Director, National Economic Council (2017-18)

President & COO of Goldman Sachs (2006-2017)

"We loved having Gary as part of this inaugural Forum, he's a fantastic speaker and I know our full audience benefited from his insights."

- Major Economic Forum

A finance industry legend who led one of the largest investment banking enterprises in the world, GARY COHN illuminates what's ahead for the global economy and markets. Named as President Trump's chief economic advisor in January 2017, Cohn was heralded as "an economic-policy powerhouse" (The Wall Street Journal) and a "go-to figure on matters related to jobs, business and growth" (The New York Times). Thanks to his shrewd analysis and engaging style, Cohn has been sought-out to speak everywhere from the World Economic Forum to the Global Financial Leadership Conference. He recently headlined both the NIC Fall Conference and Bloomberg's New Economy Forum, and is set to deliver keynotes at the 2019 Context Summit. Recently, Cohn made headlines in Bloomberg and MarketWatch, with the news that he's been named to the board of directors of MZ, a global market leader in mobile gaming. He also joined blockchain startup Spring Labs as an adviser, and was recently interviewed on CBS This Morning on the one-year anniversary of the passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which Cohn was instrumental in pushing through Congress. With unparalleled insights into the inner workings of the current administration and its economic policy-thinking, Cohn translates uncertainty into tangible takeaways.



Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz 

Chair of President Obama's Global Development Council (2012-2017)

CEO, PIMCO (2007-2014)

"Mohamed did an excellent job. He tailored his remarks to our audience really well. He was also very gracious when interacting with our guests and senior management at the cocktail reception...Here is a sampling of the open-ended feedback: “perfect start”; “he was excellent and very happy to see the high caliber of keynote speaker”; “fantastic, very informative”; “Excellent delivery taking complicated thoughts but delivering them in real life experiences.” I look forward to working together again next year."


Internationally respected economist and financier MOHAMED EL-ERIAN is a go-to voice on the global economy, regularly in-demand by major outlets including Bloomberg MarketsCNBC, Fox Business, and more, for his expertise and frank insights. Recently on the front page of Financial Times thanks to his shrewd insights on market volatility and the global sell-off, and sought-out for BBC's HARDtalk on whether there are dark days ahead for the global economy, El-Erian appears on TV on a near daily basis, decoding everything from Fed rates to rising tariffs. Regularly receiving rave reviews for his dynamic, informative presentations and openness with audience-members, El-Erian is in-demand to deliver keynotes worldwide at the upcoming 2019 Context Summit, the prestigious Global Financial Markets Forum, the 72nd CFA Institute Annual Conference, and MBA’s National Secondary Market Conference and Expo.



Director, White House National Economic Council (2009-2010)

President, Harvard University (2001-2006)

Secretary of the Treasury (1999-2001)

"Larry was great and delivered exactly what we wanted from him. He is a professional and he comes across very authoritative and thoughtful."

-BCA Research

Renowned global economist and regular columnist for the Financial TimesLARRY SUMMERS brings an insider's look to the issues that drive markets and global policy. His tenure at the U.S. Treasury coincided with the longest period of sustained economic growth in U.S. history, and during the Obama Administration, Summers emerged as a key economic decision-maker who worked directly in crafting policy solutions to respond to the economic crisis. Summers was recently sought-out for interviews on CNN's Amanpour Bloomberg, and CNBC on the risks of a recession in the near-future, making headlines in Fortune. He was also selected for a 45-minute, in-depth conversation at the Brooking's Institute/ Miller Center's recent event, Ten Years Later: Lessons from the 2008-09 Financial Crisis, delivering remarkable insights into how well-prepared we are today to handle inevitable future crises.



Secretary of the Treasury (2013-2016)

Citigroup Senior Executive & COO New York University

"It was a huge success! We received such great feedback on his remarks, interview and the panel! One of the best we’ve had. He is just the nicest man!"

- Pershing LLC

Having served as the most senior economic official in the U.S. government, in the wake of the recession JACK LEW shaped policies that drove the longest economic recovery in American history. Sought-out to deliver a keynote for fund managers and investors at the upcoming Annual Conference on the Globalization of Investment Funds, Lew also recently addressed an audience of 500 global CEOs and senior officials at the Arab Strategy Forum, during which he was sought-out for a Bloomberg interview, on the state of the world economy. Lew offers frank and useful analysis, with keen insight into geopolitical factors and market trends. He recently made headlines in CNBC for the announcement that he would be leading fintech start-up Blend's advisory board and published an influential article in Foreign Affairs on "The Use and Misuse of Economic Statecraft.



Chair, Systemic Risk Council 

Deputy Governor of the Bank of England (2009-2013)

"He did a great job ... many people have commented to me about how useful they found his talk on Tuesday. He covered a very broad subject matter but did it in a very candid and entertaining fashion." 


One of the most respected central bankers and financial policy makers of our time, Sir PAUL TUCKER spent more than three decades at the central bank, and was knighted for his reforms, which are creating a more resilient international banking system. In the wake of the global financial meltdown, Tucker served on the G20 Financial Stability Board, leading its work on too big to fail. Tucker’s newly-released book, Unelected Power, discusses the large role Central Banks have taken on since the financial crisis and what needs to be done to ensure banks remain stewards of the common good. Since the book's release he has been in-demand for compelling conversations everywhere from Yale's School of Management to the Institute for Government. Tucker also penned one of the foundational white papers on Brexit, Europe after Brexit: A proposal for a continental partnership.”

STEVE FORBES: Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media; Bestselling Author

"We could not have had a better speaker... His experience, sense of humor and easy going manner made him an instant hit with our audience. He was gracious in every regard. In addition, his vast knowledge of the subject matter was evident from every comment he made..."

-Surrey Regional Economic Summit

KEVIN WARSH: Member, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (2006-11); Member, Group of Thirty; Executive Secretary, National Economic Council (2002-06)

"Kevin Warsh hit a grand slam with our clients last night. He is a terrific speaker." 

- Strategas Research Partners

ED BALLS: UK Shadow Chancellor and Chief Economic Advisor to the UK Treasury (2010-2015)

"Ed was terrific! Informed, entertaining, challenging, interesting .. He is a brilliant speaker, and we hope to engage him in the future."

- The Institute of International Finance

OLIVIER BLANCHARD: Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund (20018-2015)

"Olivier Blanchard’s tenure at the IMF capped a lifelong effort to restore economics as a disciplined way of thinking about the world that is truthful, intuitive and useful."

- Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post

JEAN-CLAUDE TRICHET: Honorary Chairman, Group of Thirty; European Chairman, The Trilateral Commission; President, European Central Bank (2003-11)

"The event was great success. We are all so grateful to have had Mr. Trichet in our International Seminar..."

-Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation

PENNY PRITZKER: U.S. Secretary of Commerce (2013-17); Founder & Chairman, PSP Capital Partners and Pritzker Realty Group

"Sec. Pritzker was a hit... members were very impressed with her experience and knowledge. We would be delighted to work with her again in the future."

- Premier business development service 


With global markets in flux, these HWA Speakers provide near- and long-term analysis on what should be on the radar of businesses across industries.