Here are just a few speakers who engage audiences with personal stories of resilience, successful ways to overcome challenges, and tips on maintaining a positive mindset:


NYT Bestselling Author; Founder of Together Rising; Podcaster; Activist; Advocate for Social Justice

Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton; NYT Bestselling Author of Shut Up and Run and Strong Mama

Iconic Tennis Champion, Serial Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist

FIFA Women's World Cup Champion; Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist; NYT Bestselling Author of Wolfpack and Forward: A Memoir

Respected Journalist; Peabody Award Finalist; Bestselling Author

Korean American Pop Superstar; Entrepreneur; Podcaster; GQ Korea's "Man of the Year"

First and Only African American Woman USAF U-2 Pilot; Author of Shatter the Sky: What going to the stratosphere taught me about self-worth, sacrifice, and discipline

Leading and Inspired Voice on Racial Justice; NYT Bestselling Author of I'm Still Here; EP of The Next Question

Emmy Award-Winning Sportscaster & Journalist; Famed Host of The NFL Today; Sports Illustrated 'Best Host of the Decade' and Member of the Sportscasters Hall of Fame; Ordained Minister and Advocate for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Award-Winning Author; Journalist; Expert on Work/Life Balance & Deliberate Living

Comedian; Actor; Writer; Saturday Night Live Alumna; Author of Whoops . . . I'm Awesome: A Workbook with Activities, Art, and Stories for Embracing Your Wonderfully Awesome Self

Trailblazing NBA Player; Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association; Award-Winning Mentor

Foremost Expert on Grief and Healing; #1 NYT Bestselling Author; Founder of

Six-Time #1 NYT Bestselling Author; Entrepreneur; Podcaster; Spiritual Teacher; One of Forbes' "20 Best-Branded Women"


JULIE SOLOMON | Entrepreneurial, Marketing, and Personal Development Influencer; Host of The Influencer Podcast

TREY EDMUNDS | Second Generation NFL Player; Authority on Overcoming Setbacks, Motivation, and Positive Mindset

AMY BLOOM | NYT Bestselling Author; Creative Writing Professor; Psychotherapist

LUCY KALANITHI | Physician; Widow of the #1 NYT Bestselling Author of When Breath Becomes Air; Advocate for Patient-Centered Care

BRANDON KYLE GOODMAN | Actor; Writer; Social Justice Activist Known for Netflix's Big Mouth and Human Resources

DUSTY BAKER | Legendary Baseball Player and Manager; Cancer Survivor