Watch Rt Hon Boris Johnson's riveting remarks at the Atlantic Council on the most important issues shaping the global landscape:


On Supporting Ukraine:

Democracy: The message Putin’s success would send to China:

World Outlook: What should the West’s aim be?:

Putin has demolished any objections to Ukrainian membership in NATO:


BORIS JOHNSON is a champion of democracy, freedom and free market capitalism, and believes that the sheer innovative power of the west will take us through the ramifications of the war on Ukraine and post-covid shocks, and will defeat struggling authoritarian regimes. He believes technology, driven by free market democracies, will ultimately defeat our biggest challenges on health, science and global warming.

He argues that in the 21st century, countries must be able to deregulate and be as competitive as possible. That is why Boris Johnson successfully campaigned for Brexit - taking back control of UK law, marking the biggest constitutional change for half a century, and enabling the UK to generate the fastest vaccine approval in the world and the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe - with all the subsequent economic benefits.

Boris Johnson is the kind of politician who takes risks for the principles of democracy, freedom and free markets, and stands alongside those fighting against authoritarian regimes.