Wordsmith and change-maker Amanda Gorman empowers her audiences with an undeniable message about the power of using your voice to make a difference


Talks & Conversations with Amanda Gorman:

Poet Amanda Gorman rose to international prominence when she performed “The Hills We Climb” at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Heralded as the voice of her generation, renowned wordsmith and change-maker Gorman empowers audiences with an undeniable message about the power of using your voice to make a difference.


Watch Amanda Gorman perform and provide profound commentary across the country:


For history-making inaugural poet AMANDA GORMAN, using her voice to make a difference has cemented her place as a leader, a literary luminary, and a global change-maker. On the anniversary of her stunning inauguration performance, Amanda wrote a profound New York Times op-ed about just how terrified she was, and how she faced her fear not by overpowering it – but by listening to it. She writes, “… the words waiting in my mouth were aflame. It seemed that the world stood still. I looked out and spoke to it. I haven’t looked back.”

Since her debut on the world’s stage, Gorman has graced the cover of TIME including an interview by Former First Lady Michelle Obama, and shared how she fostered her confidence, performed her empowering poem “We Rise” at Variety’s Power of Women event, and ignited the Forbes Women’s Summit. In her viral TED Talk “Using your voice is a political choice,” which has over 23M views, Gorman shares her vision for a world united by poetry. An unparalleled speaker, Amanda’s sought-after events resonate with impact – inspired by her favorite word to use in her poems, hope.