLE: HOW I WENT FROM BEING LOST TO GETTING MY LIFE INTO SHAPE - RELEASED APRIL 5, 2022

TOM SEGURA | Comedian; Writer; Actor; Co-Host of Your Mom's House Podcast; I'D LIKE TO PLAY ALONE, PLEASE: ESSAYS - RELEASED JUNE 14, 2022


JEAN HANFF KORELITZ | NYT Bestselling Author of The Latecomer, You Should Have Known and More; THE LATECOMER: A NOVEL - RELEASED MAY 31, 2022

LEAH MCSWEENEY | Streetwear Pioneer; Female Entrepreneur; Cultural Provocateur; Star on The Real Housewives of New York; CHAOS THEORY: FINDING MEANING IN THE MADNESS, ONE BAD DECISION AT A TIME - RELEASED APRIL 5, 2022

AMY BLOOM | NYT Bestselling Author; Creative Writing Professor; Psychotherapist; IN LOVE: A MEMOIR OF LOVE AND LOSS - RELEASED MARCH 8, 2022