AL GORE | Vice President of the United States (1993-2001); Founder and Chairman, The Climate Reality Project; Chairman, Generation Investment Management

"VP Gore’s appearance was excellent, his speech was very innovative and the way of giving this lecture, motivating and extraordinary...VP Gore’s point of view and inputs were very informative and gave a new dimension to our investors, for a sustainable future."

- Marfin Egnatia Bank


INDRA NOOYI | Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo (2006-2018) Read about her environmental impact at PepsiCo > >

"The clarity of her strategic vision, leadership principles, and core values made a huge impact on our audience. You can’t help but walk away energized and inspired by the stories she tells and the example she sets. The world needs more leaders like Indra!"

-HP Inc


BAN KI-MOON | Secretary-General of the United Nations (2007-2016); President & Chair, Global Green Growth Institute

"The program was fantastic!...SG Ban [was a] highlight."



CATHERINE COLEMAN FLOWERS | Founder of the Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice (CREEJ);

Member, Board of Directors for Climate Reality Project and Natural Resources Defense Council

"It was an absolute joy to work with Catherine! I know her work and message made such a positive impact on all those in attendance... An honor to hear from such an incredible person!"

- St. Olaf College


JUAN MANUEL SANTOS | President of Colombia (2010-2018); Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, 2016

"President Santos was wonderful in every way."

-Depauw University


FELIPE CALDERON | President of Mexico (2006-2012); Chair of The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

"President Calderon did a fantastic job presenting at our Seminar. He was exceptionally open and honest - participants loved him."

- Accenture


VAN JONES | Political Contributor, CNN; Social Entrepreneur and President and Co-Founder, Dream Corps; Former Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation, Obama Administration

"He was terrific! He was incredibly generous with his time. He gave a wonderful lecture and was entertaining, thought-provoking and honest. It was a really special night."

-University of Iowa


MOHAMED EL-ERIAN | Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz;

Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council (2012-2017)

"We loved hosting Dr. El-Erian! He was amazing!"

- Economic Club of Canada


CAROL BROWNER | Member of President Biden's Campaign Climate Engagement Advisory Council; Director, White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy (2009-2011)

"Carol Browner was wonderful. She was very generous in sharing herself with us; was enthusiastically engaged; and made a most favorable impression upon our audience."

-The Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan


EDWARD NORTON | Visionary Entrepreneur and Committed Social and Environmental Activist

Norton speaks personally about his fundraising efforts and our responsibilities, particularly with regard to sustainability and natural resource management, in our industrial economy. He leaves audiences transfixed and empowered to make an impact. Read more about his environmental efforts >>


JIM YONG KIM | President, World Bank Group (2012-2019);

Vice Chairman and Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners

After his tenure as President of the World Bank, Dr. Jim Yong Kim joined Global Infrastructure Partners to invest in emerging markets to improve quality of life, economic prosperity, and health, and to mitigate the effects of climate change in those communities. Dr. Kim addresses how the right economic investments can combat climate change, and as a result improve the health, economic prosperity and security of the developing world.


Fresh Voices

Dr. ADAM MET's interests bridge the worlds of music, sustainability, law, academia, policy, marketing, and technology. As the bassist for AJR, he has traveled the world on sold-out tours, achieved platinum certifications in numerous countries, and recorded a repertoire of music that has garnered more than 2.5 billion streams worldwide. As the founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Partners Inc., he leads a nonprofit that addresses climate change systems through media, academic research fellowships, and incentive-based initiatives.

Environmental Advocate and Social Entrepreneur STEPHANIE SHEPHERD is Co-Founder of Future Earth. Shepherd is all about making change accessible to those who want to help and her optimistic talk offers a mix of facts and tips for reducing environmental impact and living a more sustainable life. Chock full of everyday actions and sustainability practices audience individuals can take part in, Stephanie's engaging, relatable and digestible presentation resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

NICOLAS JAMMET, NATHANIEL RU, and JONATHAN NEMAN are the co-founders and co-CEOs of sweetgreen, a restaurant that offers simple, healthy food. They've made the pledge to become carbon neutral by 2027 by using sustainable sourcing, menu development, and changing how they build restaurants. They each speak on making companies greener, innovation in business, and more.


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