TIM BERNERS-LEE: Inventor of the World Wide Web; TIME Magazine's "Top 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century"
An iconic visionary on the future of technology recently named by Forbes as one of the "100 Greatest Living Business Minds", TIM BERNERS-LEE genius is in understanding the next, new unimagined future and practical consequences for business and individuals alike. He reveals how Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other cutting-edge advances will transform the way we live and work, govern, heal our bodies and much, much more, highlighting both the advantages and potential consequences. In his captivating keynotes, Berners-Lee shares insights into both how to apply new technologies for competitive advantage, and thoughtful consideration about the future we want to create and how to protect oursevles. In the coming months he's been sought-out to deliver a keynotes at numerous high-profile events including the Tigo Business Forum on AI, the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit, and ConnectWise's IT Nation. The subject of a fascinating, recent Vanity Fair profile on how he plans to fix his own invention, Berners-Lee leaves audiences both deeply informed an inspired. His recent keynote on "The Future of Tech" at Swell by Ripple, which touched on how blockchain and the web will come together, made headlines in FortuneAmerican Banker, and Coin Desk thanks to his forward-looking insights and prominence as a global thought leader on innovation and tech.
"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful event last night. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and all the guests greatly valued your insights and perspectives. A number commented to me that it was the best EY event they had ever attended. That is a testament to your genius and interactive style."

-Ernst & Young
"Sir Tim was incredible and really well received both during the CIO roundtable and the keynote ... he totally wowed the crowd. Our keynote theatre was far too small and we ended up streaming his session live to the 21 other theatres on the show floor ... My only challenge following the keynote is the volume of internal and external questions saying how the heck was I going to follow up from that!

- Imago Techmedia
JIMMY WALES: Founder, Wikipedia, World's 5th Most Visited Website; Founder, Wikitribune; TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”
JIMMY WALES is one of the most sought-after visionaries in business and technology. When audiences meet Wales, outspoken and defiant in his protection of transformative ideas, they understand why he is compared to historic greats like Gutenberg. Event planners cite Wales’ optimism for the future and masterful ability to speak on issues ranging from Artificial Intelligence and automation to the media and disruption, with passion, clarity and substance as elements that make him a one-of-a-kind speaker. Wales is set to deliver a keynote on "What's Next in Tech?" at the upcoming Digital Innovation Forum, and just spoke on the future of digital transformation for 2,000 tech business leaders at the Blockchain Institute as well as over 3,000 attendees at Block Show Europe. He made headlines in Cointelegraph and the EconoTimes thanks to his sharp insights at Block Show Europe, explaining the bitcoin bubble and potential of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency. 
"Jimmy's speech was great and we also received very good feedback from the sponsors doing private events with him... Looking forward to collaborating again in the future."

-World Business Forum
"Jimmy Wales was absolutely WONDERFUL! We loved having him here. He is such a kind and eloquent man. A true pleasure! ... The feedback we've received has been outstanding! Everyone is so impressed by Mr. Wales!"

-Night of Innovation
DICK COSTOLOCEO of Twitter (2010-2015); Partner, Index Ventures
Named by TIME as one of the "10 Most Influential U.S. Tech CEOs," DICK COSTOLO is a management expert who in his five years at the helm of Twitter led the social media platform through explosive change, taking it from a private company with 300 staff valued at $3.7bn to a public company with 3,600 employees valued at $23.5bn. Costolo’s dynamic keynotes are chock-full of actionable insights on what it’s like to lead “the fastest growing, most disruptive communications platform in the world” and what it takes to survive in tomorrow’s tech future. Selected to deliver the opening keynote address for hundreds of executives at the Project Management Institute's PMO Symposium, Costolo was recently sought-out for an in-depth interview with Bloomberg and made headlines thanks to his game-changing remarks on how companies can navigate the evolving tech landscape at ICNY 18. 
"[H]e was a huge success! He was very interesting and spoke to our requested topic of what was the future of technology. He kept our audience very engaged throughout his talk. We, in fact, had attendees lined up at the microphones for Q&A from the start. He interacted well with the attendees asking the questions. I could not have been happier with his day-of performance..."

- Multinational Financial Services Company 

"It went really well... His presentation was very good and then the Q&A went really well. The feedback has been great overall. The topic of technology was  a great fit as technology, managing millennials and social media in all aspects is a huge focus for all companies and he spoke to it all very well." 


- CIBC Annual Institutional Investor Conference

DAVID ROWAN: Editor-at-Large and Founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK; Renowned Tech Journalist, The Sunday Time; Author of Forthcoming Book The Disruptors: A Wired Editor’s Quest for Non-Bullshit Innovation,
A prolific writer and speaker, DAVID ROWAN deconstructs tech trends in real time—how the Internet of Things, 3D printing, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, and more are changing businesses and consumers. His new book "The Disruptors: A Wired Editor’s Quest for Non-Bullshit Innovation" (May 2019) will detail his global quest to identify "visionary leaders who have managed to recalibrate their businesses in radical ways to grow and succeed in the digital age" - and shows where he discovered "genuinely exciting innovation ... in places you might not expect". Rowan's fully customized keynotes deliver the same compelling one-two-punch, and reveal the future of individual industries, the technological advancements that are lurking around the corner, and how businesses and individuals can survive and prosper in a tech future. Rowan has been sought-out to address 2,500 corporate leaders at the upcoming Digital Innovation Forum, 1,000 attendees at SugarCon 2018, and shed light on "The New Rules of Business" at the 2019 Leading Real Estate Annual Conference. He also recently delivered a slam dunk keynote entitled "Don't fall for fake innovation! Building industries that matter" at Impact CEE, one of the most important events on the future of the digital economy.
"David was incredible and we’ve had some great feedback already from our analysts and leadership team that were there. We were engaged, inspired and enjoyed every minute of his keynote."


"We had nothing but praise for his forward thinking piece, it was both informative and entertaining. I didn’t see a single attendee checking their smartphone during David’s talk, which is a testament to his skill as a speaker. I will definitely recommend him to our other offices around the world."

-Terrapinn Limited
PHIL LIBINCo-Founder & CEO, All Turtles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Studio; Co-Founder, Evernote, Global Productivity Tool
The co-founder and former CEO of the global productivity tool Evernote, which created an epic transformation in workflow and has redefined the way individuals and teams work today, PHIL LIBIN is a sought-after business leader on tech and innovation. He offers audiences an engaging look and insiders' perspective on new digital technologies and how they are shaping the future of work, what the impact will be, and how to take advantage of automation and digital tools to send performance and productivity through the roof. At the helm of All Turtles, an AI startup studio that instantly made headlines in TechCrunch, Business InsiderThe Financial TimesThe Silicon Valley Business Journal, and more, Libin is at the forefront of the work to find and foster the next wave of AI businesses and products, offering his audiences a unparalleled look at what innovations lie around the corner. Sharp, engaging and substantitve, Libin has been sought-out to address an audience of 2,500 on The Challenges and Opportunities of a Fully Digitalized World, and participating in a panel entitled Meet Robot- A Worker of the Future. 

"We are very much satisfied with the work and the speeches of Phil Libin. He fulfilled our expectations fully and behaved very professionally throughout the whole conference. Especially the fireside chat was very inspiring for the audience."

- Swiss Economic Forum

APRIL RINNEGlobal Authority on the New Economy, Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Work; Head of the Sharing Economy Working Group, World Economic Forum; Advisor for Airbnb, Jobbatical and Trov; Contributor, Quartz at Work
Advisor of choice for a range of private and public sector organizations, from Airbnb to the World Economic Forum and  governments worldwide, APRIL RINNE helps audiences see the innovative shifts underway in businesses and startups worldwide.Tailoring her remarks to each audience, Rinne dives into how shifts in labor, business models, and technology will impact businesses across industries and prepares individuals to thrive in an uncertain future. Rinne is at the 50 yard line of the most cutting-edge workforce and industry innovations, decoding the positive social implications of technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, providing a refreshing-- and not often presented-- perspective. Recently, Rinne was sought-out to deliver two keynotes at back-to-back events, first at Dentons’ Courageous Counsel Leadership Institute and then TD Ameritrade’s National LINC Conference, shedding light on how to cultivate innovation, and exposing audience members to emerging trends and platforms. 

"It went very well. Timely topic, and April was really wonderful to have."

-TD Ameritrade

"Yesterday was a total success and April was a very big part of that. She was a fantastic speaker and an absolute pleasure to spend time with."

-Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.

"April is a gifted speaker with in-depth knowledge of her field of expertise. Her talk at our conference was a highlight which has inspired an entire industry to understand that business can be done differently!...The insights and ideas she shared with us at our congress were an eyeopener for our entire industry... With her inspirational, profound, and – at the same time – entertaining talk at our congress, she put an entire industry under her spell!"

-RIAD International Association of Legal Protection
JERRY MICHALSKIFounder, REX (Relationship Economy eXpedition); Corporate Consultant and Technology Advisor on Transformative Business Models
JERRY MICHALSKI helps people see the future differently, helping organizations become more human by offering unique perspectives on innovation, automation, big data, blockchain, holochain and more. A TEDx Speaker heralded for his thought-provoking keynotes, Michalski illuminates a successful, optimistic path forward, highlighting what can be gained when organizations across industries adopt new technologies in thoughtful ways that emphasize trust, so that they may thrive in a new economy where the most innovative businesses already let strangers rent our homes and drive our cars. Recently sought-out to speak at the University of Colorado's Conference on World Affairs for a session entitled "Bombastic Brazen Blockchain" as well as deliver the opening keynote at the Personal Democracy Forum, Michalski is in-demand for his eye-opening perspective on how new technologies can be used in productive and purposeful ways by businesses in every industry. 

"I never fail to learn new insights from his talks... Once you see his visionary and far reaching mind maps you say to yourself, wow — not only does this guy have great and compelling ideas but he has a unique tool set to help accelerate sense making and communication. So by the end of his talks I realize he is a true maestro orchestrating ideas, tools and concepts that stuns and excites me to action.” 

- Xerox PARC

"Jerry Michalski is one of the brightest, most engaging speakers who has ever participated in our leadership events. He's part technologist, part business adviser and part social psychologist and he truly gets the relationship economy. Jerry's presentations help us understand the present, imagine the future and question our assumptions about what it means to work and play..."

-Public Affairs Council
New technologies are disrupting every aspect of the way we live and work. These HWA Speakers are the tech visionaries and thought leaders at the frontier of innovation, and they help decode what advances mean for audiences of every size and level of knowledge.