CHARLES DUHIGGNew York Times Bestselling Author of "The Power of Habit" and "Smarter Faster Better"; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The New York Times Magazine
Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist CHARLES DUHIGG reveals the secrets to how to be productive in life and business, and what it takes to boost performance and the creative process. His groundbreaking book, The Power of Habit, has spent three years on the New York Times bestsellers list, and is chock-full of the transformative, science-backed research on peak performance that Duhigg brings to life at each of his events. In his game-changing, truly entertaining keynotes, Duhigg seamlessly balances riveting anecdotes, in-depth research, and actionable insights, revealing how to unlock the power of mental habits that allow us to think more deeply, and how people and companies can become smarter, faster and better.
ERICA KESWINAuthor, Bring Your Human to Work (Fall 2018); Workplace Strategist & Executive Coach Specializing in the Business of Relationships

A workplace strategist who has worked with some of the most iconic organizations in the world from the NFL to NASA, ERICA KESWIN highlights how relationships are the most powerful driver of success for individuals and companies striving to attract and retain talent and loyal customers. Her new book Bring Your Human to Work: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That is Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World, serves as a powerful guide to a workplace revolution that honors relationships and puts people first. Her flagship keynote, offers powerful case studies and walks leaders and managers through her ten sure-fire ways to help them design a more human workplace, which all comes down to one simple thing—honoring relationships.

STEVEN KOTLERNew York Times Bestselling Author of Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Abundance & Bold; International Pioneer in Peak Performance & Innovation; Cofounder & Director of Research for Flow Genome Project
A revolutionary in the field of human performance, STEVEN KOTLER shows individuals and companies how to unlock their potential and level up their game like never before. His bestselling books and research decode how scientific and technological breakthroughs are radically changing the world, and how both businesses and individuals can harness their power. Kotler's newest, eye-opening and refreshingly practical keynote-- based on his upcoming book-- "The Art of Impossible" provides a practical playbook for making the impossible not just possible, but trainable. He reveals actionable steps, tools, and strategies, for significantly ramping up motivation, learning, creativity and flow.
  • Sought-out to deliver a keynote for 4,000 senior leaders at the upcoming HSM Expo 2019
  • Kotler addressed an audience of 8,000 business executives at the Nordic Business Forum 2018, revealing how organizations can take advantage of new research and resources. Kotler kept audience members tweeting actionable insights and praise such as: "I felt really inspired by @steven_kotler ’s tips of climbing a mountain of exponential growth!";  "Thanks @steven_kotler for your good energy at the #NBForum2018 stage."; "Loved @steven_kotler speech about #flow @NBForumHQ.
ROBIN SHARMAGlobally Respected Leadership Expert; Celebrated Author of 16 #1 Bestsellers
Ranked one of the Top 5 Leadership Gurus in the world, ROBIN SHARMA provides organizations with actionable takeaways that allow them to build leaders on every level, empower employees regardless of their title, and generate exponential productivity as a result. With hundreds of thousands of views on his insightful "Mastery Sessions" on Youtube, over 4 million Facebook page likes591K Twitter followers, and 500K Instagram followers, Sharma is a true influencer with a message that resonates globally. His latest book The 5AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life, was an instant #1 New Release on Amazon, and reveals how great geniuses and business titans start their mornings to produce astonishing achievements, and the formula, research, and insider-only tactics needed to jump start your days, avoid digital distraction, and maximize your performance, creativity, and impact on the world
  • Sharma recently delivered an empowering keynote "Leading Through Change" at the 2018 Canadian Personal Banking Summit, for over 1,000 industry leaders. His keynote for the highly-influential and sold-out Brand Minds Europe 2018, inspired legions of tweets of praise from the audience, including: "World’s premier speaker on Leadership and Personal Mastery, @RobinSharma, took the stage as a keynote speaker...Great talk so far"
  • Sharma's podcast and training videos deliver actionable lessons on productivity and leadership, such as his recent episode on "The 4 Interior Empires of Ultra-Performers."
As a new year kicks off, these HWA Speakers know how to bring your audience to new levels of performance, productivity and creativity. Pioneers who offer an utterly fresh and cutting-edge perspective on how to generate a work environment where individuals and teams thrive, these speakers leave attendees with actionable and implementable strategies that make a long-term difference.