New and Upcoming Book Releases

Bestselling Author of The Power of Habit, Smarter Faster Better, and Supercommunicators; Pulitzer-Winning Columnist, and Host of 'How To!' Podcast

RELEASED FEBRUARY 20, 2024 - CHARLES DUHIGG’s new book and speech Supercommunicators: The Power of Conversation and Hidden Language of Connection will transform how you and your audience communicate during life’s most important conversations. Like his previous business bestsellers The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better, Duhigg’s SUPERCOMMUNICATORS is going to top the bestseller lists, transform our productivity, and reshape the way we do business.

How do SUPERCOMMUNICATORS do what they do, and what can we learn from them about bridging divides? In Duhigg’s book and his latest talk, audiences will learn why some people are able to make themselves heard, and to hear others, so clearly. With his spellbinding storytelling that takes us from the writers’ room of The Big Bang Theory to the couches of leading marriage counselors to CIA officers trying to recruit spies, Duhigg shows how to recognize conversations and the tips and skills we need to navigate them more successfully. In the end, Duhigg delivers a simple but powerful lesson: With the right tools, we can connect with anyone.

Dream Specialist, Neuroscientist & Brain Surgeon 

RELEASED JUNE 4, 2024 - Dream specialist Dr. RAHUL JANDIAL, MD, PhD, wrote This is Why You Dream to explore the fascinating purpose and potential of dreams. Tracing recent cutting-edge dream research and brain science, dual-trained neuroscientist and neurosurgeon Dr. Jandial shows how to use lucid dreaming to practice real-life skills, how to rewrite nightmares, what our dreams reveal about our deepest desires, and how to monitor dreams for signs of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. In his book and lectures, Dr. Jandial explores the landscape of our subconscious, showing why humans have retained the ability to dream across millennia and how we can now harness its wondrous powers in both our sleeping and waking lives.

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Grant Sidney Inc. and Uncle Nearest, Inc., and NYT Bestselling Author

TO BE RELEASED JUNE 18, 2024 - New York Times bestselling author FAWN WEAVER unveils the hidden narrative behind one of America’s most iconic whiskey brands in Love & Whiskey: The Remarkable True Story of Jack Daniel, His Master Distiller Nearest Green, and the Improbable Rise of Uncle Nearest. Weaver's pursuit highlights the importance of acknowledging those who have shaped our cultural landscape yet remained in the shadows. Join Fawn Weaver on this extraordinary adventure as she navigates through the layers of history, friendship, and the unbreakable bonds formed by the legacy of America's native spirit, ensuring the stories of Nearest Green and his descendants live on in the heart of American culture. Gayle King, journalist and co-host, CBS This Morning, said, “I so admire Fawn Weaver. I’m thinking, if you need an investigation, we need to call her.”

Former United States Ambassador to Russia (2019-2022) and Former United States Deputy Secretary of State (2017-2019)

TO BE RELEASED AUGUST 6, 2024 - Midnight in Moscow (to be published Aug. 6th, 2024) is a memoir of service by the most recent U.S. ambassador to Moscow, AMBASSADOR SULLIVAN, offering an overview of his last post, as well as a broader argument about how our relationship with Russia has evolved over the past three years. For weeks before the invasion of Ukraine, Ambassador Sullivan warned that it would happen. A unique perspective on a pivotal moment in world history, Midnight in Moscow also draws shocking historical parallels to explain why we need to stand up to Moscow—and how far we should be prepared to go in that confrontationThe Kirkus Review gave Midnight in Moscow a starred advance review, writing that "Sullivan’s knowledgeable text must be heeded."

Miss Universe 2017, Author, A Crown That Lasts, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Philanthropist, and Advocate Against Human Trafficking

TO BE RELEASED AUGUST 13, 2024 - Former Miss Universe and Miss South Africa DEMI-LEIGH TEBOW has written a striking memoir, A Crown That Lasts. In this personal and uplifting book, Tebow reveals the danger of tying our sense of identity to our accomplishments. She reflects on the evolution in her confidence when she made the shift from basing her identity on temporary labels to discovering the rock-solid security of finding God. Tebow encourages audiences to focus not just on aspirations but a greater purpose, leaving behind a footprint of significance rather than success.

Renowned Wildlife Ecologist, Conservationist, and Host of NBC's Wild Kingdom

RELEASED APRIL 2, 2024 - Renowned wildlife ecologist and storyteller DR. RAE WYNN-GRANT inspires action in her vulnerable and urgent memoir, Wild Life: Finding My Purpose in an Untamed World. Exploring her personal journey to becoming a wildlife ecologist, Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant shares her adventures and explorations in some of the world’s most remote locales over a nearly twenty-year career in the wild ― carving a niche as one of very few Black female scientists ― and the challenges she had to overcome, expectations she had to leave behind, and the many lessons she learned along the way. Entertainment legend and Get Lifted Books founder John Legend said“The moment we read Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant’s book, we knew her story was singular, and that she would serve as a wonderful, inspirational model of Black Excellence for so many.”