ED BALLSUK Shadow Chancellor and Chief Economic Advisor to the UK Treasury (2010-2015); Economic Secretary to the UK Treasury (2006-2007); Former Chair, International Monetary and Financial Committee Deputies
With over twenty years of experience at the nexus of international finance, economic policy-making, business and politics, ED BALLS is a renowned leading expert on Brexit and its impact on the global economy. Having served as Former UK Shadow Chancellor and Economic Secretary to the UK Treasury, Balls has regularly represented the UK at Finance Minister level meetings of both the G20 and the European Council, and served as a minister and cabinet minister in the governments of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Recently, Balls launched his third Harvard Working Paper on the impact of Brexit on British businesses. Entitled "On the Rebound: Prospects for a US-UK FTA," the paper takes a deep dive into the prospects for, and potential impact of, a free trade agreement between the US and the UK, highlighting the key potential upsides, possible risks and principal negotiating issues from both US and UK perspectives. Balls launched the paper with an event at King's College, illuminating seven key findings, which quickly made headlines

"Ed was terrific! Informed, entertaining, challenging, interesting .. He is a brilliant speaker, and we hope to engage him in the future."

- The Institute of International Finance

JACK LEWSecretary of the Treasury (2013-2016); White House Chief of Staff (2012-2013), Director Office Management & Budget (2010-2012); Citigroup Senior Executive & COO New York University
Having served as the most senior economic official in the U.S. government, JACK LEW oversaw all aspects of international and domestic fiscal policy, helping to spur one of the longest economic recoveries in American history. Regularly sought-out for his frank and substantive analysis on the global economic outlook, Lew was Treasury Secretary during the 2016 referendum when the UK decided to leave the EU, and made headlines for his shrewd commentary on the decision and its impact on the global economy in TIME, CNBCReuters, Politico, The Financial Times, and more. Recently, Lew shed light on how complex financial and geopolitical forces such are shaping the international economy at The Economist Events in Athens, and he has been sought-out to keynote the upcoming  OCBC Global Treasury Economic & Business Forum.  As a speaker, Lew brings the freshest insights and an insider's knowledge of the individual people and policies affecting the direction of the global economy.

"Secretary Lew’s participation received a lot of positive comments onsite and his session was well-received. [He] had a great Q&A session and once we opened it up for Q&A with the audience there was a lot of participation and engagement."

-European Pensions & Investments Summit

"Thank you so much for all your help to secure the Secretary as our opening speaker and with your help through the planning process! It was a huge success! We received such great feedback on his remarks, interview and the panel! One of the best we’ve had. He is just the nicest man!"

- Pershing LLC

LARRY SUMMERSDirector, White House Economic Council (2009-2010); Secretary of the Treasury (1999-2001); Board Advisor, Digital Currency Group 
A renowned global economist and regular columnist for the Financial Times-- where he has written about Brexit extensively-- LARRY SUMMERS brings an insider's look to the issues that drive markets and global policy. He has been sought-out to deliver sharp and in-depth analysis on Brexit countless times, including at The World Economic Forum in Davos, and on CNBCWBUR's Here & Now, BloombergMarketplace, and more. Recently invited to share a macro overview of U.S. and global economies as well as the impact of Brexit for an audience of 1,600 C-suite executives at the Global Financial Markets Forum, Summers is also set to address an audience of CEOs, portfolio managers, and heads of trading and sales at the upcoming Global Markets Conference in London. 

"It was a huge pleasure to host an event with Mr. Summers. Summers spoke in front of more than 200 guests on his insider view of international politics, the US economy, the management of monetary policy by the Fed, the Chinese slowdown, among others and all attendees were impressed with his presentation. Nothing but great feedback regarding his appearance."

-BTG Pactual

"Larry was great and delivered exactly what we wanted from him. He is a professional and he comes across very authoritative and thoughtful."

-BCA Research

"Friday's forum was great. Prof. Summers did an excellent presentation and was well received by the participants..."

MOHAMED EL-ERIAN: Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz; Chair of President Obama's Global Development Council (2012-2017); CEO, PIMCO (2007-2014)
An internationally respected economist and financier MOHAMED EL-ERIAN has experience at the highest level of business and government. A go-to voice on how to decode international markets and the global economy, El-Erian dives into how global trends from technological developments to climate change could impact market stability. His BloombergView column, in which he has written about Brexit extensively, regularly makes headlines thanks to El-Erian's spot-on and substantive analysis. Consistently heralded as a smash-hit with audiences worldwide, El-Erian just shed light on the changing global economic outlook for an audience of 1,000 asset managers and investors at the 2018 Context Summit and is set to speak at the upcoming Barclay's Asia Forum. 

"Dr. El-Erian’s participation at the Global Financial Markets Forum was extremely well-received. We have been inundated with glowing feedback... they all found Dr. El-Erian’s insights valuable, interesting and enjoyable, and in fact many of them have stated that they felt that his session was the best of the entire forum! He has an incredible ability to convey what are quite complex matters in a relatively simple way that everyone in the audience can understand, and furthermore he connects with people in a remarkable way."

-National Bank Of Abu Dhabi

"Mohamed did an excellent job. He tailored his remarks to our audience really well. He was also very gracious when interacting with our guests and senior management at the cocktail reception...Here is a sampling of the open-ended feedback: 'perfect start'; 'he was excellent and very happy to see the high caliber of keynote speaker'; 'fantastic, very informative'; 'Excellent delivery taking complicated thoughts but delivering them in real life experiences.'"


PAUL TUCKERDeputy Governor of the Bank of England (2009-2013); Chair, Systemic Risk Council; Author of Unelected Power
SIR PAUL TUCKER is one of the most respected central bankers and financial policy makers of our time. Having spent more than three decades at the central bank, he was knighted for his reforms, which contributed to creating a more resilient international banking system. Tucker penned a crucial white paper on Brexit entitled "Europe after Brexit: A proposal for a continental partnership," which made headlines in The Financial Times, The Independent, and more and has illuminated what Brexit means for the global economy with tremendous insight everywhere from the World Economic Forum at Davos to the Council on Foreign Relations. His just-released book Unelected Power discusses the large role Central Banks have taken on in the wake of the financial crisis and amid geopolitical change, revealing what needs to be done to ensure banks remain stewards of the common good. 

"Paul was wonderful – such a knowledgeable speaker and his content – the realities of Brexit, European elections and US interest rates - was particularly relevant and interesting... The feedback from participants on his session was overwhelmingly positive. We were really happy with the feedback and with Paul’s flexibility and insight."

-Angelo, Gordon & Co.

"Paul was impressive. His insights on stage and more particularly, during the lunch with our Chairman and the Governor of the Central Bank, were well received."

-National Bank Of Abu Dhabi

"The conference and dinner went very well, Paul was very well received by our hosts and clients."

-A Global Bank
OLIVIER BLANCHARD: Former Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund; Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)
One of the most cited economists in the world according to IDEAS/RePEc, OLIVIER BLANCHARD is a renowned macroeconomists who wrote two landmark papers for PIIE, one on "How the Eurozone Can Be Strengthened After Brexit" and another entitled "Brexit: What Happens Next Week, Next Month?" Having worked with countries and international organizations worldwide, Blanchard offers unparalleled insights into the forces driving the global economy, and just recently was sought-out to discuss the impact of Brexit on CNBC. Blanchard also just delivered a keynote for 1,000 asset managers and investors at the Context Summit in Las Vegas, where he was also sought-out for a follow-up interview on the economic ramifications of the most recent geopolitical developments. 

"Olivier Blanchard's tenure at the IMF capped a lifelong effort to restore economics as a disciplined way of thinking about the world that is truthful, intuitive and useful."

- Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post

"[Blanchard] steered the IMF's research through the global financial crisis and into the recovery, and gained a reputation for challenging the fund's longstanding internal views as events appeared to disprove many traditional economic orthodoxies."

- Chris Giles / The Financial Times

LAURA TYSONFirst Female Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors (1993-1995); Director, National Economic Council (1995-1996); First Female Dean of London Business School (2002-2006) 

As an economist, policy-maker, professor, and former business school dean, LAURA TYSON has long been a leading champion of ways to re-think the economy and role of business in society. Frequently sought our for her economic insight from the highest levels of government, Tyson was a member of the US Department of State Foreign Affairs Policy Board (2011-2013) and served as a member of President Barack Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness (2011-2012). With tremendous experience and insight into global trade and trace policy, as she helped usher China into the WTO and was instrumental in the creation of NAFTA and other trade legislation, Tyson was sought out to deliver analysis on Brexit's impact on global trade at this year's World Economic Forum, and was recently selected for UBS' Signature Series to discuss the economic future. 

"Your speech was a terrific kick-off for our program year, setting the standards and raising the bar for future programs and speakers... It was such a pleasure to listen to you engage our audience in laying out a thoroughly documented case for a continuation of this period of economic prosperity. Our executives reported exceptionally favorable remarks on your talk, and your interaction with us."

-Siemens Corporation

"Laura has been extremely brilliant and the audience both adored her and listened with much interest (and some fear?) to her excellent presentation. She was even better in the dialogue with moderator Mr. Buerk. A real pleasure and honor to have her at our conference. What a charming and bright lady."

-European PetroChemical Association

As the global economic outlook and future of trade regulations remains unclear, these trusted HWA economists can help unpack what is happening at the intersection of geopolitics and the global economy. In-demand for their shrewd, honest analysis, they deliver concise and actionable insights that leave audiences deeply informed.