As you plan ahead for spring commencement ceremonies and alumni events, HWA offers inspiring speakers who can mark special occasions with compelling and celebratory remarks.

Vice-Chairman and President of the Toronto Raptors; Co-Founder of the Giants of Africa Foundation; Advocate

FIFA Women's World Cup Champion; Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist; NYT Bestselling Author of Wolfpack and Forward: A Memoir

Lead Scientist in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Development, TIME Hero of the Year, and Advocate for Diversity in STEM

Iconic Visionary of the Women's Movement

Three-Time Emmy Award-Winning Sportscaster & Journalist; Famed Host of The NFL Today and Special Correspondent for CBS News; Ordained Minister and Advocate for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Renowned Cultural Critic; Sociologist; NYT Opinion Columnist; Award-Winning Author of Thick and Lower Ed; MacArthur Fellow

Legendary NFL Player; ESPN Sports Analyst; Four-Time NYT Bestselling Author; Philanthropist

Most Decorated U.S. Track & Field Olympic Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Saysh

International Jazz Icon; Managing and Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center; Leading Advocate of American Culture

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Producer, and Author

Emmy Award-Winning Writer, Actor, and NYT Bestselling Author

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Reporter; NYT Bestselling Author, Documentarian; Former U.S. State Dept. Official

Grammy Award-Winning Rapper, Entrepreneur, Activist, and Advocate

Critically Acclaimed and Award-Winning Actor


More Commencement Speakers


MARCUS BUCKINGHAM - NYT Bestselling Author, Researcher, and Founder of the Strengths Revolution - Watch Marcus speak >>

KATIE SOWERS - First Openly LGBTQ+ Coach in the NFL and at the Super Bowl - Watch Katie speak >>

MARRA B. GAD - Award-Winning Author of The Color of Love: A Story of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl; Advocate for Mental Health, Racial Equity, and Adopted Children and Families - Watch Marra speak >>

APRIL RINNE - NYT Bestselling Author, Researcher, and Founder of the Strengths Revolution - Watch April speak >>

KWAME ALEXANDER - NYT Bestselling Author of 35 Books; Founding Editor of VERSIFY; Co-Founder of LEAP for Ghana - Watch Kwame speak >>

URBAN MEYER - Legendary College Football Coach; Former Analyst; NYT Bestselling Author of Above the Line; Philanthropist - Watch Urban speak >>