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Wall Street Trader-Turned-Expert Educator, Author, and Founder & CEO of Your Rich BFF

Peloton Fitness Instructor, Content Creator & Mental Health Advocate

World's Most Famous Barber with 18M Followers, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Vic Blends Academy

Content Creator w/17M Followers & Philanthropist Known for "Random Acts of Kindness"

NYT Featured Social Media Influencer, "The Gen-Z Historian," and Advocate for Racial Justice

Viral Content Creator on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube


Award-Winning Entertainer, Actress, Producer, and Writer, NYT Bestselling Author, and Gender Equality Advocate

Acclaimed Comedian, Actress, Author, and One of TIME's 100 Next Gen Leaders

Science Communicator & 'Medical Mythbuster' - Over 760K Followers

Interior Designer, Former Goldman Sachs Executive, and Mental Health Advocate

Viral Digital Content Creator, Member of Buzzfeed's The Try Guys, and NYT Bestselling Co-Author of The Hidden Power of F*cking Up

Digital Creator and TikTok's Big Sister, SiriusXM Podcast Host, and Advice Expert

Actor, Media Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of Watcher Entertainment

Digital Media Expert and Founder of 'Trapital' - the business of hip-hop

Masai Ujiri

Award-Winning Digital Media Entrepreneur, Creator and Host of BuzzFeed’s Biggest Food Show Worth It

Award-Winning Violinist, Composer, Dancer, and Viral Content Creator

Masai Ujiri

Linguist, Critically-Acclaimed Author of Cultish, and Award-Winning Podcaster

Chef, Author, and Entrepreneur; Viral Food & Lifestyle Content Creator