Our business moguls and tech titans provide invaluable insight into the transformative landscape of AI and Chat GPT. Learn how to best capitalize on this evolving innovation, and how to navigate the threats and opportunities of this new tech in your strategic planning.


Statesman of AI; AI Professor at HKUST; Pioneer in AI Ethics and Policy

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Founder of Wikipedia, World's 5th Most Visited Website; Founder of WT.Social; Internet Entrepreneur and Wiki Pioneer

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Vice Chairman of IBM; Fmr. Director of National Economic Council; Fmr. President & COO of Goldman Sachs

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CEO and Founder of Pipeline; Award-Winning Gender Economist; Programmer; Data Scientist

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Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower; Data Scientist and Social Researcher; Bestselling Author

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No. 1 Bestselling Author of That's What She Said and Next!; CNBC Contributor; Renowned Journalist

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U.S. Small Business Administration (2009-2013); Former Member of President's Economic Council; Fintech Expert

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Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners; Co-Founder of Anchor; Angel Investor & Advisor to 50 Companies

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Music Executive; Politics and Pop Culture Expert; Tech Founder

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Founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK; Renowned Tech Journalist; Expert in Disruption & Innovation

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Entrepreneur; Tech & AI Expert in using tech to enhance humanity, productivity, and business

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Co-founder of Black Women on Boards; Lead Director of Rocket Lab, A Space Exploration Company; Fortune 500 Board Director

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