Want to up your game? Go for the win with these Coaches and Athletes on leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork, organizational culture, resilience, and more.


Seven-time Super Bowl champion and entrepreneurial mogul TOM BRADY's diverse and robust portfolio includes his health and wellness brand TB12, first-of-its-kind, experience-driven NFT company Autograph, his namesake next generation apparel brand, BRADY, his multi-platform content company 199 Productions and more. His experience as a leader of winning teams at the highest competitive levels has honed his insights for entrepreneurs and corporations alike, and he challenges audiences to think several steps ahead, cultivate a growth mindset, and compete only with their own potential.

Head Coach of Super Bowl LVI Winning Los Angeles Rams SEAN MCVAY has been making history with his collaborative leadership style and unparalleled offensive strategy, becoming the youngest Head Coach in NFL history to win a playoff game, make multiple Super Bowl appearances, and win. While McVay is certainly an expert in strategy, his impact as a leader is felt in his ability to set his team up for success through open communication, humility, and compromise – and his insights are sought after by individuals and organizations seeking to improve their teamwork and achieve success.


MASAI UJIRI | Vice-Chairman and President, Toronto Raptors; Led the Raptors to the NBA Championship

"The Raptors didn’t just win an NBA title, they delivered lessons in business management that can be applied across industries. They showed us that an also-ran could become a going concern in just a few years with the right combination of vision and managerial mettle. The most important management team member responsible for bringing glory to the franchise was team president Masai Ujiri...Ujiri managed to pull off a corporate turnaround of epic proportions."

- Marshall Egelnick, a retired partner from KRP LLP


ALEX RODRIGUEZ | Chairman and CEO, A-Rod Corp; Venture Capitalist and Founder, VCP Ventures; Iconic Athlete, Three-Time MVP, and World Series Champion

"Powerful, poignant, persuasive – a truly passionate performance...To say impressed is an understatement...The surprise and delight of your talk had everyone on the edge of their seats. The question and answer session in particular where many of your themes and advice organically came forth proved to be invaluable."



Throughout his career, NFL Quarterback for the LA Rams and winner of Super Bowl LVI MATTHEW STAFFORD has sought to elevate those around him – modeling a style of leadership based on personal accountability, strategic growth, and creative problem-solving. Stafford shares practical takeaways about teamwork, leadership, and finding your own path to success, making an impact on individuals and organizations seeking to play at the top of their game.

Legendary offensive lineman ANDREW WHITWORTH started 235 games in the NFL, and his final game resulted in a win at Super Bowl LVI. Whitworth’s record-breaking career has been defined by perseverance, and he is highly regarded by fellow players and the league for his mental and physical strength. In this exciting talk, he shares practical strategies for cultivating resilience to face obstacles and make it to your biggest goals.


At 28 years old, THEO EPSTEIN became the youngest General Manager in baseball history, and is credited with crafting and executing the turnaround strategy of two legendary teams with transformational leadership. He led both the Boston Red Sox to their first championship in 86 years and the Chicago Cubs to three historic World Series Championships after a 108 year drought. His lessons on purpose-driven leadership, teamwork, and transformation help managers and leaders catapult their own teams to success. 

Two-time WNBA Champion and business mogul RENEE MONTGOMERY made her own way, from becoming an owner of two pro sports teams to becoming a General Partner at Valor Ventures. Known for her TED Talk How to Turn Moments into Momentum, she shares her journey to becoming a leader, on and off the court. While some people think you are born a leader, Montgomery believes great leaders can be made, and offers personal insights and practical takeaways about leadership in business and in life.


ALLYSON FELIX | Entrepreneur and Founder, Saysh; One of Bloomberg's "50 People and Ideas that Defined Global Business" (2021); Holder of 13 Global Titles, 10 U.S. Championships, 11 Olympic Medals, and a World Record

"The event with Allyson Felix was a great success! She presented such a genuine, focused, inspirational story that displayed her journey of ups and downs; her great lessons and appreciation of what teamwork can bring. A true champion."

-ATG Global Entertainment 


SCOTTIE PIPPEN | Six-Time NBA Champion and Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist; Named One of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players of All-Time

"Scottie Pippen was truly a pleasure to work with...Scottie was authentic, charismatic and humble. His words on what it takes to be a great teammate should be framed and posted in every locker room in America."

-IMG Academy


Andre Iguodala and Grant Williams are both finalists for the prestigious 2021-22 Twyman-Stokes Teammate Of The Year Award, based on selfless play, on- and off-court leadership as a mentor and role model to other NBA players, and commitment and dedication to team.

NBA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Entrepreneur and Tech Investor ANDRE IGUODALA is known off the court for his savvy business instincts and has been at the forefront of navigating the worlds of venture capital and technology. He was profiled in The New York Times for his business and tech investment success. Iguodala shares his insights on leadership, how to overcome obstacles to pursue your passions, the lessons he has learned from his storied career, and more. 

Trailblazing NBA Player GRANT WILLIAMS is a leader on and off the court, as two-time back-to-back SEC Player of the Year and Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association. One to watch in the world of basketball and a powerhouse personality in front of an audience, Williams shares the strategy-based thinking he uses to dominate any problem – applicable on the court, in business, and in life – with planning, humor, and the mindset of a winner.


Two-time Olympian and Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer BECKY HAMMON is no stranger to making history, becoming the first woman to coach full-time in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs. Now the Head Coach of the WNBA's Las Vegas Aces and one of the most influential women in the sport of basketball, Hammon shares powerful takeaways about what it takes to be a game-changing leader, inspiring audiences to relentlessly pursue their dreams.

Two-time Big 12 Coach of the Year SCOTT DREW shares candid insights about overcoming failure and strategizing for institutional success based on his expertise as Baylor Head Coach, rebuilding the basketball team to win the NCAA Championship. Drew emphasizes identifying your team or organization’s growth areas, staying flexible while solving problems, and emphasizing your strengths to develop a winning mindset and persevere through any challenge.


BRANDON MARSHALL | Founder & CEO, House of Athlete; Host, 'I AM Athlete' Podcast; 13 Year NFL Veteran

"Thank You! Thank You! Brandon did an amazing job and left a lasting impact on our attendees."

- Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Business and Community Solutions


MARIA SHARAPOVA | Founder and CEO, Sugarpova; Investor and Brand Builder; International Tennis Icon

"Maria was spellbinding for our audience! The feedback is phenomenal! Please be sure to pass on our personal thanks and on behalf of the whole Infosys organization."



The winningest coach in Oklahoma history, when BOB STOOPS took over as football coach in 1999, the Oklahoma Sooners were in disarray with back-to-back losing seasons. But in just two years' time, Stoops achieved the seemingly impossible: winning a national championship and returning the struggling Sooners to their powerhouse status, churning out NFL talent, Heisman Trophy winners and conference championships, bowl wins and national title runs on a regular basis. He speaks to audiences about what makes a winning team, and using resilience as a tool every day to achieve your goals.

Head Coach of University of Texas at Austin Men's Basketball, CHRIS BEARD has one of the most unconventional paths to stardom in the history of coaching. From living out of his car at the start of his coaching career to having the Texas Tech Red Raiders 12 seconds away from winning the 2019 National Championship four years later, Beard has beaten the odds at every turn to become one of the elite coaches in the profession. His remarks are a masterclass in building a career from the ground up, establishing organizational culture, perseverance, and developing the work ethic and habits that lead to unprecedented success.


KATIE SOWERS | First Openly LGBTQ+ Coach in the NFL and at the Super Bowl; Defensive Coordinator, Director of Operations, & Director of Athletic Strategic Initiatives, Ottawa University

"Thanks for your support in helping bring Katie to T-Mobile! She did a fantastic job and we have gotten great feedback from our employees."



GENO AURIEMMA | Legendary Head Coach, University of Connecticut Women's Basketball; Head Coach, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medal Team; Entrepreneur and Restaurateur

"You reshaped the sport and the way the world looks at a female basketball player. She is no longer a charming pioneer, she has been transformed into a hero."

- Nike


Head Coach of the USC Trojans Women's Basketball Team, LINDSAY GOTTLIEB's acumen, passion, and authenticity are widely recognized across the sports world and have not only greatly contributed to her success, but to her reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. In her talks, Coach Gottlieb draws upon her inspiring journey on the court to discuss a number of topics including resilience, breaking barriers, leadership, creativity, strategy, overcoming obstacles, inspiration, and motivation.

Two-Time All-Star NHL Defenseman and Gold Medalist, P.K. SUBBAN is a dynamic athlete whose impact extends far beyond the sport. Beyond the rink, Subban continues to enhance his roster of projects, founding his media company PeeK Productions and teaming up with NBC Sports to produce P.K. Subban’s All-Star Special and an original docuseries, The P.K. Project. Subban is a powerful voice in conversations about equity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, and how to make a difference in work and life.