Kevin McCarthy provides powerful insight into politics, leadership, and values as an effective collaborator across the aisle

55th Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is described as a man exuding “true American grit.” Prior to his election to Congress, McCarthy served as the fastest rising Minority Leader in the California State Legislature. In Congress, he held nearly every elected leadership position in the House Republican conference and served under four Presidents, during two economic crises, and through consistent political upheaval while always maintaining his approach to governing as a Happy Warrior. After his election to Speaker, McCarthy went on to secure $2T in deficit reduction. McCarthy’s decade and a half at the pinnacle of U.S. government has imbued him with powerful insights into politics, leadership, and values.

Throughout his career, McCarthy fought for a more effective, efficient, and accountable federal government. McCarthy’s invaluable perspective as a Washington insider, as well as his sharp insights and analysis, make him the ideal voice on the future of the U.S.


Talks & Topics

The “Happy Warrior” Leadership Mindset

Described by the New York Times as a “happy warrior,” 55th Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy sees leadership not only as a position but also a mindset. McCarthy breaks down the hallmarks of a happy warrior in this engaging conversation, connecting his experiences in government to leadership of any kind, from the classroom to the boardroom.

This Election with Speaker McCarthy

55th Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy believes in the possibility about rebuilding, restoring, and renewing America. In this fascinating discussion, McCarthy recounts his experiences in Congress by tracking political trends, explaining the nuances of todays’ headlines, and breaking down what each development could mean for individuals, businesses, and industries.


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