Doyle advocates for authentic living according to our own truths as the only path to wholeness.

Martinez speaks about healing physically, spiritually and mentally after his convoy was attacked in Iraq.

Shriver dives into issues like love, pain, forgiveness, gratitude, family, faith, the art of self-reinvention, and more to inspire others to reflect on their own lives and have more meaningful conversations.

Zimmern shares the ongoing wellbeing and mental health care he prioritizes as a survivor of drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness.

Marshall shares his experience with borderline personality disorder and mental health advocacy.

Theron discusses her experiences with depression.

Lakshmi hares her tips for mental health amid personal health struggles.

Lake speaks about loss, including her husband’s suicide.

Braun speaks about the power of vulnerability.

Gonzalez discusses vulnerability, mental wellness, and mindset.

Hall discusses how her mental health was affected during her infertility struggles.

Vonn discusses her ongoing struggle with depression and mental health.

Kessler is a grief expert who wrote a book on processing loss and speaks as both a grieving father of a lost child and a clinician.

Franklin shares the discipline of gratitude as a way to maintain her resilience and mental health.  

Bialik uses her PhD in Neuroscience to break down the topic of mental health, especially the myths and misunderstandings surrounding it. 

Trudeau shares her struggle with bi-polar disorder.