These HWA speakers help audiences cultivate communities, increase a sense of belonging, and find joy, no matter what the circumstances.

"The event was a week ago and our teams are still talking about it. Her engagement was the highest-rated of any."

-Tom Chesnick, Head of Industry at Google

"I just wanted to say, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! She was phenomenal!!! I received several comments including this one that said, “LATOSHA BROWN FOR PRESIDENT”. She came onto the stage singing with that powerful voice of hers and it set the tone for one of the most powerful messages that we have heard in a long time. The president of Rowan University enjoyed her message."

-Rowan University

"The motivational speaker and author didn’t receive a formal education. And didn’t have a network or connections when she was starting out. But the secret to her success? Pure hustle."


"Radha is a force of nature. Her talks are energetic, inspiring, generative and I can’t wait to hear her speak again at our next CEO Summit!"

-John Mackey, Co-Founder of Whole Foods Market

"Shaping minds and changing people’s futures… that’s what empowering educators, like Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin, are doing every day."

-Million Stories

"Having Catherine speak at DreamBank Dream Summit 2021 has been a vision of mine and my team's for a while. She showed up and delivered, exceeding all expectations we had. My notebook is full of tips and tricks. I know I am not the only one that her words resonated with. Our community has been reaching out and sharing their thanks too."

-American Family Insurance DreamBank

"Gretchen Rubin has built a career studying what makes people happy — and, in her research, has learned that many times, the path to a happier life is all about forming good habits."

-Yahoo! Life

"Enuma gave an amazing talk, very inspiring and kept the audience engaged to the end. We were happy with everything and are sure to engage Enuma again. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks."

-Angel House

"Marra Gad was an invaluable resource and asset to my Panhellenic Association Recruitment training at the University of Maryland. ...she perfectly delivered a perspective that inspired my community to want to be better in our efforts of combating racism and other forms of exclusion that have existed in Greek Life for over a century. Marra engaged beautifully on what it means to belong and how to accept the honest truth when sometimes that is hard, especially for young adults."

-Maryland Panhellenic Association

"He was outstanding - highest-rated speaker of the day, and brought a ton of energy to the room. Kudos to him!"

-Leading NYC tech venture capital firm

"Mark Nepo is an exceptional poet and inspiring speaker. My fingers were literally sore from writing down “nuggets!" What struck me was the framework in which we generated ideas. It worked for me and the other participants and I am looking forward to sharing it with my students."

-Wake Up Festival

"She was a pleasure to work with, and her presentation was nothing short of inspiring. Her message of hope and perseverance came at just the right time for our healthcare team, who has been through so much during the pandemic. Thank you Deshauna for sharing your beautiful authentic self, challenges, triumphs, and affirmations with us. We are truly touched and inspired by your words! We are grateful for the generosity of your time and wisdom."

-Northwell Health

"Amanda Kloots is an infectious and inspirational trainer that’s making waves amongst the dance cardio culture with contagious fitness classes that make you jump, skip, and smile."


"Nataly’s background and experience on what really drives a happier existence at work & home was very well received. She brings a lot of credibility to the topic as she is very honest about her own experiences. It was refreshing to hear. I can’t recommend enough adding an element of Happier to a company event."


"Aminatou Sow is many things to many people. She's a cultural critic and entrepreneur; a self-made boss, and an Instagram generation inspiration. ...the conversation itself was as platitude-free and transparent as Sow is known to be."


"This is the book so many of us need right now: a fierce-but-tender guide to conquering our self-doubt so that we can breathe, be kind to ourselves, and enjoy the one life we’re given. You’re going to want Tara Schuster to become your new best friend."

-Glennon Doyle, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Untamed and Love Warrior