CHARLES DUHIGGNew York Times Bestselling Author of "The Power of Habit" and "Smarter Faster Better"; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The New York Times Magazine

"Charles Duhigg is a phenomenal speaker and was able to captivate the Bloomberg audience. His passion for the topic really translates into the audience and everyone picked up on his enthusiasm. I really like the way the Prezi complemented his speaking style..."

- Bloomberg

"Charles was amazing. He resonated with the audience, and lifted up the event. What a great thinker and speaker! I would highly recommend him."

"Charles was fantastic, as we knew he would be."

-Wolters Kluwer

Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charles Duhigg reveals the secrets to how to be productive in life and business, and what it takes to boost the creative process. His groundbreaking book, The Power of Habit, has spent three years on the New York Times bestsellers list, and is chock-full of the transformative, science-backed research on peak performance that Duhigg brings to life at each of his events. In his game-changing keynote "The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business" Duhigg reveals how to unlock the power of mental habits that allow us to think more deeply, and how people and companies become smarter, faster and better.
  • In-demand for his keynotes that are energizing, witty and substantive, Duhigg is set to address 1,600 CIOs and senior executives at the Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo 2018, hundreds of VPs at The Glint Summit: Shaping the Path to People Success, to deliver insights on the Power of Habit at the INMA Consumer Engagement Summit, and more. 
  • Currently the host of a hit, new New York Times podcast Change Agent, which debuted in the #1 slot on iTunes,Duhigg translates his real-world research into powerful takeaways.
  • ERICA KESWINAuthor, Bring Your Human to Work; Workplace Strategist & Executive Coach Specializing in the Business of Relationships

    "The workplace is changing with new faces, new technology, and new expectations. Few are better positioned to speak, write, and consult on the convergence of these forces than Erica Keswin..."

    - Bloomberg LP

    "Erica provided unique and informative insights... I found her suggestions on taking back control of my professional and personal calendar to be both effective and empowering, and I continue to use much of her practical advice even months after attending her seminar..."

    -Apres Group
    A workplace strategist who has worked with some of the most iconic organizations in the world from the NFL to NASA, Erica Keswin highlights how relationships are the most powerful driver of success for individuals and companies striving to attract and retain talent and loyal customers. Her just-released book, Bring Your Human to Work: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That is Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World, was an instant #1 Release on Amazon and serves as a powerful guide to a workplace revolution that honors relationships and puts people first. Her flagship keynote, offers powerful case studies and walks leaders and managers through her ten sure-fire ways to help them design a more human workplace, which all comes down to one simple thing—honoring relationships.

    STEVEN KOTLERNew York Times Bestselling Author of Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Abundance & Bold; International Pioneer in Peak Performance & Innovation; Cofounder & Director of Research for Flow Genome Project

    "Wanted to share some of the great feedback we received on Steven’s keynote at the Global CISO Executive Summit! 'Great delivery of Information'; 'Enjoyed the Flow'; 'Fantastic - inspiring'; 'AWESOME'; 'Changes the we view flow and how it can change the way we work. Great and powerful concept, interested in learning more.'"


    "Steven’s presentation was a huge success, and members and their families are still raving about this amazing opportunity. 100% of the members, spouses and YNG’s that completed the evaluation would recommend Steven a speaker to other chapters or their organizations. Overall, a fantastic event."

    -Young President's Organization

    New York Times bestselling author and revolutionary in the field of human performance, Steven Kotler shows individuals and companies how to unlock their potential and level up their game like never before. His bestselling books and research decode how scientific and technological breakthroughs are radically changing the world, and how both businesses and individuals can harness their power. Kotler's newest, eye-opening and refreshingly practical keynote-- based on his upcoming book-- "The Art of Impossible" provides a practical playbook for making the impossible not just possible, but trainable. Revealing actionable steps, tools, and strategies, for signficantly amping up motivation, learning, creativity and flow, Kotler shares a how-to manual that will leave audiences emboldened. 
  • Recently sought-out to deliver a keynote on "The Science of Maximizing Human Potential" at Talks at Google, providing a deep dive into new research that is revolutionizing our ability to tackle huge challenges, innovate like never before, and generate surprising shortcuts for enhancing creativity and performance. 
  • Sought-out to deliver a keynote at the upcoming Nordic Business Forum on Climbing Mount Bold: How Organizations Can Level Up Their Game Like Never Before for 8,000 business executives, as well as at a major bank's Elite Performance Forum, on hacking flow, peak performance and service engagement. 
  • APRIL RINNEHead of the Sharing Economy Working Group, World Economic Forum; Advisor for Airbnb, Jobbatical and Trov; Contributor, Quartz at Work; Global Authority on the New Economy, Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Work

    "It went very well. Timely topic, and April was really wonderful to have."

    -TD Ameritrade

    "April's keynote was excellent. Her inspirational and valuable insight proved to be of enormous value for the Summit... She set the stage for an informative and lively discussion and many people cited April’s keynote as a particular highlight point of the event."

    -World Travel & Tourism Council

    Advisor of choice for a range of private and public sector organizations, from Airbnb to the World Economic Forum and  governments worldwide, April Rinne helps audiences see the innovative shifts underway in businesses and startups worldwide. As Airbnb's Direcot or Public Policy raved, "Drop the April bomb... and good things happen." Tailoring her remarks to each audience, Rinne dives into how shifts in labor, business models, and technology will impact businesses and prepares individuals to tackle disruption head-on. She is at the 50 yard line of the most cutting-edge workforce and industry innovations, decoding the positive social implications of new technologies, providing a refreshing-- and not often presented-- perspective
  • In-demand thanks to her shrewd and actionable insights, in the coming months Rinne is set to deliver a keynote on "Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Work" at the Texas Economic Development Council's Annual Conference, on the new economy for 1,600 attendees at the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit, and on the sharing economy for hundreds of credit union CEO's and CFO's at Catalyst Corporate Future Forums.  
  • Having recently spoken at the Porto Business School's Vertex Conference, Rinne made headlines in local outlets and was interviewed by The Observador
  • A contributor to Quartz at Work, Rinne's recent articles cover trends businesses across industries must keep an eye on. 
  • SETH MATTISONWorkforce Strategist and Management Trendspotter; Author, The War at Work 

    "Seth did a fantastic job keynoting for us... He was spot on with all aspects of his presentation and his 'prep work' on the front end set it all up. He was one of the most prepared and engaged speakers I have ever worked with. I am not surprised this has translated into increased momentum... "

    -Food Marketing Institute

    "Seth was fantastic and I would be thrilled to recommend him in the future. He spent time with us prior to the conference to get to know the audience and my Execs, modifying his presentation as requested and managing the delicate balance of some of our requests and his presentation. "

    -Wolters Kluwer

    Described as a “force to be reckoned with” (PMA), highly-lauded workforce strategist Seth Mattison stands out for his “knowledge, expertise, energy, creativity, and brilliant speaking skills” (National Confectioners Association). With a focus on generational differences and revamping workplace dynamics, Mattison’s keynotes are consistently listed as the highlight of every conference he speaks at. Recently, when Mattison keynoted the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s Coffee, Tea, and Water Conference, he demonstrated his seamless ability to tailor his fundamental savvy regarding workplace trends to any industry, providing invaluable, tangible and actionable takeaways.
  • A highly-lauded speaker, Mattison is set to address thousands of audience-members at events in the coming months including the 2018 Gartner ReimagineHR ConferenceThe Command Alkon Conference, SeriousBUSINESS 2019, and many more. 
  • Mattison recently made headlines in Forbes for the launch of his new platform Luminate, which aims to connect, support, empower and inspire leaders and entrepreneurs to create work experiences that fill people up, rather than run them dry. 
  • Tweets of praise from audience-members at Mattison's recent events include: "Are you staying relevant?" "@sethmattison is crushing it at the #BOC2018 #remax" ⁦"@sethmattison⁩ giving some great insights on #relevance #remaxboc"
  • NATALY KOGAN: Founder of Happier, a global technology and learning platform enabling users to discover new methods of pursuing emotional wellbeing; TEDx Speaker on How to Cultivate Happiness; Author, Happier Now

    "Nataly’s background and experience on what really drives a happier existence at work & home was very well received. She brings a lot of credibility to the topic as she is very honest about her own experiences. It was refreshing to hear. I can’t recommend enough adding an element of Happier to a company event."

    - Gillette

    "The power of Nataly's words continued to resonate within our walls long after she had left the building!"


    The CEO and Founder of Happier—an award-winning global technology and learning platform— Nataly Kogan has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations better understand and achieve happiness. Her newly-released book Happier Now brings her lifetime of lessons to a wider audience, illuminating how we can stop searching for the elusive “big happy” in the future and start cultivating our happier skills now. Kogan unpacks how to build cultures of resilience, empathy, inclusivity, and ultimately, happiness. Nataly’s received standing ovations from groups such as Million Dollar Roundtable, Fortune's Tech Brainstorm, SXSW, Harvard Women's Leadership Conference, Gillette, TEDx Boston, and many more, thanks to her instantly implementable takeaways that transform work cultures and attitudes. 
    Regardless of audience size or industry, these HWA Speakers know how to deliver. Informative, engaging, and with utterly fresh and cutting-edge perspectives on how to generate a work environment that encourages productivity, creativity, and the well-being of employees and customers alike, these speakers leave attendees with actionable and implementable strategies that make a long-term difference.