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Mark Bowden, nationally recognized columnist, is the bestselling author of Black Hawk Down, the inspirational and moving novel that became a blockbuster movie.


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Wow! What a really interesting man you are. You have so many different areas of focus and now another incredible project has surfaced. Thank you for squeezing a trip to Milwaukee into your schedule to participate in our Speakers Program We all enjoyed the evening a great deal.

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Talks & Conversations with Mark Bowden

The Best Game Ever: Giants vs. Colts, 1958, and the Birth of the Modern NFL

Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War

Books by Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden is the author of nine books, including: Black Hawk Down, The Best Game Ever, Bringing the Heat, Guests of the Ayatollah, and The Finish. He reported at The Philadelphia Inquirer for twenty years and now writes for Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and other magazines.