TIM BERNERS-LEE: Inventor of the World Wide Web; President, Open Data Institute; Director, MIT's W3 Consortium 
"The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive.. A number commented to me that it was the best EY event they had ever attended. That is a testament to your genius and interactive style."
-Ernst & Young

"We have had marvellous feedback on our event. Sir Tim was an engaging and inspirational speaker and appeared to be happy to chat with guests before and after the event..."

"Sir Tim was incredible and really well received both during the CIO roundtable and the keynote ... he totally wowed the crowd. Our keynote theatre was far too small and we ended up streaming his session live to the 21 other theatres on the show floor ... his participation gave us a huge amount of coverage. My only challenge following the keynote is the volume of internal and external questions saying how the heck was I going to follow up from that!"

- Imago Techmedia
Named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century,” Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the most powerful communication medium in the world — the World Wide Web. Sir Tim’s genius is in decoding the unimagined future and the impact for businesses and the world at large. Having recently announced his plan to launch Inrupt, a groundbreaking startup that will harness the power of Solid-- Berner-Lee's new, powerful, open-source platform built to decentralize the web-- Berners-Lee has been making headlines in virtually every major outlet, including: The EconomistFast CompanyVanity FairBBCForbesBusiness InsiderMashableCBS News, and more. Berners-Lee recently outlined his mission in a powerful Medium op-ed, and unveiled his new "Contract for the Web" urging governments, Internet companies and users to commit to a set of principles. Berners-Lee is in-demand to address thousands of audience-members at premier events in the coming months, including: Akamai's first ever Edge EMEA ForumGOTO CopenhagenNXTWORK EMEA, EmTech China 2019, and more. Recently sought-out to address 600 CEOs and CFOs at the Tigo Business Forum, Berners-Lee garnered tweets of praise such as: "Fascinating panoramic view of the #WorldwideWeb offered by its inventor Sir @timberners_lee at Tigo Business Forum #TBF18 in Guatemala."  
JIMMY WALES: Founder, Wikipedia, World's 5th Most Visited Website; Founder, Wikitribune, groundbreaking news platform

"Jimmy's speech was great and we also received very good feedback from the sponsors doing private events with him..."

-World Business Forum

"It was great. After we opened up the invitation, we filled the auditorium and had an overflow room. C-SPAN broadcast live. He was engaging and interesting..!"

-CATO Institute

"Jimmy was really great. Of course he is smart, thoughtful and visionary, all which worked well on our campus. But his presentation was well constructed, interactive and engaging. He definitely connected with our students. Would recommend him for any college audience. Really nice job."

-Stanford University
One of the most sought-after visionaries in business and technology, JIMMY WALES has been in-demand to illuminate the future of tech, helping companies both anticipate disruption and become disruptors, at events as varied as The World Business Forum and Geekpark's 2018 Innovation Festival. Audiences consistently praise Wales’ optimism for the future and masterful ability to break down issues ranging from Artificial Intelligence and automation to trends in new media and the digital economy, with passion, clarity and substance. In the coming months, Wales is set to address some 2,000 business leaders at the prestigious World Business Forum Mexico and World Business Forum Milan, another 2,000 attendees at the Ringling College Town Hall Lecture Series. Recently, Wales was sought-out for a fascinating, in-depth interview in the first-ever episode of Vanity Fair and Facebook Grow's new podcast The Making Of..., and shed light on "What's Next in Tech?" at the headline-making Digital Innovation Forum (where Wales was also sought-out for an interview).
JOSEPH LUBIN: Founder and CEO, ConsenSys, blockchain venture studio; Co-Founder, Ethereum, blockchain computing platform; CoinDesk's Most Influential in Blockchain

"In a jam-packed SXSW keynote titled, “Ethereum Will Change The World,” which earned a line across the entire fourth floor of the Austin convention center and down two flights of stairs, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin balanced his exuberant predictions of the future with calm calls for more robust regulation..."

-The Verge

Featured in Forbes' first-ever list of cryptocurrency's most powerful and influential people, and known as the "Prophet of Boom," as the Founder & CEO of ConsenSys JOSEPH LUBIN is at the helm of one of the largest and fastest growing blockchain companies in the world, with over 1,000 employees across 28 countries. He is also the Co-Founder of Ethereum, a groundbreaking blockchain computing platform, and the second-largest public blockchain by value. Recently announced as a headliner for SXSW, making headlines in Forbes, Lubin will serve as the first-ever SXSW Keynote speaker in its new-to-2019 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency track. As SXSW's Chief Programming Officer said: "Lubin is one of the foremost visionaries shaping the rapidly-developing blockchain industry, and as such we’re excited to have him..."  Recently sought-out for the Sibos conference, Lubin revealed his plans for a new generation of more trustworthy internet.  
DAVID ROWAN: Editor-at-Large and Founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK; Renowned Tech Journalist, The Sunday Times

"David was incredible and we’ve had some great feedback already from our analysts and leadership team that were there. We were engaged, inspired and enjoyed every minute of his keynote."


"We had nothing but praise for his forward thinking piece, it was both informative and entertaining. I didn’t see a single attendee checking their smartphone during David’s talk, which is a testament to his skill as a speaker. I will definitely recommend him to our other offices around the world."

-Terrapinn Limited
A prolific writer and speaker, DAVID ROWAN deconstructs tech trends in real time—how the Internet of Things, 3D printing, big data, artificial intelligence, and more are changing businesses and consumers. Rowan frequently delivers fully customized keynotes that reveal the future of your industry, how companies can transform their values, and how to survive and prosper in a tech future. His new book "The Disruptors: A Wired Editor’s Quest for Non-Bullshit Innovationwill detail his global quest to identify "visionary leaders who have managed to recalibrate their businesses in radical ways to grow and succeed in the digital age" - and shows where he discovered "genuinely exciting innovation ... in places you might not expect". Rowan's keynotes deliver the same kinds of surprising and useful takeaways.  Having recently delivered a slam dunk keynote entitled "Don't fall for fake innovation! Building industries that matter" at Impact CEE-- one of the most important events on the future of the digital economy-- in the coming months Rowan will shed light on "The New Rules of Business" at the 2019 Leading Real Estate Annual Conference. 
STEVEN KOTLER: New York Times Bestselling Author of Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Abundance & Bold; International Pioneer in Peak Performance & Innovation; Cofounder & Director of Research for Flow Genome Project

"Wanted to share some of the great feedback we received on Steven’s keynote at the Global CISO Executive Summit! 'Great delivery of Information'; 'Fantastic - inspiring'; 'AWESOME'; 'Great and powerful concept, interested in learning more.'"


"Steven Kotler's presentation was cutting-edge and utterly engaging. He introduced our audience to a unique set of concepts and perspectives that left participants deeply informed, richly inspired, and with a renewed sense of purpose. I recommend him highly."

- The Superhero You Conference

Bestselling author STEVEN KOTLER is fascinated by the concept of peak performance. As co-founder and director of research of the Flow Genome Project, he works to help people and organizations maximize their potential, their work output, and their success. “I’m interested in extreme innovation,” he told the audience of 8,000 business executives at the Nordic Business Forum 2018, “and what it takes to do the impossible,” because, “impossible has a formula.” Delivering a keynote entitled "Climbing Mount Bold: How Organizations Can Level Up Their Game Like Never Before," Kotler shed light on how we have entered an era of unprecedented and exponential growth and what organizations can do to thrive. Taking audiences behind the scenes of his thirty years on the cutting edge of performance, Kotler provided a playbook for making the impossible not just possible, but trainable.Recently sought-out for his insights into how the coming era of technological innovation will also spark exponential creativity in a fascinating article in Forbes, Kotler also engaged in in-depth interviews at the business forum. Kotler kept audience members tweeting actionable insights and praise such as: "I felt really inspired by @steven_kotler ’s tips of climbing a mountain of exponetial growth!"; "Thanks @steven_kotler for your good energy at the #NBForum2018 stage."; "Loved @steven_kotler speech about #flow @NBForumHQ."
ABIGAIL POSNER: Head of Strategy, Google's Brand Unit

"[I]t was an incredible pleasure to have [Abigail] here. People really loved her presentation and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Abigail pointed out what a great and positive person she was… It's been an honor hosting her."

-Oslo Business Forum

"Abby hit it out of the park! She is one of the best presenters I have seen and can bring a room to life very quickly. Our audience of clients and colleagues were engaged throughout."

-Worldwide CEO
A pioneering innovator in marketing and communications, ABIGAIL POSNER'S quest is to spark novel thinking and lead people to take action. At Google, she helps advertisers and marketers make sense of human beings’ deep, emotional relationship to the digital space and convert those insights into strategic and creative efforts. Her keynotes decode the latest digital advances and help audiences unlock the secrets to greater creativity, productivity and growth. Set to deliver a keynote for 1,800 at the University of Colorado- Boulder, and deliver insights on Cracking Creativity as a keynote at The Financial Brand's Forum, Posner is in-demand to shed light on the latest advances at the intersection of customer engagement, marketing, and tech. She recently made headlines in Forbes for revealing the future of virtual reality storytelling and how to convert human insights into effective creative efforts.
PHIL LIBIN: Co-Founder & CEO, All Turtles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Studio; Co-Founder, Evernote, Global Productivity Tool

"We are very much satisfied with the work and the speeches of Phil Libin. He fulfilled our expectations fully and behaved very professionally throughout the whole conference. Especially the fireside chat was very inspiring for the audience."

- Swiss Economic Forum

The co-founder and former CEO of the global productivity tool Evernote, which created an epic transformation in workflow and has redefined the way individuals and teams work today, PHIL LIBIN is a sought-after business leader on tech and innovation. Recently profiled in The Boston Globe in an article entitled, "This former venture capitalist is reinventing the way a company works," Libin offers audiences an engaging look and insiders' perspective on new digital technologies and how they are shaping the future of work, what the impact will be, and how to take advantage of automation and digital tools to send performance and productivity through the roof. At the helm of All Turtles, an AI startup studio that instantly made headlines in TechCrunchBusiness InsiderThe Financial TimesThe Silicon Valley Business Journal, and more, Libin is at the forefront of the work to find and foster the next wave of AI businesses and products, offering his audiences a unparalleled look at what innovations lie around the corner. Sharp, engaging and substantitve, Libin was sought-out to address an audience of 2,500 on The Challenges and Opportunities of a Fully Digitalized World, and participating in a panel entitled Meet Robot- A Worker of the Future. 
With companies and organizations across industries looking to understand how to best prepare for, integrate, and master new technological advances, these HWA Speakers illuminate a path ahead.