These political powerhouses, available as individual speakers or dynamic duos, provide valuable insight from both sides of the aisle


Chief of Staff to President Biden (2021-2023) & Longest Serving First Chief of Staff for Any Democratic President

Foremost Conservative Commentator and Strategist; Contributor to FOX News and WSJ Columnist; NYT Bestselling Author

Host of MSNBC's SYMONE; Author; Political Strategist; Former Senior Advisor for Vice President Kamala Harris

Political Analyst for NBC & MSNBC; Political Strategist and Crisis Communications Consultant

Obama Campaign Manager & Senior Advisor; 2X NYT Bestselling Author; Non-Profit & Tech Executive 

Famed Conservative Political Media Consultant, Senior Analyst for NBC News & MSNBC, and Top Campaign Advisor

Former Five-Term Congressman (D-TN), EVP and VC of PNC, and Co-Host of FOX's The Five

Revered Political Commentator and Journalist; NYT Bestselling Author; Former White House Press Secretary

Former Deputy Asst. to President Biden & Policy Advisor to VP Harris; Fellow at Stanford HAI; Venture Partner

Political Analyst for CNN, CNN en Español, and Telemundo; Co-Host of ABC’s The View; Republican Strategist

Journalist and Host of MSNBC's The Cross Connection; Bestselling Author of Say it Louder; Resident Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics

U.S. Representative to Florida's 26th District (2015-2019); Prominent Bipartisanship Advocate; Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus

CNN Senior Political Analyst and Anchor; Bestselling Author; Former EIC for The Daily Beast

Political Analyst & Host of Firing Line; Bestselling Author; Contributor to CNN