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Praise for HWA Speaker's Bureau

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President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

"Don and Ellen Walker and their extraordinary team at HWA have represented me for my Speaking Engagements for over a decade. HWA is the best. They have always demonstrated unmatched professionalism and unsurpassed excellence. Knowing that HWA is in my corner has given me the freedom to spend most of my time on the work of the Clinton Foundation."

Al Gore

Al Gore

"Don Walker is the very best in the business. For me he is more than a highly skilled agent, he is a valued and trusted friend."

Michael Eisner

Larry Summers

"The Walker Agency has been an important part of my support structure for a long time. They are of the highest integrity and competence and Don and his people are very easy to work with. I am fortunate to have them helping to get my views out as they support my speaking activities. It is a pleasure to work with a group that is respected and admired around the world."

Michael Eisner

Michael D. Eisner

"The strength of the Harry Walker Agency is not only Don Walker who is the senior expert in the entire field but his excellent staff. The entire company is more than first rate."

Kofi Annan

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

"HWA has provided me with a broad platform to continue to speak out on issues I care deeply about. Don Walker and his excellent and effective team can always be relied upon to provide excellent support and guidance.”

Karl Rove

Karl Rove

"Don Walker and his outstanding team exemplify a tradition of dependability, excellence, integrity, and attention to detail. They are easy to work with and exhibit great communication and organization.  Hands-on from start to finish, the Harry Walker Agency works with host and speaker to ensure a flawless event. As I travel from one event to another, one thing is certain: I'm in good hands with HWA."

Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes

"I've been with the Harry Walker Agency since 2000 and the service Don and his colleagues has provided has been absolutely superb. They are excellent marketers and they are first-rate with the logistics. This has been for me a wonderful, worry-free relationship!"

Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs

"I couldn't ask for a better team than the Harry Walker Agency. Don and Ellen Walker and the entire team at HWA are skilled professionals who pay close attention to every detail and I enjoy working with them. Put simply, they are the best in the business."

Jimmy Wales

"Before I started my exclusive relationship with Harry Walker, I worked with a lot of different agents. What a waste of time! HWA is rock solid, they take care of everything with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. I'm in good hands."

Queen Noor

Her Majesty Queen Noor

"I value the professionalism and support I have received from the HWA as I reach out to diverse audiences to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding."

Stephen Dubner

Stephen Dubner

"HWA is, quite simply, the most professional and responsible firm I've ever worked with, in any capacity. Thank goodness they are on my team! They are creative, diligent, engaged -- and, most of all, 100% trustworthy."

President Vicente & Marta Fox

President Vicente Fox & Marta Sahagún de Fox

"Don and Ellen Walker and The HWA Team have exceeded our expectations on every event. Their attention to every detail of our engagements gives us peace of mind, so that we are able to focus on providing the best of ourselves at each venue. We look forward to continuing this brilliant partnership with The Harry Walker Agency."

Dr. Henry Kissinger

"The success of the HWA has been built on its reliability and attentiveness to detail and can be measured by the loyalty of the clients and speakers it represents."

Bill Frist

"The Don Walker team unfailingly delivers satisfaction and success -- for the audience who wants just that appropriate speaker and for the speaker who has an engaging message to share. By connecting the dots seamlessly and professionally from beginning to end, Don Walker dependably delivers a win-win."

Dee Dee Myers

"For more than 15 years, I've had the good fortune of being represented by the Harry Walker Agency. Don and Ellen Walker and their entire team have been fabulous partners, advocates and friends. From my first engagement, to my most recent, they've attended to every detail, making sure that each event is flawless. That's why I've enthusiastically recommended them to potential speakers as well as organizations who are looking for speakers. I have absolute confidence in their professionalism and the job they do, and I look forward to many more years together."

Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar

"There are many difficult choices in life. When it came to choosing among the myriad speakers bureaus out there, Don Walker made it easy."

Bill O'Reilly

"Few things in life are certain so it is imperative that we deal with people who are trustworthy. One of my best-sellers is called Who's Looking Out For You. The answer in the world of public speaking is clear: The Harry Walker Agency!"

Cherie Blair

"The Harry Walker Agency handles each of my speaking engagements with unmatched professionalism and unwavering attention to detail. It's a pleasure to be part of the HWA family."

John Ashcroft

"I've been amazed and delighted by the extraordinary professionalism and warm treatment that I've received since joining The HWA. The entire Walker team handles each of my speaking engagements with the utmost of care. I am indeed honored to be part of the HWA family."

R. Glenn Hubbard

"HWA's global reach, professionalism and attention to detail are its trademarks. As a speaker, I am honored to be part of the HWA team and family."

Marlin Fitzwater

"Don Walker and The Harry Walker Agency team are with you for the take off and the landing. They are the best!"

John Glenn

"From the Marine Corps, to Friendship 7, to the U.S. Senate, and back into orbit on the Space Shuttle Discovery, I now devote most of my time to public service. I know I am in capable hands leaving the details of my public speaking to the experienced and dedicated group at the HWA."

Karen Hughes

Karen Hughes

"The HWA is superb at customer service. I chose HWA because I felt a personal connection with the people there; the professional and personal attention has consistently exceeded my expectations."

Andrew Young

"My association with the HWA actually goes back 40 years, to my days with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recently, I have been blessed to work closely with Don Walker and his staff."

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Dr. Summers recently participated in a fascinating discussion with Zanny Minton Beddoes of the Economist. Watch it here.

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