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HWA Speakers' Bureau New Exclusive Speakers

President Bill Clinton

John Boehner
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2010-2015) has selected HWA for exclusive representation. Click here to watch Mr. Boehner's poignant exit interview with Bill Hemmer.

New Books

Think Like A Freak

When to Rob a Bank: ...And 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants is the newest book by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the bestselling authors of Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics.

Karl Rove

Iconic Republican strategist Karl Rove is releasing his newest book in November. Read more...

HWA Chats Video Series

HWA Chats Video Series

Speakers' Bureau Brochure and Public Speakers Catalog

2015 HWA Brochure


New Speakers at HWA Speakers' Bureau News from HWA Speakers' Bureau
Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres
President of Israel (2007-2014);
Former Prime Minister of Israel

Joyce Banda

Dick Costolo
Renowned Tech Innovator;
Former CEO of Twitter

Joyce Banda

Adam Braun
Inspiring Bestselling Author;
Social Entrepreneur

Joyce Banda

Alan Krueger
One of the Highest-Ranked Economists in the World;
Former Chairman, White House Council of Economic Advisers

Joyce Banda

Ed Balls
Leading Economist;
Former Chief Economic Advisor to UK Treasury

Joyce Banda

Alex Banayan
"World's Youngest Venture Capitalist";
Author of a Highly Anticipated Business Book about Successful People

Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda
Africa's Second Female President;
President of the Republic of Malawi (2012-2014)

Joyce Banda

Jane Lute
CEO, Center for Internet Security;
Former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

Joyce Banda

Lara Logan
Renowned International Journalist

April Rinne

April Rinne
Global Authority on the Sharing Economy;
Expert on Global, Trust-Based Innovation

Henry Waxman

Henry Waxman
Leading Legislator in Congress;
U.S. Representative from California (1975-2015)

Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick
U.S. Governor of Massachusetts (2007-2015)

Tom Coburn

Tom Coburn
U.S. Senator from Oklahoma (2005-2015);
U.S. Representative from Oklahoma (1995-2001)

Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian
Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council; CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of PIMCO (2007-2014)

Itzhak Perlman

Itzhak Perlman
Renowned Violinist and Conductor

Mohamed El-Erian

Karen Mills
Former Key Member of the White House Economic Team; Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (2009-2013)

Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis
Women's Rights Activist;
Texas State Senator (2009-2015)

Michael Moss

Michael Moss
Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist;
Expert on the Food Industry

Jean-Claude Trichet

Jean-Claude Trichet
President; European Central Bank (2003-2011); Chairman, Group of Thirty

David Stern

David Stern
Commissioner Emeritus, National Basketball Association

Sir Paul Tucker

Sir Paul Tucker
Deputy Governor of the Bank of England (2009-2013)

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Inventor of the World Wide Web; One of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century”

More New Speakers
Bill Clinton

Watch a video of Bill Clinton addressing the future of equality and opportunity at the 2015 CGI Annual Meeting.

Larry Summers

Watch a video of Lawrence Summers' recent discussion at the Harvard Institute of Politics on inclusion with regards to economic growth and development.

Kofi Annan

Watch a video of Kofi Annan highlighting the relevance of partnerships between the UN and important stakeholders in honor of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations.

Vice President Al Gore

Read a profile of Vice President Al Gore in Politico, offering a look at his efforts to combat climate change–and of the man himself.

Dick Cheney

Read Vice President Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney's Wall Street Journal op-ed, "Restoring American Exceptionalism."

Captain Richard Phillips

Watch Captain Phillips' riveting true story that inspired the world and a blockbuster movie starring Tom Hanks.

Jimmy Wales

See the latest videos from Wikipedia founder and tech entrepreneur Jimmy Wales.

Olympia Snowe

Watch Olympia Snowe's inspirational remarks about reversing the tide of partisan politics.

Martin Luther King, III

Martin Luther King, III received rave reviews from The Kennedy Forum : "Martin Luther King III was spectacular! His speech was heartfelt and impressive, and the audience seemed to hang on to Mr. King’s every word."

George Papandreou

Watch Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou's insightful TED TALK.

Ed Norton

Watch Ed Norton's interview with Katie Couric about Crowdrise: It's Facebook for philanthropy.

Felipe Calderon

Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon earns glowing reviews from audiences around the world who find him "exceptionally open and honest," "generous with his time," "spectacular," and "right on the topic."

Elizabeth Duke

Audiences rave about former Fed Reserve governor Elizabeth Duke not only for her usable and clear message, but also for her open personality, and she is a great success at every event.  

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard received rave reviews from Boston College: "I cannot express how important and successful your talk before the Boston College student body turned out. You brought out the best in them."

Mohamed ElBaradei

Egyptian former Vice President and former Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei discusses global security and the road map for the path to peace.

Ehud Barak

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has joined the board of FST Biometrics, an Israeli startup specializing in biometric identification. Read more...

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal's leadership presentation filled 3,000+ seats at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s event and 500 people lined up for photos.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson's new book, Leading, draws out lessons anyone can use in business and life to generate long-term transformational success. Read more...

More Speakers in the News

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