We're getting so many requests for speakers with vital and vibrant messages of inclusion and diversity, I wanted to send along a sample of programming ideas that are inspiring and engaging audiences. 

"Ashley brought such a broad and human perspective to our conversation about women's leadership - she used great empathy, personal stories and just the right amount of wit to connect with the audience in the theater and online..."

-Emily's List

"The day was a triumph and Tina was a rock star. She is amazing and the students so appreciated her sincere attentiveness. She went beyond the call in terms of the time she spent talking 1:1 with them. Thanks for your support in making this happen."

-Roger William University

"When I tell you the feedback from Austin’s session thus far has been amazing, I mean it has been AMAZING!!! Many people talk about how the energy and vibe from her presentation set the tone for the remainder of our forum. I have nothing but good things to say about this experience. The students loved her. I could go on and on and on. She is a gem."

-University of Wisconsin-Madison

"She has a wonderful ability to simultaneously entertain and educate her audiences. Ours was rapt and I've had multiple people tell me how much they learned from her while their stomach hurt from laughing so hard. She spoke brilliantly and authentically about her life experience at the intersection of female/minority/disabled/Muslim."

-Asia Society

"Want a new and inspiring take on diversity? Invite Caroline Randall Williams."

-The Sycamore Institute

"Sunny’s message and conversation were perfect for the event and audience. She understood the points that were important to us, and she emphasized them – so well-prepared. She was also gracious and lovely to work with."


"She was phenomenal… very personal and very real. She was very accommodating and very easy to work with. We received tremendous feedback."

-Putnam Investments

"His presentation affirmed in a positive way that we often do not have choices about life's challenges, but we do have choices about the manner in which we face those challenges. J. R. doesn't speak to impress; he speaks to inspire."

-Learning TECH/Quest School

"The panel last night was a great success and I know SCAD is so pleased with how everything turned out. Thank you for all of your help getting Chella signed on to participate!"

-Savannah College of Art & Design

"Sam brought us back into the moment, encouraging us to keep reaching for our goals no matter the circumstances we’re dealt. Her storytelling and genuineness brought us to our feet for a standing ovation, and I'll forever carry her message with me, as I’m sure all our guests will."

-Business Chicks

"Jason was a class act! He was so down to earth and so warm with the attendees...He brought some excitement to the stage and the floor. His story and how he delivered it was perfect. He was also gracious with his time afterwards to take some pics with fans."

-Kaiser Permanente

"The panel last night was a great success and I know SCAD is so pleased with how everything turned out. Thank you for all of your help getting Tyler signed on to participate!"

-Savannah College of Art & Design


  • Creator, Writer, Entrepreneur
  • Author of Black Magic: What Black Leaders Learned From Trauma and Triumph
  • Co-writer of Universal’s One & Done
  • Co-creator of How To Survive Inglewood


  • Founder and CEO of Blavity Inc.
  • Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Small Business Advisor
  • Activist


  • First and Only African American Woman USAF U-2 Pilot
  • Competitor, Season 2 of CBS' Tough as Nails


  • Owner, Executive Producer & Co-Host of The Grapevine


  • Emmy-winning Writer and Executive Producer
  • Writer for Entire Seven-Season Run of NBC Comedy Hit Series Parks and Recreation
  • Writer and Director of Tigertail


  • Journalist
  • Author of Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home


  • Korean American pop superstar, entrepreneur, and podcast host
  • Co-Founder, Creative Director, DIVE Studios
  • Millennial-Audience Fan Favorite


  • Nigerian-American Writer & Lecturer
  • Financial Times Weekend Columnist


  • Correspondent, VICE
  • Contributor, Telemundo & MSNBC
  • Former Deputy Director of Hispanic Media for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign


  • Viral BuzzFeed Writer, Producer, Director, and Actress


  • Renowned Speaker, Author, & Gen Z Activist
  • Author of Ten Feet Tall: Step Into Your Truth and Change Your Freaking World
  • Named an Instagram #19under19


  • Powerhouse Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate
  • Bestselling Author of WorkParty