Speakers on Trends in Tech & STEM

"Sir Tim was incredible and really well received both during the CIO roundtable and the keynote ... he totally wowed the crowd. Our keynote theatre was far too small and we ended up streaming his session live to the 21 other theatres on the show floor ... my estimate is 1,500 attendees. Frankly, he’s the perfect keynoter for a show like IP EXPO and his participation gave us a huge amount of coverage."

-Imago Techmedia

"If it takes a rocket to shatter the glass ceiling, so be it. Diana’s own story is proof that just beyond that barrier lies an entire universe of opportunities waiting for anyone willing to work hard enough to reach for the stars."

-Good News Network

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"I would like to thank you for all your efforts and help. The conference was a huge success. The participation of Mr. Wales was very much appreciated by the audience. His presentation inspired many. The tweets left no question on that. We hope to be able to work with you again next year."

-Dogus Yayin Grubu

"It's safe to say Cathy was the fan favorite of the entire conference and our survey results fully support the sentiment. We couldn't have asked for a better keynote speaker. Cathy was wonderful."


"Dr. Jemison was a huge hit with the event audience! Her keynote on 100 Year Starship fit perfectly into our day focused on space exploration; it was super interesting to hear what she is working on. The Women in Technology and Manufacturing panel was one of the highlights of the week for both the audience and our clients. Dr. Jemison fit right in with the group and the conversation flowed seamlessly."


"Drury Design Dynamics had the pleasure (and privilege) of working with Vice President Gore at a recent high profile technology conference in Las Vegas. Aside from the VP's great customization directed specifically to this tech audience, he was great to work with, both on-stage and off. The VP really listened to our suggestions and incorporated them into his presentation. Vice President Gore really hit it out of the park!"

-Drury Design Dynamics

Galloway is a prominent voice in the future of technology, discussing big tech, industry disruption, streaming, and more.

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Tengesdal is a strong proponent for increasing the number of women and children of color in STEM, and is a highly sought-after speaker for industry, non-profit organizations and educational institutions on a wide range of topics including diversity and women in leadership.

"Alexis Ohanian opened up the Øredev conference with a fantastic keynote... He showed eye-opening examples of our changing word and how anyone making products needs to follow, adhere and advance."

-Øredev Conference

"Christopher was fantastic. We really enjoyed having him and have received a ton of positive feedback from attendees!"

-Cambridge House International

"We had a WONDERFUL experience with Jane Lute!!! Our surveys have come back and are overwhelmingly extremely positive about her keynote presentation. We were truly thrilled to have her experience and her perspective on cybersecurity."

-Northern Kentucky University

"On behalf of all of us at CACI, we would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for delivering the keynote address at our symposium on 'Employing Smart Power'. Your keen insights and demonstrated understanding of the dangers we face and the adversaries we must guard against provided a sobering reminder of what must be done to protect our nation. Your participation in and support for the symposium was invaluable in furthering our understanding."

-CACI International Inc.