Sought-out for the 2019 SXSW Conference, HWA Speakers made an impact and headlines as they shared game-changing insights on tech, health, politics, the economy, and more.



Political Leader, Non-Profit CEO & Serial Entrepreneur; First Black Woman to be a Gubernatorial Nominee of a Major Party in the U.S.; Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives (2011-2017); Author of Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change

Political leader, nonprofit CEO, author, and serial entrepreneur, STACEY ABRAMS led a powerful session entitled "Lead from the Outside: How to Make Real Change" at SXSW, making headlines on CNN, NBC, Politico and more. Offering empowering lessons on leadership and today's political landscape, Abrams' remarks drew tweets of praise such as: "...#StaceyAbrams is a true Southerner. The person who always does her homework. A walking talking genius." A political trailblazer, Abrams made history and captured the nation's attention as the first Black woman to become the gubernatorial nominee for a major party in any state. After eleven years in the Georgia House of Representatives, seven as Minority Leader, Abrams became the 2018 Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia, and went on to win more votes than any other Democrat in Georgia's history. After witnessing the election’s mismanagement, Abrams launched Fair Fight to ensure free and fair elections in the future, and emerged a national political star. Recently sought-out to speak at TED, where her talk has racked up over 1.7 million views and counting, and the subject of a New York Magazine cover profile, Abrams is a powerful and passionate speaker heralded for her candid insights on politics, leadership, social justice, entrepreneurship, and being a true force for change. Her book Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change, is a personal and empowering blueprint for outsiders who seek to become the ones in charge.



Peabody & Emmy Award-winning Journalist & Producer; NBC News Special Anchor; First Lady of California (2003-2010); Six-time New York Times Bestselling Author; Founder, Shriver Media & The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement ; "Architect of Change"

A force of nature of the highest order, MARIA SHRIVER  is a passionate and purpose-driven leader whose work has fostered change and advanced some of our nation’s most pressing issues. At SXSW she led an eye-opening session on Alzheimer's and women's health, making headlines in Forbes and The Hill. Named to People's "25 Women Changing the World" thanks to her dedication to Alzheimer's advocacy and research, Shriver highlights how the disease impacts every sector of our society and economy. A trailblazer who eloquently moves audiences to become "Architects of Change," Shriver also launched a new podcast: “Meaningful Conversations with Maria Shriver”-- building on the success of her instant #1 New York Times-bestselling book I’ve Been Thinking…-- in which she explore the life topics, issues and ideas that we’re all thinking about, but not discussing nearly enough. An NBC Special Anchor, Shriver is also a regular on the Today Show, where she shares powerful tips and insights on mental health.



Founder and CEO, ConsenSys, blockchain venture studio; Co-Founder, Ethereum, blockchain computing platform; CoinDesk's Most Influential in Blockchain; Former VP of Technology in Private Wealth Management, Goldman Sachs

Founder and CEO of ConsenSys and Co-Founder of Ethereum JOSEPH LUBIN was selected as a headliner at SXSW, as the festival's first-ever keynote speaker in its new-to-2019 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency track. In his fascinating, interactive keynote Lubin revealed what lies ahead for our decentralized future and innovations in blockchain, making headlines in virtually every industry outlet. Featured in Forbes' first-ever list of cryptocurrency's most powerful and influential people, and known as the "Prophet of Boom," as the Founder & CEO of ConsenSys Lubin is at the helm of one of the largest and fastest growing blockchain companies in the world, with over 1,000 employees across 28 countries. He is also the Co-Founder of Ethereum, a groundbreaking blockchain computing platform, and the second-largest public blockchain by value. Named to CoinDesk's "Most Influential In Blockchain," Lubin is renowned for his innovative and creative leadership style, and has taken ConsenSys and Ethereum through exponential growth.



Author, Bring Your Human to Work; Founder, Spaghetti Project; Workplace Strategist & Executive Coach Specializing in the Business of Relationships

A workplace strategist who has worked with iconic organizations from the NFL to NASA, ERICA KESWIN led a session at SXSW entitled "Bring Your Human to Work." Based on her bestselling book of the same name, in the dynamic session Keswin shared her research from the last decade, revealing what it means to build a more human workplace and how it translates to more engaged employees, boosted creativity and innovation, and increased profits. Keswin's session garnered tweet of praise such as: "Great input by @Erica_Keswin today at the @SXSW about how to bring your human to work. Be more inclusive and form genuine connections." Keswin's book was featured in Forbes' "10 Inspirational Books For Success In Work And Life," and her insights on how to create a more effective and human work environment are also regularly featured in Entrepreneur and Business Insider. Keswin's strength lies in translating her research into tangible takeaways with clarity and humor. She breaks down everything from how to get company values “off the walls and into the halls,” to how to empower employees and foster breakthrough thinking.



Award-Winning Cartoonist, The New Yorker; Resident Cartoonist, CBS News; Cultural Envoy, U.S. State Department; Author/Editor of 16 Books

Award-winning cartoonist LIZA DONNELLY delivered a keynote on "Drawing Disruption" at SXSW, sharing insights on satire in today's media landscape, what can be learned from anger, and humor's role in disrupting- now and in the past- the status quo. A renowned New Yorker cartoonist, writer, and resident cartoonist for CBS News, Donnelly is famous for her unique "live drawings" in which she brings high-profile events, from presidential inaugurations to the Oscars, to life through live sketching on her iPad. Donnelly used the "live drawing" technique in her SXSW keynote-- drawing digitally onstage, in real time and transmitting it to the screen-- as a way to demonstrate her new form of digital storytelling, and shed light on how the unique skills of a cartoonist can become useful tools for all. Donnelly's TEDTalk on humor has been translated into 38 languages, and viewed over a million times. 



VP of Intelligence at Stratfor; High-Net Worth Protection Expert; Global Security Expert

One of the foremost authorities on security, high net worth protection and terrorism, FRED BURTON was sought-out to deliver a SXSW session on his new book: Beirut Rules: The Murder of a CIA Station Chief and Hezbollah's War Against America.  Taking audiences behind the scenes of his work, which examines Hezbollah's rise and the emergence of a new form of terrorism, Burton's session offered powerful lessons on security and international affairs today. VP of Intelligence at Stratfor, Burton oversees analysis of global security developments and consults with clients on security-related issues affecting their business assets or personal safety. His session at SXSW generated tweets such as: "Really enjoyed the talk by @fred_burton today at #sxsw. Also picked up a signed copy of his book."