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Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Former Leader of the Conservative Party, Foreign Secretary, and Mayor of London

Former Prime Minister of Finland

Former U.S. SecDef; Bestselling Author of A Sacred Oath; Commissioner, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review

Creator and Co-Host of MSNBC's Morning Joe; Former U.S. Congressman; New York Times Bestselling Author

Ukrainian Journalist; Former Press Secretary and Spokesperson for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Peabody and Emmy Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist and Chief Correspondent for PBS NewsHour

Internationally Recognized Expert on World Economy & Finance

Secretary-General of the UN (2007-2016); President & Chair of Global Green Growth Institute; Founder of Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Executive Producer and Host of CNN's This is Life and HBO's Take Out

Former United States Ambassador to Russia (2019-2022); Former United States Deputy Secretary of State (2017-2019); Recipient of the Secretary of Defense’s Medal for Exceptional Public Service

Statesman of AI, AI Professor at HKUST, and Pioneer in AI Ethics and Policy

Former U.S. Ambassador to China, Longest-Serving Governor in U.S. History, and President of The World Food Prize Foundation

Former President of World Bank Group, Co-Founder of Partners in Health, and Activist Physician

Award-Winning Investigative Journalist, Producer, and Documentarian


MIKA BRZEZINSKI | Celebrated Commentator and Co-Host of Morning Joe; Founder of Know Your Value; NYT Bestselling Author

SCOTT GALLOWAY | New York Times Bestselling Author; Professor on Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business; Award-Winning Podcast Co-Host; Elected to the World Economic Forum's "Global Leaders of Tomorrow”

KIM GHATTAS | Award-Winning Journalist; NYT Bestselling Author; Strategic Advisor on Geopolitics; Leading Middle East Expert

KARL ROVE | Foremost Conservative Commentator and Strategist; Contributor to FOX News and WSJ Columnist; NYT Bestselling Author

MOHSIN HAMID | Award-Winning and Internationally Bestselling Author of Exit West & The Reluctant Fundamentalist

JOANNE LIPMAN | No. 1 Bestselling Author of That's What She Said and Next!; CNBC Contributor; Renowned Journalist