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DAVID SINCLAIR | World's Foremost Expert on Human Longevity; Professor & Researcher at Harvard Medical School; NYT Bestselling Author; Co-Founder, Fully Aligned LLC

Dr. David Sinclair is the world’s foremost expert on human longevity. As a professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Sinclair’s lab was the first to show that aging can be safely reversed, a discovery that has fueled a multi-billion-dollar industry to treat diseases and extend the human lifespan by controlling the aging process. In this informative and enthralling talk, Dr. Sinclair offers insights from his scientific breakthroughs and the impacts of his work on medicine, health, and wellness.

Watch his talk, "Can We Cure Aging?" from the 2022 Life Itself conference, a health and wellness event presented in partnership with CNN >>


MATTHEW WALKER | Sleep Scientist; NYT Bestselling Author of Why We Sleep

SERENA POON | Certified Nutritionist; Celebrity Chef; Longevity Wellness Expert; Founder, Culinary Alchemy® and Just Add Water®; Co-Founder, Fully Aligned LLC

KIZZMEKIA S. CORBETT | Lead Scientist in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Development; TIME Hero of the Year; Advocate for Diversity in STEM

DR. ABDUL EL-SAYED | Physician, Epidemiologist, Public Health Expert, and Educator; CNN Commentator; Host of the America Dissected Podcast; Author

ANUPAM JENA | Physician-Economist and Host of Freakonomics, M.D. Podcast

DR. DAVID KATZ | Founding Director of Yale Prevention Research Center; Physician & Expert on Nutrition, Wellness and Longevity

BRIAN MACKENZIE | Human Performance Specialist, Founder and CEO of SH//FT

JOHN BOOCKVAR | Internationally Known Brain Surgeon Featured on 'Lenox Hill' and Expert in Stress Management

Health Advocates

MATT ISEMAN | Emmy Award-Winning TV Host, Comedian, and Cancer Survivor Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

BOB WOODRUFF | Renowned ABC News Anchor and Correspondent; Bestselling Author; Co-Founder of Bob Woodruff Foundation; Survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury

LUCY KALANITHI | Physician; Widow of the #1 NYT Bestselling Author of When Breath Becomes Air; Advocate for Patient-Centered Care

MARIA MENOUNOS | Emmy Award-Winning Journalist; NYT Bestselling Author of The Every Girl's Guide To… Series; Podcaster; Brain Tumor Survivor and Health Advocate

CHARLIE DAVIES | Former Olympian and Famed Soccer Star; Sports Analyst; Philanthropist; Cancer Survivor & Spokesperson for American Cancer Society’s “Real Men Wear Pink” Campaign

CHERYL HINES | Emmy Award-Winning Actor; Producer; Director; Philanthropist; Health Advocate