Women Inspiring Women in Business

Co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, MIKA BRZEZINSKI offers informative and entertaining insights woven together with the latest research on issues such as equal pay, women in the boardroom, and access to start-up capital, in order to create a highly relevant look into women’s perceived value in the office—and how they can increase their worth professionally, personally, and financially. 

At the age of 25, MORGAN DEBAUN made history as one of the first 20 Black women to raise over a million dollars in venture funding, defying the odds of a dying publishing industry by unapologetically following her gut. She has since acquired and scaled multiple brands. Morgan shares her story of overcoming internal doubts and external doubters by tapping into her natural talent - launching and growing successful businesses. What does it mean to truly live life unapologetically? Take charge and claim your space!


BOZOMA SAINT JOHN | Former CMO at Netflix and Endeavor, CBO at Uber, and Marketing Executive at Apple Music and PepsiCo

"Bozoma was indeed magical – she crushed it today. Everyone LOVED her. Totally elevated the event for our customers!"

- Facebook Canada

ROBIN ARZÓN | Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor, Peloton; NYT Bestselling Author

"Robin was absolutely fantastic. She was so warm and easy to chat with and super inspiring. We had over 215 employees log in and they all found Robin’s energy infectious."



Founder and Chair of Girls Who Invest and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), SEEMA HINGORANI is a powerhouse in the investing sphere who is revolutionizing the industry by creating opportunities and increasing representation and diversity. Seema is a prolific speaker on the topic of a more robust inclusion of women in the corporate sector.

Former White House Press Secretary DANA PERINO is passionate about individual and economic freedom for women, and founded Minute Mentoring, a program that connects young women with mentors. Her latest book Everything Will Be Okay: Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman) is a no-nonsense how-to guide for reframing thinking, finding confidence, and learning to take risks.


GLENNON DOYLE | Author, Activist, and Founder of Together Rising

"I chose Glennon to keynote because she is different from all the other corporate speakers. From the moment she stepped on stage you could feel the energy in the audience. She caused people to think and look at the world a little differently, which is exactly what we were striving for. She did a fantastic job for us."

- Microsoft Corporation

RADHA AGRAWAL | Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker

"Radha is a force of nature. Her talks are energetic, inspiring, generative and I can’t wait to hear her speak again at our next CEO Summit!"

- Whole Foods Market


Serial entrepreneur, author, investor, and podcaster JACLYN JOHNSON is a powerhouse innovator rewriting the rules for women in business. Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate, a high-impact media company uniting female entrepreneurs and CEOs through education and community, hosting over 100 events with celebrity speakers and panelists sponsored by top Fortune 500 companies. 

Founder and CEO of RISE Personal Development Conference, RACHEL HOLLIS is known for challenging her audiences and pumping up the crowd to break free from whatever is keeping them from the joy-filled, exuberant life they are meant to live. Hollis speaks to women in business as a woman with her own successful business, Hollis Co., sharing her story with her signature brand of transparency and optimism.


MARA BROCK AKIL | Trailblazing Screenwriter and Producer, 'Girlfriends' and 'The Game'; One of Hollywood Reporter's "Women in Entertainment Power100"

"Ms. Akil brought her bright perspective on navigating professional and personal life after college. Further, Ms. Akil offered invaluable advice on finding your true calling telling the audience, 'If you are unsure and uncomfortable for what is supposed to come, then you are in the right place and the right movement.' This inspiring event was a huge success thanks to Ms. Akil’s moving words."

- George Washington University

SOPHIA AMORUSO | Serial Entrepreneur in Fashion and Culture; Founder, Girlboss & The Girlboss Foundation

"We had the honor of having Sophia Amoruso as our keynote speaker and she was AMAZING! Everyone loved her, the information she gave as a speaker has the attendees still raving days after the event. She was beyond kind, gentle, very easygoing and a complete joy to work with. She made every guest feel amazing. Her expertise in business is unmatched and her character speaks volumes."

- Glam University


Successful serial entrepreneur (Founder of Drybar, Squeeze, and Becket + Quill), ALLI WEBB has navigated the ins and outs of work-life balance, and what it takes to be a woman launching a business from scratch. From breaking free of "mom guilt," to pushing through doubts and insecurities, cultivating a support system, and handling the critics, Alli shares her advice, tips, and motivations, providing audiences with both practical lessons and big picture inspiration that leave audiences empowered and informed. 

Renowned feminist, businesswoman and digital strategist AMINATOU SOW talks about feminist issues and being a successful woman in today's world. From getting comfortable talking about money, to advocating for yourself in the workforce, to recognizing your power and leveraging it, Aminatou provides audiences with both tactical insights and bold inspiration.


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