CHARLES DUHIGG: New York Times Bestselling Author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The New York Times Magazine; TED Speaker
Teams, psychological safety, and Saturday Night Live | Charles Duhigg, The New York Times

"I would like to send you a huge amount of gratitude for speaking at Bloomberg last week! We had amazing feedback from the attendees. I was uplifted by your powerful words and was inspired to see where I can make positive changes in my life. Your ability to connect with the crowd was very impressive. Everyone seems to be drawn in by your words."


"Charles was amazing. He resonated with the audience, and lifted up the event. What a great thinker and speaker! I would highly recommend him."


"I think you hit the nail on the head...We were so grateful you were able to attend our conference and provide such incredible insight into the power of habits... Everyone was very pleased with the presentation and we have got a lot of great feedback already so thank you!"

-Fairmont Hotels & Resort

"It was so great. We have a very intellectually curious and often skeptical population, and they absolutely loved Charles and his presentation. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with how this went, both in terms of content and the Etsy response..."


Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist CHARLES DUHIGG reveals the secrets to how to be productive in life and business, and what it takes to boost the creative process. His groundbreaking book, The Power of Habit, has spent three years on the New York Times bestsellers list, and is chock-full of the transformative, science-backed research on peak performance that Duhigg brings to life at each of his events. 

  • Just headlined the Leading Through Excellence: COE Summit, sharing actionable takeaways from his latest work and inspiring legions of tweets such as: "Great #innovation insights from @cduhigg.
  • Sought-out to empower and inform thousands of attendees at upcoming events, with keynotes at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's Safety Leadership Summit, the Fi360 Conference for investment professionals, and the HSM Leadership Summit on Leadership & Innovation. 
  • Currently the host of a hit, new New York Times podcast Change Agent, which debuted in the #1 slot on iTunes, and behind the recent New York Times Magazine cover feature on Google, Duhigg translates his real-world research into powerful takeaways.
STEVEN KOTLER New York Times  Bestselling Author of Stealing FireThe Rise of Superman & Bold; TED Speaker; International Pioneer in Peak Performance & Innovation; Co-founder & Director of Research for Flow Genome Project
How to open up the next level of human performance | Steven Kotler | TEDxABQ

"I am on my Steven Kotler high. He was amazing today!"

-Microsoft Corporation

"Wanted to share some of the great feedback we received on Steven’s keynote at the Global CISO Executive Summit! 'Great delivery of Information'; 'Fantastic - inspiring'; 'Discussion flowed well after dinner'; 'AWESOME'; 'Changes the we view flow and how it can change the way we work. Great and powerful concept, interested in learning more.' Thanks again for everything and I hope we can work together again soon!"


"In short, Kotler was a huge success! He closed out the discussion part of the conference and I heard the word "flow" the rest of the weekend! Awesome choice you suggested, greatly appreciated!"

-Potomac Communications Strategies

"Steven’s presentation was a huge success, and members and their families are still raving about this amazing opportunity. We received a 9.44 score on our evaluation and a 9.44 speaker rating (both out of 10). 100% of the members, spouses and YNG’s that completed the evaluation would recommend Steven a speaker to other chapters or their organizations. Overall, a fantastic event."

-Young President's Organization

A revolutionary in the field of human performance, STEVEN KOTLER shows individuals and companies how to unlock their potential and level up their game like never before. His bestselling books and research decode how scientific and technological breakthroughs are radically changing the world, and how both businesses and individuals can harness their power. Kotler is a master storyteller who reveals the latest advances in performance with passion and optimism.

  • Just delivered a keynote, Stealing Fire: The Underground Revolution Driving Maximum Human Performance, sharing insights from his latest bestseller at Evanta's CIO Executive Summit. 
  • Sought-out to deliver a keynote at the upcoming Nordic Business Forum on Climbing Mount Bold: How Organizations Can Level Up Their Game Like Never Before for 8,000 business executives, board members, and entrepreneurs, as well as at a major bank's Elite Performance Forum, on hacking flow, peak performance and service engagement. 
  • Recently sought-out for Morgan Stanley's Visionary Lecture Series and the Society of International Business Fellows' Annual Summit, Kotler provides both big-picture inspiration and concrete, actionable steps to start maximizing performance.
ABIGAIL POSNERHead of Strategic Planning at Google’s Creative Think Tank for Agencies and Brands; Thought Leader on Culture, Creativity and the Internet

"It was an incredible pleasure to have Abigail here. People really loved her presentation and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Abigail pointed out what a great and positive person she was..."

-Oslo Business Forum

"Abby hit it out of the park! She is one of the best presenters I have seen and can bring a room to life very quickly. Our audience of clients and colleagues were engaged throughout."

-Worldwide CEO

"I was fortunate enough to attend the DMAI Convention in Minneapolis recently and I was even more fortunate to have the privilege of listening to you speak. I found your presentation so inspirational and valuable. I love seeing strong women in leadership roles so that was very inspiring and the content of your presentation was absolute gold. I took so many notes and I feel I can take a lot of your words about creativity back and use it within my role."

- Tourism Tropical North Queensland

A pioneering innovator in marketing and communications, ABIGAIL POSNER's quest is to spark novel thinking and lead people to take action. At Google, she helps advertisers and marketers make sense of human beings’ deep, emotional relationship to the digital space and convert those insights into strategic and creative efforts. Her keynotes decode the latest digital advances and help audiences unlock the secrets to greater creativity, productivity and growth.

ROBIN SHARMAGlobally Respected Leadership Expert; Celebrated Author of 15 #1 Bestsellers including The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life 

"Your well-crafted message combined with excellent, entertaining delivery has helped us to ignite the passion of leadership within our Senior Management ranks. I appreciate you taking the time prior to the session to better understand the issues facing Nabisco Ltd. By using specific examples, you built trust and credibility..."


"Thank you, Robin, for being our keynote speaker at our all-employee event. Your presentation was simply amazing and it left us speechless. Thank you for making a difference to our organization."

- Pfizer CEO

"Your high-energy, multimedia presentation made us laugh, and made us think. Your messages were insightful and on target... You have set a high standard and raised expectations for our series."


"Many of us have heard quite a number of speakers but your message was truly inspiring, refreshing and profound. Your program made us reflect, think, laugh and in some cases cry. I have no doubt our managers will apply your leadership insights to make real improvements in the way they lead their teams and in the way they live their lives, not only in the coming months but in the coming years."


Ranked one of the Top 5 Leadership Gurus in the world, ROBIN SHARMA provides organizations with key takeaways that allow them to build leaders on every level, empower employees regardless of their title, and generate exponential productivity as a result. With hundreds of thousands of views on his insightful "Mastery Sessions" on Youtube, over 4 million Facebook page likes440K Twitter followers, and 340K Instagram followers, Sharma is a true influencer with a message that resonates globally 
ADAM BRAUNNew York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, The Promise of a Pencil; Founder, Pencils of Promise; Founder & CEO, MissionU

"The feeling was unanimous, the best speaker we've ever had at an offsite."

-Kraft Brands

"Compelling. Passionate. Engaging. His story is amazing in and of itself. When he tells it, the hairs on your arms all stand up and your heart skips a beat."

-American Association of Advertising Agencies

"I was left utterly speechless, the best event we've ever had."

-COX Communications

"Adam’s talk was engaging, powerful and tailored to the audience he was a addressing. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. He had the sell- out crowd of 700 people mesmerized- and that was at an early morning breakfast! Throughout the day, people were commenting and mentioning points that he made in his presentation. He had the right balance of information, tips, humor and stirring stories."

- United Way of Westchester and Putnam

Celebrated entrepreneur and leader of the for-purpose industry ADAM BRAUN knows how to motivate people to powerful action and organizations who bring him to their events are seeing the difference. Companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft and Great-West Life have all hosted the bestselling author, praising Braun for the positive energy, practical advice and tremendous breadth of entrepreneurial experience he brings to each engagement.

  • Recently delivered a keynote, The Alpha Effect: How Great Leaders Invest in Others, at the SHIFT Conference.
  • Set to deliver a keynote at the Eduventures Summit 2018, addressing 500 higher education leaders. 
  • Made headlines in the Wall Street Journal for his innovative program that offers an alternative to higher education: MissionU. As the recent article highlights, at the core of Braun’s program is a keen understanding of the future of work and the types of skills and technological savvy needed to excel for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • contributor for Quartz at Work, Braun provides empowering inspiration and actionable takeaways on innovation and personal and professional success. 
NATALY KOGAN: Founder of Happier, a global technology and learning platform enabling users to discover new methods of pursuing emotional wellbeing; TEDx Speaker; Author of Happier Now, out May 1

"Nataly’s background and experience on what really drives a happier existence at work & home was very well received. She brings a lot of credibility to the topic... It was refreshing to hear. I can’t recommend enough adding an element of Happier to a company event."

- Gillette

"As the keynote speaker at our biggest event of the year, Nataly immediately captivated our audience. Her witty sense of humor, genuine passion for her work, and real world stories gave us inspiration (and many head nods and laughs!). Her positive energy is infectious, and our audience left feeling ready to take their careers to the next level thanks to her unique advice and words of wisdom."

-Young Women in Digital

"We brought Nataly in for our North America Sales Conference when morale was at an all-time low...Nataly was a breath of fresh air. Her passion is truly inspiring! To quote one of our employees from that day…”this made me feel like MediaMath cares about us as humans.” After that, Nataly’s work lived on... I would absolutely recommend Nataly. We first met Nataly almost a year ago and have actively implemented practices she taught us to bring more happiness into the workplace. My team calls her their “hero.”"

-Media Math

"The power of Nataly's words continued to resonate within our walls long after she had left the building!"


CEO and Founder of Happier NATALY KOGAN has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations better understand and achieve happiness. Her new book Happier Now, is full of tangible, actionable tools and strategies, that teach volumes about compassion, resilience, and yes, happiness. In her keynotes, Kogan reveals how to build a positive and collaborative work environment where improved attitudes contribute to improved outputs. 

With keynotes full of practical, actionable advice as well as awe-inspiring anecdotes, these HWA Speakers deliver a powerful one-two-punch at every event. Sure to draw a packed house, they are fantastic choices for your next engagement.