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NATHAN CHEN | 2022 Olympic Gold Medalist and Three-Time World Figure Skating Champion

ONE JUMP AT A TIME: MY STORY (NOVEMBER 22, 2022) - In this exhilarating memoir, three-time World Champion and Olympic gold-medalist Nathan Chen tells the story of his remarkable journey to success, reflecting on his life as a Chinese American figure skater and the joys and challenges he has experienced—including the tremendous sacrifices he and his family made, and the physical and emotional pain he endured.

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CANDACE NELSON: Culinary Entrepreneur; NYT Bestselling Author; TV Personality; Venture Capitalist

SWEET SUCCESS: A SIMPLE RECIPE TO TURN YOUR PASSION INTO PROFITS (NOVEMBER 8, 2022) - For the first time ever, founder of Sprinkles cupcakes, Candace Nelson, is sharing the recipe for success in her new book, Sweet Success. She will walk you through the steps she took to build a globally beloved brand, so you can do it too. Although she deals in frosting, there’s no sugarcoating here. Candace pushes back the kitchen door to reveal mistakes, misses, and lessons learned the hard way.

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MELISSA VILLASEÑOR | Comedian; Actor; Writer; Saturday Night Live Alumna

WHOOPS...I'M AWESOME: A WORKBOOK WITH ACTIVITIES, ART, AND STORIES FOR EMBRACING YOUR WONDERFULLY AWESOME SELF (OCTOBER 25, 2022) - From comedian Melissa Villaseñor of Saturday Night Live, this self-help workbook filled with her original art, laugh-out-loud stories, and heartfelt reflections will help you embrace the silliness inside of you. Color in- or outside the lines, spend a moment finding your way through a snail-themed maze, make a list of your favorite childhood snacks—be as goofy as you wanna be! Because you're awesome.

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STACY SCHIFF: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author of Cleopatra: A Life; The Witches: Salem, 1682, and More

THE REVOLUTIONARY: SAMUEL ADAMS (OCTOBER 25, 2022) - In The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams, Schiff brings her masterful skills to Samuel Adams’s improbable life, illuminating his transformation from aimless son of a well-off family to tireless, beguiling radical who mobilized the colonies. Arresting, original, and deliriously dramatic, this is a long-overdue chapter in the history of our nation.

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BLAIR BRAVERMAN | Famed Dogsledder, Adventurer, and Author

SMALL GAME: A NOVEL (NOVEMBER 1, 2022) - Four strangers and six weeks: this is all that separates Mara from one life-changing payday. She was surprised when reality TV producers came knocking at Primal Instinct—the survival school where she teaches rich clients not to die during a night outdoors—and even more shocked to be cast in their new show, Civilization.

When the cast wakes one morning to find something has gone horribly wrong, Mara and the others face terrifying decisions as “survival” becomes more than a game. A provocative exploration of the comforts, rituals, and connections we depend upon, Small Game is a gripping page-turner and a poignant story about finding the courage to build a new life from the ground up.

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MAURO PORCINIChief Design Officer of PepsiCo; Podcaster and Host of In Your Shoes with Mauro Porcini; Author of The Human Side of Innovation

THE HUMAN SIDE OF INNOVATION (NOVEMBER 1, 2022) - Putting people first requires what Mauro Porcini calls unicorns: people who are in love with people, who have a genuine fire in them to create meaningful solutions for actual human beings. In this book, he describes them, celebrates them, and details their superpowers so you can find them, hire them, grow them, and retain them.

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KARDEA BROWN | Chef, TV Personality; Host of Food Network's Delicious Miss Brown; Creator of the New Gullah Supper Club - THE WAY HOME (OCTOBER 25, 2022)

CODY KEENAN | White House Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama (2013-2017) and NYT Bestselling Author of Grace - GRACE: PRESIDENT OBAMA AND TEN DAYS IN THE BATTLE FOR AMERICA (OCTOBER 4, 2022)

JULIA BOORSTIN | CNBC Senior Media & Tech Correspondent and Author of When Women Lead - WHEN WOMEN LEAD (OCTOBER 11, 2022)


SCOTT GALLOWAY | NYT Bestselling Author; Professor on Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business; Award-Winning Co-Host of the podcast Pivot with Kara Swisher and Host of The Prof G Show; Elected to the World Economic Forum's "Global Leaders of Tomorrow” - ADRIFT: AMERICA IN 100 CHARTS (SEPTEMBER 27, 2022)

HUMA ABEDIN | Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton; Public Servant; NYT Bestselling Author - BOTH/AND PAPERBACK (OCTOBER 4, 2022)

BOBBY FLAY | Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur; Emmy Award-Winning Host; NYT Bestselling Author; Serial Entrepreneur - SUNDAYS WITH SOPHIE (OCTOBER 11, 2022)

BRANDON KYLE GOODMAN | Actor; Writer; Social Justice Activist Known for Netflix's Big Mouth and Human Resources - YOU GOTTA BE YOU: HOW TO EMBRACE THIS MESSY LIFE AND STEP INTO WHO YOU REALLY ARE (SEPTEMBER 27, 2022)

KWAME ALEXANDER | NYT Bestselling Author of 35 Books; Founding Editor of VERSIFY; Co-Founder of LEAP for Ghana - THE DOOR OF NO RETURN (SEPTEMBER 27, 2022)

JUSTIN BALDONI | Actor, Director, and Producer; Author of Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity; Host of The Man Enough Podcast; Co-Founder of theThe Wayfarer Foundation - BOYS WILL BE HUMAN (OCTOBER 4, 2022)