October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Educate, uplift, and build community with one of our mental health speakers.

Doyle advocates for authentic living according to our own truths as the only path to wholeness.

"I chose Glennon to keynote because she is different from all the other corporate speakers. From the moment she stepped on stage you could feel the energy in the audience. She caused people to think and look at the world a little differently, which is exactly what we were striving for. She did a fantastic job for us."

-Microsoft Corporation

Price is a sought-out speaker for mental health events as she discusses her first book, How to Break Up With Your Phone, and her upcoming book, The Power of Fun.

"Catherine was such an engaging expert speaker for our recent Hyatt Virtual Wellbeing Retreat. Catherine’s session on digital detox and emotional wellbeing was incredibly insightful and well received by attendees."


Shriver dives into issues like love, pain, forgiveness, gratitude, family, faith, the art of self-reinvention, and more to inspire others to reflect on their own lives and have more meaningful conversations.

"One of the most personable, candid presenters we’ve had in the 12 years of our women’s health luncheon and lecture."

-Mills Peninsula Health

Zimmern shares the ongoing wellbeing and mental health care he prioritizes as a survivor of drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness.

"As in most of his television shows, Zimmern shows us just how much more alike we are than different..."

-Southern Living

"Andrew Zimmern is one of the biggest names in food, and he isn't letting his position go to waste."

-1851 Franchise

Marshall shares his experience with borderline personality disorder and mental health advocacy.

"Brandon did an amazing job and left a lasting impact on our attendees. We appreciate his time, talent and vision on Brain health."

-Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Business and Community Solutions

Davidson talks about his Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, mental health challenges, and more.

Watch his recent appearance on The Tonight Show > >

Theron discusses her experiences with depression.

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Bialik uses her PhD in Neuroscience to break down the topic of mental health, especially the myths and misunderstandings surrounding it. 

"It was a very good night! Mayim was so easy to work with. I've had quite a few people reach out today to say they enjoyed the keynote. She talked about important things, but there was a lot of laughter and enjoyment as well. And that's something we can use a lot more of. Thank you!"

-University of Northern Iowa

Hollis tackles mental health with transparency and optimism. Listen to her podcast episode on mental health >>

"In today's entrepreneurial world, it's common to hear people describe themselves as self-made. I'm not sure, however if there's anyone who fills that bill more appropriately than Rachel Hollis."


Gonzalez discusses vulnerability, mental wellness, and mindset.

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Hall discusses how her mental health was affected during her infertility struggles.

"What an amazing event we had today! Tamron was the reason over 400 people came! Tamron touched this audience in a way that I cannot begin to describe. One of our current residents of the shelter said that hearing Tamron's story showed her that even people who have resources go through what she is experiencing. This gave her hope that her life can be better. You can't put a price tag on the value of giving someone hope."


Kessler is a grief expert who wrote a book on processing loss and speaks as both a grieving father of a lost child and a clinician.

"The impact David had on our employees continues. Many teams have had continued conversations and have opened up a conversation about wellbeing and how we can support each other during these times."

-General Mills

Vonn discusses her ongoing struggle with depression and mental health.

Watch her speak on mental wellness >>

Franklin shares the discipline of gratitude as a way to maintain her resilience and mental health.  

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Lake speaks about loss, including her husband’s suicide.

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Trudeau shares her struggle with Bipolar Disorder.

"We heard great feedback from participants who appreciated Margaret's vulnerable and straightforward approach to destigmatizing mental illness and her practical tips to stay well daily."