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Eleanor Clift is a contributor to Newsweek magazine and the Daily Beast web site. She writes about politics and policy in Washington, and the partisan clashes that are the result of divided government. She is currently assigned to the White House where President Obama faces a difficult reelection. Clift has covered every presidential campaign since 1976 and brings her perspective to analyze the contest between a beleaguered incumbent and an opposition party torn between traditional economic conservatives and the upstart Tea Party.

Clift is a regular panelist on the syndicated talk show, The McLaughlin Group.


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Books by Eleanor Clift

Eleanor Clift is a Washington correspondent for The Daily Beast, an online publication where she covers the White House and writes about politics and culture. She previously worked for Newsweek, where she covered a variety of beats and was a key member of the magazine’s election team. After Newsweek merged with The Daily Beast under the editorial direction of the legendary editor Tina Brown, Clift wrote for both publications. Her cover story about the television show, Mad Men, won acclaim for capturing the era when women were relegated to the secretarial pool. When The Daily Beast sold Newsweek, Clift stayed with the Beast, betting on its digital future as opposed to the rapidly diminishing world of print journalism.

Clift is a panelist on the syndicated talk show, The McLaughlin Group, and regularly comments about politics on MSNBC. She has appeared as herself in several movies, including Dave, Independence Day, Murder at 1600, and the CBS show, Murphy Brown. She has authorized or co-authored several books, including, Selecting a President, Founding Sisters and the 19th Amendment, Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death and Politics, Madam President: Blazing the Leadership Trail, and War Without Bloodshed: The Art of Politics.