Think Like an Entrepreneur With HWA's Innovators


Williams motivates audiences with stories from her extraordinary life as a tennis pro and entrepreneur. Read more > >

"WLI ELEVATE enjoyed having Serena on the show! It was a great conversation! The attendees showed so much excitement and we received a lot of positive feedback!"



Shaq speaks to audiences and provides them with entertainment and laughs, as well as sound, actionable business advice. Read more > >

"Shaq was a fun, energetic and motivating speaker that exceeded our expectations. He did an exceptional job at engaging our audience and delivering a message that applied to our business."



Scooter is truly a titan of the entertainment world, and through his speeches and talks, he helps audiences understand what it takes to succeed in any industry. Braun is the buzz-worthy executive who will inspire and impress your audience. Read more > >


Lilly is passionate about helping others identify and achieve their goals and is eager to motivate and inspire your audience. Guests will leave with a stronger understanding of how to actualize their goals and make their dreams a reality. Read more > >


Flay’s career is a testament to the power of ‘yes’ and taking smart, calculated risks. A consummate speaker, Flay is eager to meet audiences and share personal stories and business insights. After hearing Flay speak, audiences walk away with an understanding of how to mix passion and business to create success. Read more > >

"Bobby Flay was magnificent and his presentation was very well received by all involved. ... I must compliment Chef Flay for being a total professional in every way. It was without a doubt one of the smoothest events that we have ever experienced!"

-Rupp Arena Food Show


The Napiers have proven that it is still possible to make it in America with hard work, passion, and strong values. Audiences will leave inspired and invigorated with the knowledge that they too can lead and execute a values-driven business in any field that they are passionate about. Read more > >

"Erin and Ben did a wonderful job!They were very well prepared in their knowledge of our community and included that in their message. They were a joy to work with and all of the attendees loved hearing from them!"

-United Way of Northwest Georgia


Strahan is an inspiration to athletes and entrepreneurs of all kinds, and speaks eagerly to audiences about finding success in business, and identifying your passion. Read more > >

"It was a once in a lifetime experience to have Michael Strahan speaking at our event today! We all were so thrilled at his cheerful demeanor, the charisma he brought to the room and to our panel discussion. It was a fantastic event and something that we all will remember for a long time. Thank you again!"

-Fenway Sports Group


Musician and reality TV personality Jessie James Decker is an unstoppable force of talent and energy. Decker made her name as a bestselling musician and popular reality television personality, but now she is becoming known for her work as a businesswoman. She brings drive and passion to every business venture, and shares those values with audiences as she discusses her story and what she's learned to help other entrepreneurs find success. With Decker at your next event you are sure to draw a crowd, but more importantly, your attendees will learn what it takes to manage a brand, pivot in their careers, and channel their inner hustle. Read more > >


In her informative, actionable and inspiring remarks, Webb shares insights into business innovation and tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit, and creating a resilient and authentic company culture and brand. From tactical insights into business growth, customer engagement, and cultural relevancy, to sharing her first-hand experiences expanding a successful business nationwide, working with franchisees, launching a product line, and weathering disruption, Webb provides lessons and bold inspiration that organizations can start implementing tomorrow. Read more > >


Bernath truly forged a path where there was none by leaning into his unique creativity and following his passion relentlessly. His fast and singular success has since been profiled by Taylor Lorenz in The New York Times, among other publications. As a speaker, he is passionate about meeting audiences of all types and help them lean into what makes them unique, identify their passion, and leave them with the tools and inspiration to pursue their goals. Read more > >