National Security Advisor (2017-2018)
Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Retired
New York Times Bestselling Author
National Security Advisor (2017-18) Lieutenant General H. R. MCMASTER is a preeminent voice on leadership, global security and international affairs, renowned for his leadership in the Gulf War, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Named one of TIME's "100 Most Influential People in the World" and Fortune's "50 World's Greatest Leaders", McMaster has been at the helm of large and diverse teams, often in the most perilous and challenging of situations. From the battlefield to the White House he has distinguished himself for his bold, effective leadership, and he offers unparalleled insights into everything from how to be strategic in times of crisis, to how to foster loyalty, support and teamwork. Recently named a Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and Hoover Institute, McMaster is working on a highly-anticipated upcoming book. Having recently made headlines for his insights as a keynote at the 19th World Knowledge Forum, McMaster is also set to speak at the prestigious Global Financial Leadership Conference.

"Major General Herbert Raymond McMaster might be the 21st century Army’s pre-eminent warrior-thinker... H.R. is also the rarest of soldiers — one who has repeatedly bucked the system and survived to join its senior ranks."

- Retired Lieutenant General David Barno for TIME


Vice President of the United States (1993-2001)
Founder and Chairman, The Climate Reality Project
Independent Director, Apple; Chairman, Generation Investment Management
Nobel Peace Laureate (2007)
An environmental, business and tech visionary, AL GORE was described by TIME magazine as “a businessman who is out to change the world.” Inspiring and passionate, Gore is a gifted orator who offers a unique perspective on national and international issues. A decade after his Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth drew millions to the box office and forever changed how the world thinks about climate change, Gore made history yet again with the release of his follow-up documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, which was selected as a New York Times Critic's Pick and received rave reviews as Gore was sought-out for countless appearances, from a one-hour global Town Hall event on CNN, to a live conversation with New York Magazine. Recently sought-out by Bloomberg Businessweek for an interview at the Global Action Climate Summit, Gore also made headlines for his powerful commentary at the Global Steering Group Impact Summit.

"VP Gore’s appearance was excellent, his speech was very innovative and the way of giving this lecture, motivating and extraordinary. Our clients were very satisfied from the event and VP Gore’s point of view and inputs were very informative and gave a new dimension to our investors..."

-Marfin Egnatia Bank

"The visit of Vice President Gore was a roaring success. His Forum speech and dinner address were superb and riveting... The man is truly inspiring and a breath of fresh air, the world cannot be reminded of this fact often enough..."

- The Ganley Group of Companies


Founder and CEO, ConsenSys, blockchain venture studio
Co-Founder, Ethereum, blockchain computing platform
CoinDesk's Most Influential in Blockchain
Former VP of Technology in Private Wealth Management, Goldman Sachs
Featured in Forbes' first-ever list of cryptocurrency's most powerful and influential people, "Prophet of BoomJOSEPH LUBIN is the Founder & CEO of ConsenSys, one of the largest and fastest growing blockchain companies in the world, with over 1,000 employees across 28 countries. He is also the Co-Founder of Ethereum, a groundbreaking blockchain computing platform, and the second-largest public blockchain by value. Named to CoinDesk's "Most Influential In Blockchain," Lubin is renowned for his innovative and creative leadership style, and has taken ConsenSys and Ethereum through exponential growth. Under his watch the number of ConsenSys employees has exploded by over 400%, and the organization has grown to include 37 different companies across industries including prediction markets, energy and supply chain. Recently announced as a headliner for SXSW,-- making headlines in Forbes-- in his compelling keynotes, Lubin reveals the transformative power of blockchain technology and his vision for a decentralized future. As SXSW's Chief Programming Officer said: "Lubin is one of the foremost visionaries shaping the rapidly-developing blockchain industry, and as such we’re excited to have him as the first-ever Keynote complementing the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Track."

"In a jam-packed SXSW keynote titled, “Ethereum Will Change The World,” which earned a line across the entire fourth floor of the Austin convention center and down two flights of stairs, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin balanced his exuberant predictions of the future with calm calls for more robust regulation..."

-The Verge

"If cryptocurrency truly is the new Wild West, Lubin would play the part of the cowboy well, coolly undoing the clasp of his holster as he stares down an opponent. In the tradition of many a lasso-wielding pioneer before him, Lubin has become a legend of sorts by helping blaze a trail for a new breed of enterprising adventurer... "

- CoinDesk


27th Prime Minister of Australia (2010-2013)
Chair, Global Partnership for Education
Inaugural Chair, Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at Kings College, London

A world leader with fresh insights on geopolitics, the global economy, ad women's rights, JULIA GILLARD is at the helm of two world-renowned organizations-- The Global Partnership for Education (GPE), the world’s only global fund solely dedicated to education in developing countries, and beyondblue, a non-profit focused on mental health. Regularly making headlines thanks to her work with GPE, which enjoys the impressive backing of mega-star Rihanna, Gillard is heralded for keynotes that are equal parts inspiring and informative. She is set to deliver a keynote on "Engagement in the Asian Century" for an audience of 2,000 at the upcoming San Joaquin Valley Town Hall, and recently delivered a keynote on "A New Vision for Global Prosperity" for an audience of 4,000 high-ranking officials, CEOs, industry leaders and more at the prestigious Global HR Forum in Seoul.

"Geneva was a tremendous success. [PM Gillard] was fantastic. Very well received - amazing really - and wonderful to be around - an incredibly generous woman."

-Simmons Leadership Conference

"Yes, she was fantastic and wonderfully well received! She was great to work with. I have absolutely zero criticism (constructive or otherwise) to provide, and that’s a rare thing. The bar is very high here at The Richmond Forum, and she just sailed right over with ease. If I could book her five times for next season, I would...!"

-The Richmond Forum


Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz
Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council (2012-2017)
CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer, PIMCO (2007-2014)

An internationally respected economist and financier MOHAMED EL-ERIAN has experience at the highest level of business and government. A go-to voice on how to decode international markets and the global economy, El-Erian dives into how global trends from technological advancements to geopolitical developments could impact market stability. His BloombergOpinion column, regularly makes headlines thanks to El-Erian's spot-on and substantive analysis, and in recent weeks he has been sought-out for his shrewd analysis on CNN, CNBCFOXBusinessBloomberg, and more. Recently named to the Board of Under Armour, El-Erian is an in-demand voice set to speak at the upcoming Daiwa Capital Markets Conference and Context Summits

"In my 13 years as an event producer, I have never received such positive feedback from a keynote speaker before. I was stopped in the hallways and networking events numerous times by attendees who had glowing remarks about Dr. El Erian’s presentation. One attendee stated that ‘it is rare that a speaker not only presents well, but presents quality content.' I can say with 100% confidence that this was a wise investment in our business... Personally I also wish to thank Dr. El Erian for being friendly, flexible, hospitable and considerate to our team..."

- Information Management Network

"Mohamed did an excellent job. He tailored his remarks to our audience really well. He was also very gracious when interacting with our guests and senior management at the cocktail reception...Here is a sampling of the open-ended feedback: 'perfect start'; 'he was excellent and very happy to see the high caliber of keynote speaker'; 'fantastic, very informative'; 'Excellent delivery taking complicated thoughts but delivering them in real life experiences.'"


Founder, Wikipedia, World's 5th Most Visited Website
Founder, Wikitribune
One of the most sought-after visionaries in business and technology, JIMMY WALES has been in-demand to illuminate the future of tech, helping companies both anticipate disruption and become disruptors, at events as varied as The World Business Forum and Geekpark's 2018 Innovation Festival. Audiences consistently praise Wales’ optimism for the future and masterful ability to break down issues ranging from Artificial Intelligence and automation to trends in new media and the digital economy, with passion, clarity and substance. In the coming months, Wales is set to address some 2,000 attendees at the prestigious Ringling College Town Hall Lecture Series, deliver a keynote on the future of media at the forward-thinking Matter "un-conference", and deliver a keynote on the digital economy and new ways of "work" at a conference in Lisbon. Recently, Wales shed light on "What's Next in Tech?" at the headline-making Digital Innovation Forum (where Wales was also sought-out for an interview), on the future of digital transformation for 2,000 tech business leaders at the Blockchain Institute, and for over 3,000 attendees at Block Show Europe, which resulted in a compelling Business Insider interview.  

"Jimmy's speech was great and we also received very good feedback from the sponsors doing private events with him... Looking forward to collaborating again in the future."

-World Business Forum

"We were all so thrilled with Jimmy. He was so open and dedicated to share with us... such inspiring stories about him, Wikipedia and basically about such a wide array of interconnected subjects. We were all inspired in such a fantastic way by his presence here."


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