What's Next? A Discussion with Technology Futurists Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Jimmy Wales

Consider a fascinating panel discussion on the internet, innovation, and shaping the future with World Wide Web Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, moderated by Scott Shuster.

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Tim Berners-Lee headshot

Tim Berners-Lee

  • Inventor of the World Wide Web
  • Leader & Visionary in the Future of Technology
  • One of TIME Magazine's "Top 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century"
  • President and Founder, Open Data Institute

Named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century,” one of the UK’s "100 Greatest Britons,” and one of the world's "Most Influential Thinkers,” Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the most powerful communication medium in the world — the World Wide Web — and gave it to the world for free.   It is no exaggeration to say that his visionary work has transformed every aspect of our lives.  Sir Tim’s genius is in understanding the next, new unimagined future and practical consequences for business, technology and healthcare and how it will transform the way we live and work, the way we govern, heal our bodies and much, much more.  In his speeches, Sir Tim shares his insights about the future of tech with audiences who learn how to apply new technologies now for competitive advantage or thoughtful consideration about the future we want to create

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Jimmy Wales headshot

Jimmy Wales

  • Founder, Wikipedia, World's 5th Most Visited Website
  • Founder, Wikitribune
  • U.S. Internet Entrepreneur and Wiki Pioneer
  • One of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”

Leading technology futurist and Wikipedia and WikiTribune Founder Jimmy Wales is one of the most sought after visionaries in business and technology. Wikipedia is the 5th Most Popular Website in the WORLD, moving towards the goal of free access for all to the sum of human knowledge.  WikiTribune is a groundbreaking ad-free global news platform, providing evidence-based journalism at a time when the world sorely needs it. When audiences meet Wales, outspoken and defiant in his protection of transformative ideas, they understand why he is compared to historic greats like Gutenberg.  Hailed as “thoughtful and visionary,” “inspiring,” and “absolutely WONDERFUL,” event planners cite Wales’ optimism for the future and masterful ability to speak on issues ranging from censorship, Artificial Intelligence, automation, the media, and disruption, as elements that make him a standout speaker.  

Named one of TIME’s "100 Most Influential People," Jimmy Wales was also acknowledged by the World Economic Forum — the foremost global gathering of political, business and cultural leaders — as one of the top 250 leaders across the world for his professional accomplishments, his commitment to society, and his potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world. 

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Scott Shuster headshot

Scott Shuster

  • ABC News Foreign Correspondent
  • Producer of NPR's All Things Considered
  • Consulting Editor, The McGraw-Hill Companies and Business Week

With a remarkable background including nine years as an ABC news foreign correspondent, producer of All Things Considered, editorial director of Business Week and the ongoing chairman of many McGraw-Hill industry-specific conferences, Scott Shuster's prodigious skills onstage make him the an excellent choice to serve as facilitator for the most challenging events. Scott brings a completely new method to onstage presentation at business events. More than a moderator, he is a leader of discussions, giving direction to your meeting's content on a minute-to-minute basis for the entire duration of your gathering. Armed with an MBA and extensive globe-spanning experience as a leader of business discussions, Scott Shuster prepares meticulously for every event, ensuring that he is ready for off-the-cuff discussion of the most detailed industry, policy or company-specific issues. Recent events Scott has moderated include: The US-Africa Business Summit, The 2005 HIMSS Thought Leader Summit, The World Health Care Innovation and Technology Congress, The Aspen Technology Enterprise Operations Management Executive Forum, The WIPRO Strategyms (US & UK): The 40-institution Committee of Donor Agencies for Small Enterprise Development conference, The McGraw-Hill Companies Top Firm Leaders Forum and The MCI CIO Forum.

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