PENNY PRITZKERU.S. Secretary of Commerce (2013-2017); Founder and Chairman, PSP Capital Partners and Pritzker Realty Group; Co-Chair, Cyber Readiness Institute, Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force on the Future of Work 

"Sec. Pritzker was a hit... members were very impressed with her experience and knowledge. We would be delighted to work with her again in the future."

- Premier business development service 

An entrepreneur and civic leader, Penny Pritzker is at the forefront of the conversation on how tech is fundamentally changing the way we work, and how businesses and workers can best adapt. A longtime advocate of addressing the skills gap, at the helm of the Secretary of Commerce Pritzker was celebrated as an early adopter of innovative tech, and developed the agency's first comprehensive digital and data agenda. Pritzker currently serves on the board of Microsoft and Measure, the world's leading drone service company, and co-chairs CFR's Task Force on the future of work. 
As the co-chair of the Council of Foreign Relation's task force on the future of work, Pritzker oversaw a groundbreaking report “The Work Ahead: Machines, Skills, and U.S. Leadership in the 21st Century.” Diving into the impacts of phenomenon like automation, artificial intelligence, and globalization, the report focuses on how to rebuild the links among work, opportunity, and economic security in the face of accelerating change. Pritzker has been in-demand to decode the implications of the task force’s findings, making headlines for informative interviews in both  Wired and Marketplace on "How to Make Technology Work For You, Not Against You." 

Sought-out to speak at Boston College's Clough Colloquium, addressing an audience of 600 students, alumni and faculty. 

Recently sought-out for the Chicago Forum on Global Cities as well as a conversation at the University of Michigan, Pritzker shed light on the U.S.' economic future and how the gig economy and technology are demanding the way we train for the jobs of tomorrow. 
DAVID ROWANEditor-at-Large and Founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK; Renowned Tech Journalist, The Sunday Times

"David was incredible and we’ve had some great feedback already from our analysts and leadership team that were there. We were engaged, inspired and enjoyed every minute of his keynote."

- Accenture

"He enthralled the audience… He is great to work with, has a fantastic presentation and was an asset to the panel session. The feedback from clients and Mercer folk has been excellent."

A prolific writer and speaker, David Rowan deconstructs tech trends in real time—illuminating how the Internet of Things, 3D printing, big data, artificial intelligence, and more are changing businesses and consumers. A leading voice on how these tech trends are changing the workforce and way we work, Rowan is currently writing a book on how corporations can innovate, and compete in changing times. Rowan frequently delivers fully customized keynotes that reveal the future of any industry, how companies can transform their values, and how to survive and prosper in a tech future. 
An in-demand speaker, Rowan is criss-crossing the globe to deliver a series of cutting-edge keynotes for thousands of audience-members, including "Harnessing the Digital Economy: Stories From the Frontlines" at APEC Business Advisory Council's Digital Innovation Forum, the future of business at SugarCon 2018, and on "The New Rules of Business" at the 2019 Leading Real Estate Annual Conference. 

Recently delivered a keynote on "Don't fall for fake innovation! Building industries that matter" at Impact CEE, one of the most important events on the future of the digital economy, and on the latest digital advancements disrupting healthcare at FutureLink, earning tweets of praise such as: "The wonderful @iRowan on stage educating us on how to create and innovate while making real impact. Thank you for the teaching"

Rowan's new book "The Disruptors: A Wired Editor’s Quest for Non-Bullshit Innovationwill detail his global quest to identify "leaders who have managed to recalibrate their businesses in radical ways to grow and succeed in the digital age". It's set for release in May 2019. 
PHIL LIBINCo-Founder & CEO, All Turtles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Studio; Co-Founder, Evernote, Global Productivity Tool; Digital Entrepreneur & Venture Capital Investor

"We are very much satisfied with the work and the speeches of Phil Libin. He fulfilled our expectations fully and behaved very professionally throughout the whole conference. Especially the fireside chat was very inspiring for the audience."

- Swiss Economic Forum

The co-founder and former CEO of the global productivity tool Evernote, which created an epic transformation in workflow and has redefined the way individuals and teams work today, Phil Libin is a sought-after business leader on tech and innovation. He offers audiences an engaging look and insiders perspective on new digital technologies and how they are shaping the future of work, what the impact will be, and how to take advantage of automation and digital tools to send performance and productivity through the roof. At the helm of All Turtles, an AI startup studio, Libin works to find and foster the next wave of AI businesses and products.
Sought-out to deliver a keynote for 2,500 corporate representatives and business insiders from around the world at the Digital Innovation Forum, delivering a keynote on The Challenges and Opportunities of a Fully Digitalized World, and participating in a panel entitled Meet Robot- A Worker of the Future. 

Recently spoke at Startup Grind, shedding light on how to build a 100-year startup. 

The subject of a recent informative San Francisco Business Times profile, "How this former VC and Evernote CEO is shaking up the Bay Area's 'stupid' approach to building startups," that looks at how Libin is changing the game with All Turtles. 

Libin's groundbreaking approach to creating products for the future and how to liberate entrepreneur's creative energy was the subject of a recentForbes piece.

Recently sought-out for an interview on CNBC to shed light on how younger generations interact with social media. 
APRIL RINNEGlobal Authority on the New Economy, Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Work; Head of the Sharing Economy Working Group, World Economic Forum; Sharing Economy Advisory Board Member, China's National Sharing Economy Commission; Advisor for Airbnb, Jobbatical and Trov; Contributor, Quartz at Work
"April is a gifted speaker with in-depth knowledge of her field of expertise. Her talk at our conference was a highlight which has inspired an entire industry to understand that business can be done differently!...The insights and ideas she shared with us at our congress were an eyeopener for our entire industry... With her inspirational, profound, and – at the same time – entertaining talk at our congress, she put an entire industry under her spell!"

-RIAD International Association of Legal Protection
"How do we make sense of a world of intense and accelerating change? April Rinne is a brilliant thought leader operating at the nexus of technological change, new economy, and social impact. She is able to unpack the confusing signals and share perceptive insights that allow us to make practical strategy."

-Social Innovation Generation

"It went very well. Timely topic, and April was really wonderful to have."

-TD Ameritrade

Advisor of choice for a range of private and public sector organizations, from Airbnb to the World Economic Forum and  governments worldwide, Aprile Rinne helps audiences see the innovative shifts underway in businesses and startups worldwide.Tailoring her remarks to each audience, Rinne dives into how shifts in labor, business models, and technology will impact businesses across industries and prepares individuals to thrive in an uncertain future. Rinne is at the 50 yard line of the most workforce and industry innovations, and keeps her audiences ahead of the curve.
An in-demand speaker thanks to her actionable insights and engaging style, Rinne is set to deliver a keynote on The Sharing Economy Mindset for 800 C-Level executives at The Vertex, and on Surviving and Thriving in the Sharing Economy for hundreds of CEO's at Catalyst Corporate Future Forums.

Sought-out to deliver two keynotes at back-to-back events, first at Dentons’ Courageous Counsel Leadership Institute and then TD Ameritrade’s National LINC Conference, Rinne shed light on how to cultivate innovation, exposing audience members to emerging trends and new platforms. Rinne's presentations earned tweets of praise such as: "Whatever you call it, the new economy is here and @aprilrinne guides us through it #NationalLINC " and "@aprilrinne presented the new economy well at TD Ameritrade Conference today"

Rinne was named contributor for Quartz at Work, illuminating everything from trends in the future of work to growing pains in the gig economy
ERICA KESWINAuthor, Bring Your Human to Work (Fall 2018); Workplace Strategist & Executive Coach Specializing in the Business of Relationships
"The workplace is changing with new faces, new technology, and new expectations. Few are better positioned to speak, write, and consult on the convergence of these forces than Erica Keswin. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor who can help you understand where things are and where they’re going in the new world of work, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Erica."

- Bloomberg LP
"Erica's presentation on the impact of technology on relationships at our YPO Women’s Conference was exceptionally well received as the women learned how to navigate in today’s world both professionally and personally in a more thoughtful and connected way. She will enlighten any group!"

-YPO Women’s Conference Leaning In

A workplace strategist who has worked with some of the most iconic organizations in the world from the NFL to NASA, Erica Keswin highlights how companies can find the sweet spot between tech and connect, and create meaningful, smart work environments in today's digital deluge. Her forthcoming book, Bring Your Human to Work: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That is Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World, is already generating hype and serves as a powerful guide to a workplace revolution that honors relationships and puts people first
A dynamite speaker, Keswin just delivered a keynote at WorkHuman 2018, in which she revealed her tried-and-true, human roadmap for a more meaningful, connected, inclusive, and productive workplace culture.  

regular contributor to Forbes, Keswin recently penned a powerful, widely-shared op-ed entitled "Because Life Happens When We're All At Work" outlining effective strategies for getting the most out of employees. 

Keswin was recently interviewed live from SXSW by New York Times COO Meredith Kopit Levien. 

Keswin's forthcoming book, Bring Your Human to Work is already generating rave reviews such as: "If you want to build a thriving workforce, this book is for you" (Arianna Huffington) and "This is an important moment. We are all trying to figure out how to create a workplace that’s inclusive, meaningful, and inspires the kind of creativity that leads to innovation. Erica Keswin’s heart-felt, accessible, well-researched book, Bring Your Human to Work is what we’ve all been waiting for" (Katie Couric).
Organizations know that if they aren't thinking about how automation, AI, and other tech will disrupt their industry, they can be prepared to be left behind. We are in the midst of a fundamental shift, and these HWA Speakers are in the thick of the action, keenly attuned to how innovators are staying ahead of the curve.