These digital stars and viral sensations know how to make an impact for a truly unique and unforgettable event!

YouTube Personality, Digital Creator, Entrepreneur, and Crypto Economy Advocate

Award-Winning Comedian and YouTube Personality; NYT Bestselling Author of How To Be a Bawse and Be a Triangle

Comedian; Social Media Sensation; Author; Digital Media Entrepreneur; Forbes' "30 Under 30: Social Media"

Fashion Designer; Entrepreneur; Star of Netflix's Emmy-Winning Queer Eye; Bestselling Author; Podcaster

Digital Star and YouTube Creator with over 26.5M Subscribers; TV Personality; Podcaster

Viral Content Creator on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube

Renowned Social Influencer; Motivational Orator; Entrepreneur; Activist; After 20 Years in Prison Rose to Fame and Fortune

Viral Digital Content Creator; Member of Buzzfeed's The Try Guys; NYT Bestselling Co-Author of The Hidden Power of F*cking Up

Digital Creator and TikTok's Big Sister; SiriusXM Podcast Host; Advice Expert

NYT Featured Social Media Influencer; "The Gen-Z Historian"; Advocate for Racial Justice

Serial Entrepreneur, Tech Founder, and Social Media Influencer

YouTube Star and Viral Content Creator; Host of Murder, Mystery and Makeup; Podcaster