Fresh Voices & Inspiring Perspectives

  • Expert on Outstanding Leadership & Management Practices

"Marcus' energy and enthusiasm was truly contagious! His presentation was very entertaining, and he provided insight surrounding the areas of employee motivation and leadership."

-Golden Corral

  • Vice-Chairman and President, Toronto Raptors

"The Raptors didn’t just win an NBA title, they delivered lessons in business management that can be applied across industries...The most important management team member responsible for bringing glory to the franchise was team president Masai Ujiri…Ujiri managed to pull off a corporate turnaround of epic proportions."

-Marshall Egelnick, a retired partner from KRP

  • Lead Scientist, COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Development

"Dr. Corbett was absolutely amazing!"

-eBay Inc.

  • Renowned Film and Television Actor, Producer, & Director, Podcast Host, Philanthropist, and Bestselling Author

"Everyone was THRILLED! Of course I couldn’t sleep thinking of how much everyone liked the event -- Rob was warm, funny, gracious and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for making this so memorable."

-Memorial Sloan Kettering

  • 13 Year NFL Veteran
  • Mental Health Advocate

"Brandon was the best speaker we have ever had! He connected to the audience immediately. They loved him and we loved him. Easy to work with and I must have him back!"

-Mental Health Association of Central Florida

  • First Black Civilian Astronaut on Inspiration4

"We were all blown away by our first experience with Dr. Proctor. Impressed but not surprised, however. I could tell right away that she is a remarkable individual."

-University of Arizona, Center of Philosophy & Freedom

  • Political Strategist and Former CNN Political Commentator

"Symone's speech was AWESOME! Given our political climate, I think our students really needed to hear what she had to say. She was educational, funny, timely, and inspiring."

-Metropolitan State University

  • Author, Activist, and Founder of Together Rising

"I chose Glennon to keynote because she is different from all the other corporate speakers. From the moment she stepped on stage you could feel the energy in the audience. She caused people to think and look at the world a little differently, which is exactly what we were striving for. She did a fantastic job for us."

-Microsoft Corporation

  • Actor, Producer, TV Personality, and Host

As an accomplished actor and producer, TIKA SUMPTER has established herself as one of Hollywood’s rising stars. Sumpter, along with Thai Randolph, is also the co-founder of Sugaberry, a lifestyle brand created by, for, and about moms of color. Their podcast, The Sugarecently won a Gracie Award for co-host/ensemble podcast.

  • Dogsledder and Adventurer

"Braverman kept a packed room fully enthralled. At turns funny and profound, she left listeners feeling as if they’d made a new friend, one eminently qualified to help them navigate the complexities of modern life."

-Bayfield Chamber of Commerce